Why have they been called this???

Ok, I’m sure that many people have noticed that there has been an increase in the amount of Tea Parties( I have been to a Tea Party and Town meeting) and Town meetings ect…ect. I’ve heard some people call these people racist, rednecks, teabaggers, right-wing radicals, Nazi’s…the list goes on. In school last year, one kid called me a racist because I said my family wasn’t voting for Obama. This kind of pissed me off because anyone who knows me knows that my family is far from racism.

I believe that they have been called these names because they don’t want those against Obama to challenge him and his policies. They want them to keep quiet.

So what do you think about this whole thing? I’m just curious and I wouldn’t mind people of different parties to answer. And I do respect people of different parties.

Yes I am young, but I want to hear what people have to say and learn from it. So I would appreciate it if people don’t start making fun of people and what they say and stuff…or me lol…Thanks! :) Oh, and I can give proof of people saying these things. Thanks!

Answer #1

lol, dani. You are like an energizer battery…you just keep on and on…he was obviously directing that to jimahl, me, fillet and thedude…

Why oh why would he ask you detailed questions regarding the economy when you clearly do not understand anything…

I mean…you think that the President has been in office for over a year…

Answer #2

Thedude said:

You do remember Bush gave out money…with no trace of where it went? Right before he left office? The single largest transfer of wealth in American history, from the working class to the rich… and you’re blaming Obama.

Jimahl said:

Hearing conservatives complain of his handling of the economy, while completely ignoring the Bush Policies that got us here just proves these people care nothing about the truth, and only care about furthering political agendas.

Filletofspam said:

Earnest Americans are following the banner of flag, faith, and family and voting to keep letting the scoundrels take more and more of our wealth as our standard of living continues to decline.

Utopia said:

thedude, fillet and jimahl state it best…learn from their posts… the economy is turning around…under Obama. the economy was ruined…under Bush.

~ The Banker Bailout Bill was passed by congress. Illinois senator Barack Obama voted yea on H.R. 1424… the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. The bill that has the U.S. taxpayer on toll for 23.7 trillion dollars being doled out to financial institutions. [http://abcnews.go.com/Business/Politics/story?id=8127005&page=1] Obama was in the executive when ARRA was passed. This bill has pumped billions into the economy driving the value of the Federal Reserve note down as I explained here [http://www.funadvice.com/q/obama_180345] An amendment to audit the Federal Reserve… which has given untold billions to unknown entities… was proposed by Senator Jim DeMint (R) South Carolina… supported by Senator Bernie Sanders (I) Vermont… gaining support by a growing number of Congress and their constituents was prevented from being brought up for a vote by Senator Ben Nelson (D) Nebraska… on the technicality that it was in violation of rule XVI… the prohibition of legislating on appropriations. Rule 16 is routinely ignored.


Surely this is not a popular sentiment amongst those posting here? Why can’t we audit the Federal Reserve? Why is a democrat invoking a technicality to block a vote to audit the Federal Reserve?

Obama’s financial team consists of:

Timothy Geithner… former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs… the protege of Robert Rubin and Lawrence Summers the two individuals directly responsible for abolishing the Glass-Steagall Act which prohibited dual lending and investment banks… opening the door for derivative futures trading…otherwise known as the financial maw that swallowed you and your grandchildrens’ grandchildren.

Lawrence ‘Larry” Summers… Director National Economic Council. Former Treasury Secretary under President Clinton. Humanitarian… as Chief Economist of The World Bank… Summers endorsed dumping toxic waste in developing countries… I’ve always thought that under-populated countries in Africa are vastly underpolluted. Larry Summers was an instrumental proponent of overturning the Glass-Steagall act.

Robert Rubin… 26 year boardmember Goldman-Sachs Former Treasurey Secretary under President Clinton. Rubin and Lawrence Summers are the steel-trap minds behind the Gramm-Leach-Bliley bill to overturn Glass Steagall… so they could pillage the nation with derivative future scams and subprime lending. Robert Rubin and then Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan successfully thwarted Commodity Futures Trading Comission’s head Brooksley Born’s prudent 1997 attempt to regulate derivatives trading.

[Robert Rubin received over $17,000,000 in compensation from Citigroup and a further $33,000,000 in stock options as of 2008 In January 2009, Rubin was named by Marketwatch as one of the ‘10 most unethical people in business’] verbatim wikipedia.

