Why don't these stupid backyard breeders spay/neuter their dogs?

There’s a reason why dog breeding should be left to experts who show their dogs and know what they’re doing!

Backyard breeders are ruining great breeds! Golden Retrievers, Labs, German Shepherds, etc., are definitely not what they should be because BYBs overbred them!

They’re contributing to the overpopulation of dogs in the U.S. 6-8 million are killed every year in shelters because people go out and buy the dogs from BYBs rather than adopt!

They don’t do health tests on their dogs, so the owners end up with their dogs getting hereditary diseases and dying earlier than they should have.

BYBs, I don’t care how “cute” and “friendly” your dog is - or for that matter the fact that you want to use your pets to make money - stop breeding your dogs!

Answer #1

ok I posted at like 1:30 am this morning so now I will try and make a little more sense to my last post, I am with all you guys on Puppy Mills and horrid conditions, However what am I called if I breed my female like once a year and the pups are raised under foot and are not akc registered?

I also see the horriable side of show people and show breeders also, we have this one couple that comes to our hospital, and there dogs, Stink, way to skinny, and always look terriable, I don’t know if the clean up real well when it is time to show but I have a feeling they live a very lonley, terriable life, they are all skittish and not very sociable. I have called our Dog Warden about two times on a lady down the street who has about 18 chihuhua’s and there pups, OUTSIDE all the time, Well as long as she has a license they can’t do anything, So what the heck does that help.

So Yes I hate anyone who treats there animals as money makers, however there are nightmare stories with license, show dogs, breeding for money, or hobby breeding, the point is, if you show up somewhere and you don’t like what you see, Turn and run the other way. We have a horriable pet store called Puppy Cottage, I can’t even count how many sickies we get from that store, But hey it looks good in there and he knows how to catch the buyers eyes.

Answer #2

I agree. however, the preservation of breeds shouldnt be taken too seriously… too pure a breed can lead to mental and physical problems.

Answer #3

I agree wholeheartedly…breeding for money, breeding to “the dog next door”, breeding so FiFi can have just one litter, breeding so the “kids can experience birth”…all contribute to the death of millions upon millions of dogs every year…


Answer #4

Ok wait one minute. do you not realize the purere the breed the more problems they are going to have, I have read your post more then once, and I don’t think you realize the purer the breed the

more problems they will have, for example, rotties are known for hipdisplasia. and no matter what title the breed may have won . You have a better chance of a mutt living a longer life then a pure breed dog, So what is your point on this question.

And I have delt with a lot of Akc people where I work and they are way crazy , and are so into the show they forget about the needs of the dog, it is so bad you have no idea.

Answer #5

I’m somewhat agreeing and somewhat disagreeing.. I do agree that backyard breeders aren’t good.. if you’re going to breed you need a kennel license and you need to be up to the state regulations.. personally I think that if everyone adopted from the local shelter instead of buying from the backyard breeders, then the backyard breeders wouldn’t be making money, so they’d stop breeding.. but.. I know a guy who let his dog have over 100 puppies in her lifetime just because he didn’t want to spend the money to have her spayed :|.. so truthfully.. what we need to do is make people take an IQ test before they can own a dog :D

Answer #6

Amen… I belong to both our local and national Humane Society AND am a member of the ASPCA of America. We have 3 dogs and admittedly 2 are purebreeds that we bought at a local pet shop. Our other dog is a “pound puppy” and she was actually the first pet we got when we had our house buily. I had no notion of puppy mills at the times we bought our dachsunds or I probably driven to S Dakota just to check out the breeder.
Everyone needs to report to your local Humane Society or ASPCA anything you suspicious going on in your neighborhood. Bob, the guy who lives behind you who has the female Australian Shepherd who is always pregnant probably has something going on if you never see any of her puppies and people are always coming and going at Bobs. you can casually stick your neck over the fence and maybe notice the water bowl is turned over and its 100 degrees. Report that and more than likely the Humane Officer will find a great number of infractions other than lack of water. Do whatever you can (within the law of course) to rid the world of BYB 1 yard at a time!!

Answer #7

Any genetic problems are going to be found more in purebred dogs…however, hobby breeders (breeders who breed to enhance the breed, rather then have $ signs in their eyes)…do everything in their power to keep their dogs free of the genetic faults. BYB’s don’t really care, and the chances that they may have had their dog OFA’d or even xray’d before breeding is about nil. They aren’t into spending money, only making it…

It’s still the responsiblity of the buyer, to check and double check a breeder when they are in the market for a dog…especially ones with high incidence of behavioral and physcial genetic flaws.


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