Why im not getting wet while having sex?

I dont get wet when im having sex, and its hurting me badly,having difficult in intercourse

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When I first started having sex, I stayed dry too. I had to use lub for a while. And have to have a decent amount of foreplay. That is just the way some people are. Just get you some lube, and some foreplay and see if that helps...

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Tell him to go down on you for a while. If it doesnt work at least his saliva will help.

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you cant have sex if your dry cus youll tear your vagina wall so stop having sex! :p

if your not getting wet then your not getting horny...

what about when you masterbate? do you get wet then?

this is a process of elimination, boyfriend doesnt turn you on, maybe..

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suggest you could start with a lot of foreplay.

Why am I not getting wet during sex?

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