Why is africa called the "motherland"?

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Like layme said, africa is the birthplace of humanity.

In my anthropology class I was taught that Homo Erectus was the first humanoids to leave Africa 2 million years ago, H. Erectus disappeared in Asia evolving into H. Sapiens H. Erectus held on the longest in Asia while in colder Europe they evolved into H. Neandererthals who themselves became extinct only ~25,000 years ago.

H. Sapiens were the second wave of humanoids to leave Africa replacing H. Erectus in Asia and H. Neanderthal in Europe who both became extinct.

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everyone came from there in the beggining.

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because africa is BAD A$$. :] IF. you didnt know. :]

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I guess this is because the earliest known records of homo sapiens are found there.

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beacuse blak people came from africa origanly and you ktm 4rm your mom

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Because is where humanity as present records indicates started. But ironically all of the sudden became primitive almost like saying kids taught they parents about life .

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