Why does walmart not have a metal section?

They dont have a metal album section with their music. At least my walmart doest. But it has a huge country section wtf?

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Your Walmart is naffy, lol.

Our Walmart has a metal section...you can get anything there.

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Only metal my Wal-Mart has is crappy mainstream metal, best way to get music most of the time is just ordering online. Of course, that depends what kind of metal you listen to.

Heavy Metal

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Because Walmart is a crappy store. They don't even sell Slipknot at our Walmart, only rock they have is stuff from disney channel. More Disney sh*t that ever. Fuc*ing sucks.

black metal
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I noticed that as well the last time I was there, that's why I go to F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment) to get my music, before I resorted to downloading it from the net. It's pretty lame that they don't have a Metal section, they should.

Who invented metal music?

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the walmart near me sucks!
its a lot of pop-country-and other boring music. not much choice for metal! :(

but instead I go to the mall to get my music.

Metal&&Classic Rock

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