Why I am getting fat?

Ummm yeah first off im not pregrant so if are gonna write that frget about it, I dont understand why im getting fatter, I walk everywhere so I get plenty of exercise and I eat normally the way I always do and have neva had any problems

Answer #1

There can be many reasons of why you are gaining weight. And you are right just because you gain weight or look fat doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. There are many reasons of why you might be gaining weight. One of the reasons can be that your metabolism is low. Some people are born like that with a high metabolism or a low metabolism. Another reason can be the type of food you are eating if you like a lot of fast food (McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Taco Bell, ect) that can be one reason if you like to eat that you should try to eat it once a week. The fast food is not also good for your health since it has hormones, which are given to the animals to grow faster and gain weight faster. However another reason can be the amount of portion of food you eat. If you going to eat a plate of rice and beans I suggest that you eat a small portion. Also when you eat your food eat it slow and the more you chew it the easier it is for your metabolism to digest it even if your metabolism is low. Here’s a tip if you eat fruits eat them in the morning because if you eat them like at 5 or 6 that turns into sugar which also makes you gain weight. also if like to eat rices, potatoes, tacos. eat them before 6 so like that you give time for your body to digest it, because if you eat it after 6 you wont have time to digest it and is going to stay in your system and turn into fat. Why after 6? Well because after 6 you’re not as energetic as you would at 10 in the morning so you wont be burning it either. Another reason for that can also be a cancer (Don’t be scare is not a bad cancer at all) the cancer is called thyroid. thyroid is part of your throat and also part of your gland. this cancer can make you gain weight and also loose a lot of weight but it all depends on what type of thyroid you have. I hope this helps you. Good luck, princess1992

Answer #2

your metabolism may have slowed down due to stress, trauma, or even undiagnosed eating syndromes. just try to exercise as much more as posible, don’t worry on cutting down with food.

Answer #3

Have you had your thyroid checked? If you aren’t doing anything unhealthy (eating unhealthy foods, not staying active, not drinking enough water, etc) then you should see your doctor and make sure it’s not something else. :)

Answer #4

If you aren’t drinking enough water,you could be putting on water weight. Your thyroid could be low as well. I’l give you a tip,everyone says the average person is suppose to eat 3 meals a day,right? That is the wrong thing to do. When you eat 3 large meals a day,it takes longer for your body to proccess what you have eattin,which makes your body slower,hence gaining weight. It also slows the metabolism down by a lot. One thing to do,start taking flaxseed oil capsules and/or fish oil capsules. It helps your metabolism. Also,another reason why people gain weight is because they don’t watch what they are eatting. If you eat things high in calories and you don’t do enough exercise to burn the calories off,you gain weight. The average person is suppose to eat 6 small meals a day. What I like to call,snack meals. Your body will proccess the food MUCH quicker if they are in small portions,then you don’t gain weight,you lose it. -If your thyroid is low,it will slow down everything,including your metabolism so you gain weight. Simple blood tests can rule out for your thyrorid. The human thyroid is like a 2nd brain,it controls the hormons in the body. If it’s low or in larged,then it can cause varies promblems. Such as,weight gain,deppression,not wanting to eat,promblems w/period,ect. So I would first off,get a blood test to check it. If by a chance you do have a low thyroid,take iodine. It comes from kelp,you can buy plain iodine or you can buy kelp capsules. It helps a lot! Low iodine in the body can cause thyroid issues. Even if you are eatting healthy and exercising,if you thyroid is low,it can stop your body from helping it’s self to lose anything. You can go on www.wikipedia.com or google,to learn more about the hypothyroid. -Now tips for if you want to lose weight. Cut out meat,not all together. But rarly eat it. Meat now a days,unless you buy it organic,it is LOADED with salt and hormons. Which can cause weight gain. Cut out chocolate,it has oil in it,which can cause acne and weight gain. Cut out fried food and junk food and watch calories. Start eatting 6 small meals throughout the day,like snacks. What I do most of the time is,I wake up and I decide what I want to eat for the day. I make a portion size big enough for a 2 person meal and I cut it in really tiny portions and eat little parts of my meal through out the day,untill I go to bed. So basicly,if you wanted to eat a salad,make a really big one,stick it in your frigde, When you are hungry,take it out and put some on a plat,only put about 5 or 6 bites worth of it. It can last the whole day. See,the issue is,most of the time when people are sooo hungry,they eat more then the body wants,because all they can think about is how hungry they are. But I have discovered,after about 4 bites of what I’m eatting,I don’t feel hungry. I don’t feel full eiether,but I have fixed the hungry feeling. You are NEVER suppose to feel full. a lot o people think it’s a good thing,when in fact,that is how you gain weight. You only need to eat enough to stop the hungry feeling. The best food to eat to lose weight is,veggies,fruit,beans and oatmeal. Yeah,not the yummiest food,but it will jump start your weight loss. Beans are sooo good for the body and should actually be consumed everyday. My mom’s friend Holly used to eat beans,her and her hhusband,everyday and they were skinnier then me! It really helps. -Exercising. Devote atleast an hour of exercise everyday. Even if you break the hour up throughout the day. I use this fitness thing called,Evny Girls workout. It keeps me in shape and is amazing! You can buy it on www.amazon.com. I only payed like $15.00 for mine,so pretty cheap. Or you can even go to a local thrift store and get exercise dvds. -Hope my advice helps you out. ^^ Good luck

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