Why is it...

that people are so quick to judge someone else’s religion? So what if someone believes something different than you!? Are you that much of a child that you can’t accept different people for their beliefs and who they are?? I mean I’ve had a hard time overcoming my judgements about other religions and gay people and things that went against my own religion but my new church (one that everyone around me seems to hate..) taught me to accept other people for who they are. Just because its a sin doesn’t mean you have to shun someone completely, I mean I’m sure you can’t say you’ve never told a white lie, or cheated on a test, or SOMETHING but once someone says they like a person of the same sex, well that is completely out of the question!! && suddenly they’re immediately going to hell!? uhmm no.

&& for people that are atheists, why do you have to bash on Christianity? I’ve never bashed on someone that was atheist, I’m really good friends with a girl that was atheist last year, && I was friends with her last year too. I mean I mentioned God a few times but I didn’t shove it down her throat. Why do atheists hate Christians and not any other religion??

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You know what gets on my nerves? Christians who think they can get away with lying and be believed because they’re religious. Dishonesty should be a sin, but I guess it’s not when it’s for Jesus…

For example, I’ll go ahead and say every Christian I came across bashed people of other beliefs because I came across a few that did. Even though it’s probably like I’d say it’s probably something like 65% that remotely would.

You’re either an Atheist or you’re not, it’s not based on rebelling when you honestly think the religion is a fairytale.

Why do many Christians expect people to baby them and their beliefs? Retaliating against people not is not exactly what I’d call cliche Christian behaviour. I’ve encountered too many rude, ignorant, hypocritical, spiteful and intolerant Christians who push their views on people from the perspective that they are right and everyone else is stupid then wonder why their beliefs aren’t respected. It seems like they do it out of the pride of being right rather then a sincere concern. If it were the case their approach would be caring, it rarely is. Apparantly believing in god makes people no better then the next person, granted there are respectable christians just as there are respectable nonreligious people. I’m an Atheist, I respect others belief. Christianity doesn’t, which is one reason why I don’t respect Christianity aswell as some other reasons above and the “everyone convert or go to Hell” mentality it promotes.

I’ve seen Atheists say the Bible is stupid and such which is understandable, but I’ve seen more Christians say the same about Atheism and rude things about Atheists, for appareantly no reason other then their religion.

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every atheist I’ve ever known HAS to bash on some kind of religion

So… you’re claiming that you know the religious views of EVERY person you’ve ever known? I doubt it…

Most ‘intelligent’ atheists aren’t so proactive about bashing theistic religions. Buddhists definitely aren’t. Maybe the reason you’ve had negative experiences with atheists is because there aren’t many EDUCATED atheists in your age bracket. Maybe most of the atheists you know, aren’t REAL atheists at all. They’re just embracing atheism as some form of rebellion… to piss off their parents… or some bullshit like that.

Oh, and this issue is apparent on BOTH sides, by the way. There are just as many naive teenagers who claim to be Christian, but just don’t know what the hell they are talking about. And their ignorance reflects negatively on their religion.

Answer #3

‘witnessing’ to me is the largest source of intolerance among the varying religions.

it requires someone to approach someone of a different belief with the guise of ‘enlightening’ someone who is ignorant of a ‘truth’

it is basically stating that ‘my beliefs are better than yours, my beliefs are the truth” and “your beliefs are bad, but I will show you where you went wrong and SAVE YOU”

if everyone of all religions stopped doing this- we would get along far better. when someone approaches me in that manner- it is on- I am going to toe the line and defend my beliefs- and thus create further drama.

religions are not hard to find- if everyone accepted that if someone wants to believe something- all they have to do is walk into the nearest church that reflects that belief and sign up- no advertising and witnessing needed.

Answer #4

I dont go on and on thanks you dont know how people talk about their religion if you can’t HEAR it with your ears. so dont act like you know HOW I talk about God or my religion you dont know the first thing about me so think before you say sh!t like that, thanks.