Paul Volcker… Chairman Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Former Chairman Federal Reserve. As under-secretary Treasury International Monetary Affairs… Volcker advocated abolishing the Bretton Woods System which would remove the last vestiges of precious metal backing of the Federal Reserve notes allowing them to become a wholly fiat currency.

President Obama’s financial cabinet is composed of those individuals directly responsible… and I would argue the most culpable for our current economic state. I am not interested in exonerating President Bush… he had his own gaggle of scallywags heading his financial team… however the teams vary little in name and less in idealogy from administration to administration… regardless of party.

I also find fault with using drone [robot] bombers in Afghanistan and Pakistan… where innocent civilians are at risk and dying. I find it troubling that President Obama has increased certain civil rights violations attacked by the Patriot Act… but I already have a lengthy post… will save it for another time.

Back to the matter at hand.. I issue a challenge to anyone posting here to justify the actions of President Obama’s financial team I have listed. I further challenge you to engage in a little soul searching. Are you partisan to a fault? Are you capable of taking your party’s leader… and our President to task on this matter? I challenge your mettle. …Or you can prove me wrong… if you think that I have overestimated the financial disaster the actions of those I have listed have caused… offer your reasons… you will be in disagreement with our current President… who has stated that the partial repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act is the underlying cause of the subprime mortgage crisis and thus the state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Change? I can think of a few things…

Answer #3

I don’t have to prove anthing to anybody, and I’m not a Republican…The Dems and Rupubs are both corrupt…I know what I know, and you know what you know, I was being mature and said that we could just end it there, but you are continuing it. I don’t know why…Do what you want…I don’t really care anymore! I am worried about my future, and my generation is spoiled. We were given trophys when we lost, told that knowbody can win, it has to be equal. My rents raised me better than that and I know that it’s the wrong way to go…I do pay attention to the news, I do xare about what is going on around me. It’s been over a year and BHO just keeps spending and bailing out. And yes Bush wasn’t a help either…

Answer #4

We all have diff beliefs

Sigh…you’ve learned zero from this question, haven’t you? I’m not spouting belief - none of us are.

Look…if you had any brains OR new of what you speak about the economy (or even stood up for your supposed Republican ideals…) you’d have pointed out, already, that it was Clinton that took away the capital gains tax from the sale of a personal residence…which, arguably, helped to set the kindling in place long before Bush won the election via the Supreme court.

Instead…you’re ducking responsibility for your beliefs. Sorry, but too many people in the US act like spoiled children (I’m talking adults, not teens, that can vote)…and do zero research on facts. Blama Obama for not shutting down Guantanamo, blame him for continuing operations in the failed war efforts…but, don’t blame him for the mess that you could say, was created by Clinton and by Bush.

On another note, if you HAD done the economic research, you’d have learned Australia, for example, is recovering faster than the US…why? Because their bail out wiped out and forgave private debt, of real people, which helped them increase their purchasing power…on the other hand, Obama continued the Bush doctrine (albeit with more accountability) of bailing out large corps, when it’s the private debt load that’s restricting purchasing power.

Sigh…I can argue either side, I know enough of the facts…both sides are equally right (and wrong)…you, however, are simply ignorant. When you graduate high school (perhaps college) and you can’t afford the same standard of living as your parents had…then, perhaps, you’ll know what we’re trying to tell you. I want to hand my kids opportunity, not corporate slavery.

Answer #5

I know that he hasn’t…I wasjust saying that it’s been a while, anf Obama hasn’t helpedmuch either.

Answer #6

‘And yes, I can take the dishing out I just don’t like it to become some big thing. I can take criticism and being proven wrong. I just don’t like the ongoing attacks after I am proven wrong.’

You compare Hitler to Obama and you don’t ‘like it to become some big thing’ In other words…you get to say what you want and the rest of us should just keep quiet.

You continue to ask the same question, just reworded, and you don’t like the ongoing attacks after you have been proven wrong…


thedude, fillet and jimahl state it best…learn from their posts… the economy is turning around…under Obama. the economy was ruined…under Bush.

‘ I was just saying that what HItler did to the people, Obama is doing to the economy.’

Again…you do not understand the nature of how serious and inaccurate this comparison is. Please stop pretending that you do.

Answer #7

Danigirl20, I am sure there are those on the left who are ignorant enough to label anyone opposed to Obama as a racist. That is just as wrong as those on the right who say that Obama is not a citizen, is going to set up death panels, is like hitler, or is going to lead us to a socialist state. However, there is a small vocal minority that are being spurred on by the likes of Hannity and Beck, and they are motivated primarily by their hatred of Obama. Much of that hatred has to do with his race.

