Why don't people answer questions directly??

Why don’t people answer questions directly?? I don’t want crappy attitudes from people when I post questions, because then I’d have to e-mail them something nasty. and I don’t want to. Why can’t people keep their rude comments to themselves and answer the question directly?

Answer #1

you know I just signed up and posted a question but it did look bad the way I put it I suppose but I got the same treatment … I am sorry to say I hate that kind of attitude and I would love to punch them kind of peaple sorry for all them idiots out there they must be sad…

Answer #2

b-because people got other queswtions to ask =]]

Answer #3

Because they are to busy picking apart other people’s answers and forgetting that there is a question at the top of the page. They get distracted if one person puts a answer they don’t agree with, then they make there job to arguee with them on the person’s question. And I think that is rather annoying because you get all the e-mail thinking someone answered you question with good advice and you open it to find to people going at it. So you miss out on any good advice because then other just stay away from the question , because they don’t want to get jumped.

Answer #4

If you get a bad, off topic answer, hit the “report abuse” button, We review, and probably delete, most of those, then you’ll get more “on topic” answers.

Also, if somebody posts bad, off topic, rude, etc, answers repeatedly, we remove them, it’s pretty simple.

Unfortunately, you get out of the site what you put into it, in terms of trying to get a good answer, or helpful advice…most of the time, people do get good answers, and the more we weed out issues, the better the site works :)

Answer #5

people tend to think that they can blurt anything to others once there is a screen between them. it’s the curse of the internet…

Answer #6

Maybe they think they are being funny or something like that.. People with crappy attitudes should not be allowed to post here. However, it’s always fun to hear some of the playful comments people have to add. I hope you receive more good answers than bad ones. you can count me in on this post

Answer #7

Why? because they don’t know the answer, and make something up that they think is the right answer… but really their guessing… twisting the real truth… and it isn’t that much of a direct answer.

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