Why is Justin Bieber so popular?

Justin Bieber was in Australia last week and cause such a media and fan frenzy that his mini concert had to be cancelled as his fans were going crazy pushing each other to get top positions to see him near the stage and some audience members fainted or got hurt and the police had to call off his mini concert.

My question is, why is this kid even popular? I think he sucks, it’s like listening to a toddler sing and dance, absolutely crap. Why in the world is Justin Bieber a pop ‘sensation’?.

Answer #1

okay coming from a musician. (I go out and play shows with my band we are starting to get known) what you just said yourself proves me right He’s BABYING his way to the bank your right he is greed. not so much expression but money and you speak like you personally know him..no matter how many youtube vid and magazine articles you read guesss what…you dont. id rather be noticed by the gorrila in the dallas zoo then some annoying want to be musican

again like you said no one cares about what you think either. and I highly doubt he has even slightly more talent then the newly dried nail polish on my girlfriend’s hands

Answer #2

Yummeh, NOW I know why I have a secret crush on ya ;) hehehe.

Yes, Justin Bieber is certainly feminine looking, just like a dike on a bike.

He’s also dumb as a light pole. He was on a New Zealand television chat program and the host of the show asked him something about ‘IF HIS SURNAME BIEBER WAS GERMAN FOR BASKETBALL’, the hot one has no idea what the word was.

— www.heraldsun.com.au —

The interviewer asked the question again and showed Bieber the question on a card, but the teenager was still puzzled.

“German? I don’t know what that means, “ Bieber said.

“We don’t say that in America.

“I like basketball if that’s what you’re asking? “

The interviewer apologised for his “New Zealand accent”, before quickly moving on.

Answer #3

Sizebullet your answer gets 5 stars rating. :)

Princess Irene, I think its silly that people refer to him as ‘amazing’…Ever heard of Zac Elfron, sure you have, same style same singing talents ‘cough’. Yeah amazing talents, lasting career legends right? Hmmm, yeah so amazing that another toddler can come and take up his crown two or three years later. ;)

Good to read responses, I will endeavour to be ‘hold my tongue’ (fingers) and stop being a Justin Bieber kicker from now on and just read answers. :)

Answer #4

With all ‘due’ respect, that guy is as talentless as any other such person who has suddenly struck fame in this light. The guy sings no differently to Jesse McCartney, Justin Timberlake, The Jonas Brothers, etc. If you ask me he has a weak voice and his music exudes mediocrity. Like most that have come through the mainstream avenues, it’s not like this guy is going to be remembered as one of the legends of music or anything. His music lacks variation, is unoriginal and is grating if you’re exposed to it for too long, lol. He just seems like another teen fad if you ask me…

As for him being hot… Doesn’t he seem a little bit feminine :S? Not to say it’s wrong to like that in a guy, but that doesn’t sound like a trait of hotness to moi, haha.

Answer #5

I just started liking him and realized he has real talent. He can actually sing live on stage and sound great! Plus he’s cute and dances well ahha but I don’t understand why girls are willing to fight and step on each other, like wtf, I hate those fangirls

Answer #6

he is a young guy with an amazing voice I don’t see why you have a problem with him .I think hes amazing and incredibly hottt soo why don’t all his haters just get a life !x you guys are just jealous and hes a really nice guy I’ve met him !

Answer #7

he is just some teny bopper who thinks he can rock o_O

and and his twitter is run by his publasist. :)

Answer #8

I said, HE follows ME lol. Thats what Twitter is :D I do have a life :OO I go to school, party, go out, work, anddd find the time to fight with people onlinee :] lol

Answer #9

okay im going to be blunt do you have that much of no life you actaully follow this kid around? and coll you know the REJECT bands thats nice. bet you fit right in ;)

same lol

Answer #10

Again, NOONE cares what you think. a lot of adults love him, others dont. Ohwell, you cant please everybody. Anyways, I bet he has more talent than any of us :] so yawpp.

Answer #11

and on what information do you know that more people love him then hate?

honestly no self respecting adult considers this music, none the less actaul talent and only teenage girls between the ages of 7-16 enjoy it. now then I highly doubt that there is more 7-16 year old girls then the rest of the world.

Answer #12

-_- Justin Bieber is AMAZING. He has real talent, and hes adorable. I’m crazy over him, I also think its stupid that people refer to him as a ‘toddler’ when he is 16years old, which is around the time all the big stars started out.

Answer #13

B/C most people are to lazy to actually search for true talent and just go with the flow of the crappist artist (who as of his label signning no longer writes his own songs(just like miley cirus and the jonas brothers)

Answer #14

Its a Biebers world , were just living in it :)

Justin Bieber owns 2010 ♥

Answer #15

You know, for a 16 year old, his voice is pretty high pitched. Like a girl. Some of his music is catchy, but he’s no where close to AC/DC. Or the Beatles. Or Metalica. His voice gets tp be a bit grating on my ears after a bit, but I wouldnt say I hate him. I just dont really care. I guess you could say I’m too old for his music. Ahhh… It’s almost like the Backstreet Boys and N-Sync all over again. God, now I really do feel old. lol

Answer #16

I personally don’t like him. Some of his songs are ok, and he can sing, is just that his voice is really like a little kid. He has got talent, I’m not saying anathing about that is just that his voice is cainda anoying when you hear him sing. Not cute on my opinion, or meaby just not my type, but to tell you the truth I think zac Effron is cute, but I don’t think he’s cute. Fans going crazy… that’s cainda dumb because really he’s not that amazhing.

Answer #17

You must not be that known if I dont know about you :] I know all the little reject bands around here in Texas :OO

ACTUALLY, I’ve talked to him on Twitter a few times, he follows me :) :) :) So haaa. I also had meet and greets when he came to the Rodeo anddd July 20th I will meet him again :D So haaa again.

This was a fun debate :D im going to do something productive now :) byeee

Answer #18

Okay, fighting over justin beiber seems stupid as heck haha I’ll just say that now. He’s talented yes but I dont understand why people worship him, in my opinion NO one of this day and age deserves that. True he’s not original but now days it’s hard to be original. He has talent yes, and honestly I do think a lot of people are jealous and hate him for no reason other then that people are obsessed with him. I have no problem with him but as I said I dont think he deserves all the fame he’s getting.

Answer #19

to the above post the “stars” actauly start out we sooner what you are talking about is a load of disnesy platformed, auto tunned no talent, and brain less bunch. justin beiber and ext will NEVER come close to comparing to actual greats such as iron maiden, led zepplin, metallica(up untill death magnetic) and so on. when justin b has a tour in which 300,000 show up to per show I’ll start to even consider him above average

no actaully if you did some searching you would see that a band called alesana doubled his album sales the first week. true talent comes with passion not some kid saying baby 400 times in a verse to some pretty crapy studio background music

im sorry I got rather worked up it just gets to me that people are so ignorant to confuse a semi annoyingly catchy ‘song’ (I use song very loosely here) with actual talent

Answer #20

I don’t need to do ‘research’. Thing is, no one cares what we think. Majority rules and the majority of the world loves him. Just dont have to listen to him :]

He’s BABYING his way to the bank :D He’s amazing. You love him, you just dont know it yet :) Leaving his singing aside, hes a great guy, he takes time to talk to fans, and when you know that he notices you, its a great feeling :]

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