As far as the economy goes, listen to what thedude says. Obama was handed an economic disaster when he took office. Hearing conservatives complain of his handling of the economy, while completely ignoring the Bush Policies that got us here just proves these people care nothing about the truth, and only care about furthering political agendas.

Answer #8

It seems like my entire lifetime politics have been getting more and more polarized. Several times I have thought that politics could sink no longer only to be proven wrong.

The emotion I most often feel for participants at tea parties is pity. Special interests have duped large portions of our population to vote against their own interests. Earnest Americans are following the banner of flag, faith, and family and voting to keep letting the scoundrels take more and more of our wealth as our standard of living continues to decline. The productivity of American workers is higher than it has ever been yet our wages have been stagnant or declining for decades.

The idea that any new government program is the beginning of a slippery slope to totalitarian socialism is pure paranoia. We are being robbed blind, not just by the government but by corporations who continue to dupe us.

Answer #9

Obama is doing to the economy.


So very, very wrong. You do remember Bush gave out money…with no trace of where it went? Right before he left office? The single largest transfer of wealth in American history, from the working class to the rich…

…and you’re blaming Obama.

I stand by what I said, earlier: if you represent the future of my beloved country…it’s already been destroyed more thoroughly than any foreign invader could have dreamed of doing.

The American ideal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was refined in the country for the last few centuries, to be more inclusive (women, minorities, etc)…then came the brave new world of the 20th century, the rise of the Fed, prohibition, legislation of what we do in the privacy of our homes…the insertion of God in to the pledge of allegiance…the coup de tat, the patriot act.

Crack open a history book. Anybody so ignorant as to rely on one source of knowledge…is bound to be duped by the end goal of that channel of media. whatever it is. Every corporation has an agenda and it’s always profit first, all else, second.

Answer #10

Ok utopia, In my recent ? I said that I made mistakes and that I saw why people were pissed about them. I do know that some people don’t just because he is black, and that is terrible. I’m sorry if I offended you, but I did say that I did make mistakes and that I would fix them…abd I did. I only compared their policies, nothing else. I don’t see why you have to humiliate me online…Like I said before, I’m young and I want to learn, but your attacks are unfair and mean. I made my Obama question wrongly worded than I would have liked and I apologize…Are you going to criticize all of my political questions? I can see that we have 2 totally diff political views, and I don’t attack people when I learn that they have diff beliefs. I am interested in WWII and I know that Hitler was and is the scum of the Earth. So if something angers you, you don’t have to embaress the person, you can teach them the facts. Thanks

Answer #11

‘all she wants to know is why so many people are fine with this happening, ‘

and I want to know why she is fine with the same thing happening to the President. Dani is young, as thedude mentioned, and as often with the young…they can dish it out but they can’t take it.

and to dani… my most recent answer did teach…it taught you that you can’t have everything your way…if it is wrong to call conservatives bad names…it is also wrong to call liberals bad names. It taught you that a comparison between Hitler and Obama is disgusting and incorrect… If you know, as you state, that Hitler was the ‘scum of the earth’ then it taught you not to throw a comparison to him around so easily.

Defend your stance with logic and facts…explain why Obama’s policies will lead to a Nazi regime…explain EXACTLY what it is about his policies that deserve a comparison to Hitler…tell me how when Obama talks about the importance of education that will result in the starvation and death of millions of children… don’t just parrot FOX or your parents…EXPLAIN it to me… or just continue to whine about how I am picking on you…

Answer #12

Utopia, you have made your point! we know that Dani made mistakes in her previous questions and she is sorry but now your just ignoring the question shes asking. people have called people who oppose Obama racist, etc. all she wants to know is why so many people are fine with this happening, and you obviously have no clue since your “advice” had nothing to do with the question. but you are right the comparison is extreme in many forms of the word but there are certain thing they have in common, like…they both are/were excellent and persuasive speakers. thats all I got off the top of my head, ill have to look into it… but anyways, you say that life is a two way street, well I normally stand in the middle and hope to H3LL I don’t get hit. there are people who don’t completely agree with one side or the other…oh one more thing, I’m 14, I watch FOX, and I can tell when sh!t is spewing from O’riley’s or whoever’s mouth. I don’t get fooled very often.

Answer #13

okay dani… your ‘question’ makes the conclusion that people call right wingers racist, rednecks, etc because left wingers want to keep everyone quiet who is against President Obama and his policies.

