Why dont girls like boys taking them out for diner?

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I agree with moe214.. all the way buddy ;)

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because they feel un-comfitable eating in front of boys x

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it's very romantic
I don't see any problems :)

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its kinda awkward... your eating and trying to talk and be polite and not spit food all over the place...lol. cruel, but true. and some girls think that theyre eating a lot (I do this a lot), and so they wont eat, and try to uphold a decent conversation while just drinking a cup of water or soda or something... I dunno.. id rather have a picnic at the park or something! and watch the sunset and the stars at night...that sounds romantic to me! ^_^

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I think its awesome if a guy wants to take a girl out to dinner. its sweet. thats what my first ever 'date' was

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I like it when my boyfriend takes me out to dinner...but it can be awkward on a first date with mcdonalds or something stuck between your teeth.

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its romantic

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I don't like it when I eat infront of people other than my family. I won't even eat lunch at school because I have lunch with my boyfriend

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Well I think its romantic, I love it .. Sure When you start to first go out it is awkward and embarrassing.But after that It's fine :D

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Yeah, it's just embarrassing. You can't have a conversation with food in your mouth. lol.
Then, they'll ask a question RIGHT when we take a bite. :)

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I dont like to eat infron tof my boyfriend. everydayy he sits with me at lunch so I dont eat I just sip my water and just eat when I get home. I don't know I just dont want him 2 think I eat a lot or think im fat

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