Answer #5

“that’s just me. im always talking about God, && I’ll never stop.”

This is exactly the sort of thing I was talking about. There’s nothing more irritating than someone going on and on about their pet religion, then getting offended if you try to criticise or refute any of the more ridiculous claims they make.

Answer #6

people make faulse judgements because they don’t understand and are not educated on the religion and therefore judge on stereotypes that may not show the whole picture or are exaggerated.

Answer #7

or the fact that I’ve heard WITH MY OWN EARS an atheist say “I hate f*cking Christians” && I was talking about being excited about going to church in 4th period && this atheist girl said “EW”

sorry if I took that the wrong way…?

Answer #8

sorry if I took that the wrong way…?

Yes… you DID take it wrong way… don’t generalize. Just because ONE person said it… doesn’t mean they ALL think that way.

The KKK has Christian doctrines… does that make ALL Christians racist, ignorant inbred, degenerate dickheads? No…

Answer #9

* for people that are atheists, why do you have to bash on Christianity?

Oh pulleeeze. Poor persecuted historically violent little super majority. Christianity is one of the two most intolerant religions on this planet. It deserves every ounce of bashing it receives.

Answer #10

What religion a person is doesn’t matter - what matters is whether or not they get to know who Jesus Christ is - the good news for mankind !!

Answer #11

im sick of them thinking they’re all cool with their no faith, stfu.

So, according to your post in another thread, you plan on being a missionary?

Answer #12

And I’ve heard christians say obnoxious things too. What’s your point? The statement was by a person, not an entire group.

Answer #13

Why do atheists hate Christians and not any other religion??

Because its more common for Christians (compared to other major religions) to be less educated about their own religion, and often misrepresent it, giving it a negative image to non-believers…

Answer #14

THANK YOU! Jesus! (no pun intended) I ask a simple question and everyone blows up in my face, I just wanted a simple answer, && this kid ^^ (tho you’re clearly not a kid..) finally answered it,

you can stop commenting this question now…

Answer #15

oh btw guy that answered my question, I actually do have a lot of religious conversations that’s just me. im always talking about God, && I’ll never stop.

Answer #16

“im sick of them thinking they’re all cool with their no faith, stfu.”

Perhaps they’re responding to your attitude towards them.

Answer #17

it wasn’t just one atheist, every atheist I’ve ever known HAS to bash on some kind of religion && its f*cking rediculous im sick of them thinking they’re all cool with their no faith, stfu.

Answer #18

not when I was younger but that’s just because I didn’t grow up in a christian home, I started REALLY learning about Christianity in the 5th grade. (im in 10th now)

Answer #19

I actually do have a lot of religious conversations that’s just me. im always talking about God, && I’ll never stop.

That doesn’t really answer my question… but anyway… discussion is fine. Just make sure you don’t misrepresent Christianity… like THIS moron…


Answer #20

well I can honestly say you’re the only atheist I’ve met that says they respect the beliefs of other religions && that makes me happy because I mean I didn’t want to believe that ALL of them are bad I mean I know everyone has their own beliefs and I mean I get that I don’t like when peole say what I believe is stupid so I don’t say what other people believe is stupid,

but I don’t know I would never tell someone they’re going to hell && be serious. that’s just not my job to say that, I was taught better than that.

Answer #21

“for people that are atheists, why do you have to bash on Christianity?”

Who? Where?

The main problem here is that many christians - apparrently yourself included - see any criticism, questioning, or even skepticism on the part of atheists as ‘bashing’. Responses here from atheists tend to be civil, reasoned, and in response to a question that invites them, or in response to a specific (false) factual claim about religion.

Answer #22

&& should have because I talk about religion with everyone I know cause I like to hear their view and beliefs.

Answer #23

So… you’re claiming that you know the beliefs of EVERYONE you’ve ever known?

Answer #24

shakes head

There’s no way I was EVER a teenager…

Answer #25

^ case in point ^

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