I note in your previous ‘question’ you refer to the policies of Obama and compare them to the policies of Hitler.

So, to use YOUR thought process…we must conclude that you do not want anyone to support Obama…that you want us kept quiet in our support.

The photo I have posted directly compares Obama to Hitler.

I also note that you are offended by the thought that anyone would compare a right winger to a racist, redneck, etc. Yet you do not indicate that you are equally offended by anyone comparing your current President to Hitler.

Life is a two way street…you can’t only have it your way. What is wrong for one, is wrong for the other.

Also, the comparison you made between Obama and Hitler is extremely insulting… As a jew and an American…I resent the comparison.

Answer #14

Yes, Bush did out the economy in a big one…but from all of the bailouts and everything of that sort, Obama hasn’t really helped much either…So I’m going to try and be mature and just end this where it is. I’m sure that you are thinking the same thing…If you really that into this, go ahead, I don;t care. I’m just going to ignor it. I have nothing to prove to anyone and you have nothing to prove to me. We all have diff beliefs (totally different lol) so I thing we can just end it here and let it go and 4get it. Next time I ask a question like this, I will have more facts. lol So I’m sorry if I offended you…I was just asking a question and it ended up bringing up an old question I asked. The question was wrongly worded…So I won’t bug anyone and hopefully you will do the same lol…Thanks!! :)

Answer #15

And yes, I can take the “dishing out” I just don’t like it to become some big thing. I can take criticism and being proven wrong. I just don’t like the ongoing attacks after I am proven wrong.

Answer #16

Ok fine…I see that it pissed you off and I’m sorry. It was wrong to compare Hitler and Obama. I do not think the Obama will do a repeat of the events Hitler caused. I was just saying that what HItler did to the people, Obama is doing to the economy. I don’t think that Obama would do anything of that sort. I don’t want to start a big thing, so before I ask a political, I will put to facts. I did learn a lesson about how you word things. If it’s alright with everyone, I would like to end thus where it is…

Answer #17

You’re young, so perhaps you have yet to hear (or read) this one: “It’s far better to be thought ignorant than to open your mouth and confirm it as fact.”. You noticed already that somebody took your previous question, mashed together YOUR thought process with this one…

…and came to the inevitable conclusion: you have no clue and we all weep for America, if this is what our country has come to.

Answer #18

and this…

starving children…piles of dead bodies…people shot to fall into a mass grave…

Now what Obama policy is going to bring any of this?

The comparison you made is revolting…

Please…start to think for yourself…

be outraged and insulted that anyone refers to anyone in American politics as Hitler or a Nazi…

Turn off FOX..open a book and do some research.

Answer #19

and this…

Answer #20

Dani… This is what resulted in Hitler’s policies…

Answer #21

They’ve been called that because some of them are that. Not all of them. One shouldnt generalize. But some of them are.

Answer #22

Just keep asking questions danigirl20…You got some good answers from various political stances…at 13 you’re not required to know as much as some of the older people here…some old enough to be grandparents…

Using a club to teach something is counter productive.


Answer #23

Politicos who use the term Teabaggers are latent homosexuals… lol. Not really. However… it does make one wonder why the left would use that term except to confer the homosexual label upon tea party attendees… and if this is the purpose… it infers a homophobia upon themselves… which is supposedly anathema.

They have foolishly brandished a two edged sword… so which are they… homophobes or fools? The next time you hear the term Teabagger from an individual… ask them which they are.

Redneck?… I have been over this before. I am a redneck in the truest sense of the word. A large portion of the country are… people in the mid-atlantic states… people in the south… people in upper New England… people in the southwest… northwest. President Obama’s maternal antecedents were Rednecks.

This illustrates the point that ignorant people abound whether they be Rednecks or the defamers of Rednecks… and unfortunately in this time of univeral ignorance… those who fling their feces become the idols of those yet to develop opposable thumbs and master the fine art of sh!t slinging. Either way… just be glad you’re not confined to their mental asylums… I’m certain the sh!t must be piling up in there.

If you are a racist because you disagree with President Obama… then those who say that are racists for disagreeing with you.

President Obama has been degraded into a Token president by those employing this racebaiting. This is unfair to the Black Americans. It is unfair to the entire country… we deserve a leader - not a gamepiece.

These are all ad hominem. Whenever someone resorts to using ad hominem… they’re lacking any true argument… and only enfeebled minds take on their cause.

In reality… these people have already defeated themselves… don’t worry.

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