Why does it seem like the good guys get screwed?

why does it seem like no matter how good of a person you try to be, no matter how much you try to do the right things in life, you still get screwed over? why is it that the people who always do wrong in their life(steal, cheat, lie) seem to be living the life?

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You’re right - they’re kindness/caring/generosity is often abused - mankind is basicly sinful and will let you down often but not always (depending on the integrity of the person) - we really have to discern if able, the good from the bad - I’ve made numerous mistakes in this area with loans - live and learn, I guess…Merry Christmas !!

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had to answer again because of your respnces to the questions. Well I dont know that one I really dont. I was talking about how we nice people get treated like crap. But I dont know why all that stuff happens in this world. Sometimes it does seem like there is no god. I just dont know now that im really thinking about those things you listed like rape,murder and child molestation I dont know what the hell is wrong with this world. All I know is that I dont want to have kids in this world anymore because when I grow up well be in such a mess no one will know what to do. I think the world will be ending soon. Sorry for the bluntness but I think it is the truth. because when you really look around, and think about the things that are happening and going on whether its in another country, in are country or are hometown it really makes you think that there is no hope in this world. I dont know sorry I couldnt help but I am only 13 and im not that smart so I may not of helped much. But thinks for the question I will defiantly be thinking about this one for awhile.

Answer #3

I know thats completely true great question. Im 13 and im a great person and yet I get treated like something on someones shoe. I dont know why that is but you know I dont think we should worry to much. because I believe that when we die the good guys and the bad lying,rude and horrible people. They will be the ones that end up being screwed in the after life and then the good guys like us will be living the life. Dont worry to much just be a good person and live your life be nice to people even if they may not be that nice to u. In the end well be the winners thats what I believe!!! Hope I helped!!!

Answer #4

I’m sorry to hear that. The answer is pretty complicated; I’ll try to keep it simple. It involves how the mind assesses the information it perceives through the senses and emotions and gives it a value as a good memory or a bad memory. If someone is fortunate enough to grow up and receive mostly good nurturing experiences with no, or very few, negative memories, and those being inconsequential, they tend to be more open in their dealings with other people. They become trusting individuals that expect others to respond the same way, because that is what life has taught them.

On the other hand if you are unfortunate enough to receive constant negative feedback like never getting parental approval or being picked on a lot with few positive experiences, the opposite tends to happen. Some people become withdrawn, not trusting of others and when it comes along they take advantage of any opportunity to build their own self-esteem, often by victimizing those that try to befriend them. Over time these people develop low self-esteem and respond to it in one of two ways. They accept the depression that follows or they lash out. Those that lash out find it a temporary ‘fix’ for their depressed feelings. Eventually they develop a sense of entitlement, they lose any sense of guilt or empathy and have no respect for personal boundaries. From there the sky is the limit. If they too have been molested or raped, it is justification for them to do the same. They survived so will you. Men that have deep seated unresolved anger issues with another female, like their mother for instance will often rape out of anger. Cheating can have many reasons. Aside from having no conscience or empathy, it could be from a sex addiction, commitment problems and unresolved trust issues or learned behavior from an influential person. Stealing is a boundary thing, but it can also be from envy or desperation.

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I agree with 8ball and to add to it: Don’t compromise your integrity. Sometimes it takes a while, but they get what is coming to them. I had a job not too long ago installing high-end kitchens, I liked it a lot and the customers quite often called into the showroom to comment on my professionalism and skill. The installer that I replaced was promoted to “Project Manager” and it went to his head. He was unable to handle the job and blamed everyone for everything, lying and doing everything he could to make everyone else look bad. During the time I was there, I saw 3 good installers get unjustly fired because of him. When it started happening to me I went into the owner’s office and talked to him about it and the P.M. lied with a straight face. After a couple of weeks of things getting worse and worse, like he would call me in the morning and tell me to be somewhere else that morning and then deny making the call when I didn’t show up where I was originally suppose to be. I finally left before I too got fired. I found out that soon after I left, things really went bad for him. The owner started letting the installers call the kitchen designers for advice and a new expensive software program was implemented to help him. I was told that eventually, literally nothing got accomplished for about six months, because the designers were spending too much time on the phone helping the installers and customers were complaining that their jobs were taking too long.

He finally got found out and was given the option of quitting or becoming an installer again, which he was really good at. He chose to be demoted to installer. It has to really suck for him to work hand and hand with the people he was screwing, having no credibility and now knowing he will never get another chance for advancement.

In all this, I kept my integrity, spoke to the owner a half dozen times trying to resolve the issue, calmly telling him who the real problem was, as did everyone else before me; and did my job to the best of my ability under the circumstances.

If you leave the “just rewards” to the man upstairs, maintain your integrity, and don’t lower yourself to their level; everything works out. It helps to realize we are just pawns in a bigger battle.

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Answer #7

It’s a dog eat dog world and the strong and the ruthless get all the glory. The modern world is breeding these kind of human vermin that join in the rat race. Soon we all will evolve with no sense of pride or empathy. We need to stop and take a step back and think where we are heading because we are moving too fast in the wrong direction.

Answer #8

I’ve always wondered that too. The only thing I can come up with is that the good will be rewarded in heaven, and the other people will get what is coming to them in the afterlife. We can’t judge others, that is up to God. But I do think it will even out in the end. It doesn’t help us now, but if we think one day there will be justice it helps. :)

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Dear sapphire21, Well they don’t…there is an old adage “people treat you the way you let them”. Many suffer from the victim syndrome. Why me, why does this happen to me etc. When you choose not to let others treat you with disrespect, when you choose to think that you deserve the very best that is what you receive. You become very vigilant in knowing a bad situation and you stay away from it. We sense good or bad in people but some times we don’t listen. Can bad things happen to good people…of course it does. Good things happen too…but we tend to look at the bad and blow that out of proportion. There is no stats that will confirm more bad things happen then good things to good people. But we can confirm that some people who feel victimized tend to put themselves in bad situations. Sue…good luck

Answer #10

Sue 90: I agree. My wife works in a dental office and the people there use to take advantage of her because she is a hard worker and easy going. She doesnt like conflict. I’ve been working with her to be more assertive and to say, “no”. Her boss, a dentist wanted to teach her a lesson by triple booking patients one day when she was the only assistant. She was so upset she was crying. I talked her into taking a ‘ sick day’ and not go in to work. That crap stopped real quick. She keeps her personal and sick days right up to the end of the year. They treat her with more respect now.

Answer #11

YUP! its completey pointless being here

Answer #12

I have to agree with iffy, This is a great question

Answer #13

Is this personal or just a general observation?

Answer #14

Be specific. Give an example of what you mean.

Answer #15

I just wanted to say that that’s a really good question… And they other people pretty much answered it so… x]

Answer #16

I’m not talking about the way people are treating other people, i am talking about real life changing events, things that you have no control over.

Answer #17

child molestation, rape, being cheated on by the ones you love, people stealing from you ect…

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