why does nobody belive them when I say I am a vampire

why pleese tell me

Answer #1

because if you ARE a vampire, you wouldn’t care this much to let people know. Vampires aren’t allowed to break masquerade or else they will be hunted by other vampires and killed.

Vampires don’t want mortals to know who they are, nor would they go around saying “I’m a vampire, I’m a vampire, look at how cool I am, cause I’m a vampire.” Most vampires think of it as a huge burden that they can’t die, or take part in the vices they used to enjoy.

Being a vampire is like being a super catholic. It is full of guilt. Gosh! if your sire knew you were flaunting your status… which is a very low status… I mean jeez, you don’t even know that you’re not supposed to tell mortals what you are. You’re what, probably a first year or something. You probably don’t even have clan recognition yet.

You probably don’t even know that I’m talking about, and That is why no one believes you.

Answer #2

You should look up a professor by the name of Costas Efthimiou. He actually did a study into the existence of vampires, and what he found should be pretty interesting.

Basically, he used math to determine the possibility and found that if vampires were real, and humans turned into vampires after being bitten, then after 3 years the entire human population would have been completely wiped out.

Here is part of his study:

“Suppose that the first vampire arrived Jan. 1, 1600, when the human population was 536,870,911. Assuming that the vampire fed once a month and the victim turned into a vampire, there would be two vampires and 536,870,910 humans on Feb. 1. There would be four vampires on March 1 and eight on April 1. If this trend continued, all of the original humans would become vampires within two and a half years and the vampires’ food source would disappear.”

Given that, if all the world was vampires, the source of food would be gone, and vampires, themselves, would die off.

Now, I know I’m not a vampire, and I know I’m certainly here today, so I have to theorize that they don’t actually exist.

Answer #3

They could be real you never know, but there is a theory that Vampire were created by diabetes.

Back then no one knew what Diabetes was, and having diabetes sounds awful lot like being a vampire

  • Pale
  • Unsatisfied hunger Sunken eyes Tired most of the time
  • Thought dead when not
  • Swollen / large teeth If you would like to read more, look it up.
Answer #4

because if you were a vampire you wouldnt tell anybody in a pathetic attempt to seek attention and acceptance your just a weirdo who decided after watching plenty of hollywoods versions of what a vampire is that you wanted to aspire to being one. Convincing yourself that you were one you now want acceptance from us… Sorry looney we dont buy it…

Answer #5

Just stop watching movies at 5am and read a book other than “Twilight.” Its NOT real. Blood isn’t an efficient source of nourishment so there aren’t people who drink it for their daily vitamins. There are a few SICK people out there who do it for pleasure. If that is the case for you… Hmm.

Answer #6

I agree wit bothof u,I suggest counciling or sumit.

also how cn you drink blood thats just wierd, I read on asite some people do it for some wierd romantic pleasure but thats just awful.

p.s ure not a vampire!!!

Answer #7

\oh mi god xxangelcakesxx . we grow up in our own way and just because we dont all agree doesnt give you the rite to act the high and mighty biznacth. you grow and dont leave nasty comments - this is supposed to be ADVICE. get over yourself. its a free world.

Answer #8

Why yes, I have the same problem. I have two 5inch long fangs, a pure white face, and I sleep in a coffin.Plus I like drinking peoples blood and when I bite them they become vampires as well.

Get A Life.

Answer #9

Why are we even justifing the crazy with an answer!!! We’d all like to jump into the pages of Twilight or other books - you need to face reality. Sorry

Answer #10

vampires doesnt excist.if you are dont tell anyone if BLADE(vampire killer) will found out where you live we dont want to loose any member of fun advice

Answer #11

Your a moron… thats why no one believe me, you will never find an Edward for you to date since they dont exist. You have read to many Twilight books.

Answer #12

Techically none of you can prove that they don’t exist! Really, it’s probably just because I mean that’s a hard concept to grasp… ~Paige~

Answer #13

gizoe and angelyourface, you 2 really need to seek counseling. as for gizoe, would you stop trying to get attention??? its seriously getting annoying!

Answer #14

lol if you were a vampire , why would you conveinently release this information to the world, right around the release of twilight? xD

Answer #15

Because vampires do not exist. Plenty of people like to think of themselves as vampires and even live that kind of lifestyle but they are not really vampires. I understand the appeal, I’ve always found (fictional) vampires very interesting. But they’re not real.

Besides, hardly anyone even cared about vampires until Twilight came out and now all these tweens are obsessed.

Another thing, Gizoe. You say on your profile that you are going hunting with Edward Cullen next weekend…besides the fact that vampires aren’t real, Edward Cullen is also not real. He is a fictional character played by an actor named Robert Pattinson.

Answer #16

Lots of excellent answers above. You might also consider this:

when I was growing up back in the almost-dark ages, there were no such things as vampires except as scary monsters in fiction stories. Not a soul believed in them

Likewise throughout almost all my life until just these past few years.

So if there are vampires, where were they hiding al those years?

Sounds like mass hysteria to me.

Answer #17

You may believe you are a vampire. If you drink blood, you are putting your health at great risk. You will get sick eventually. The blood of animals or humans is not meant to be ingested. You should try to find a Holy Bible and read it. In it are some very deep and true things that will help you live a normal life. God loves you and only He can help you by cleaning up your life and restoring you into right relationship with Him thru His Son Jesus! You can’t get right with God by yourself. Try it for yourself no matter what others say and see that it’s just what you’ve been searching for!

Answer #18

They don’t exist. People are saying that now just because of Twilight.

Answer #19


Answer #20

Because a lot of people don’t believe in them sohey think you just playing. I believe you, don’t worry about the others.

Answer #21

becoz its a mythical creature like a unicorn cyclops centure etc… you r reading and watching far to much twilight

Answer #22

cus vampirses dont excist but if you belve that they do it up to youu,.. but that is why no1 belves youu

Answer #23

I do. really. I honestly do xD Vampires are real. dont listen to peoples crap (:

Answer #24

why don’t you YOUTUBE yourself at Sunrise, and we will watch you disappear into vapors… then we will believe you

Answer #25


Answer #26

because your not one.they dont exist.

Answer #27

I believe you, because I’m a vampire to.

Answer #28

Maybe its because your not!!thats seriously crazy!!!

Answer #29

haha ^

they dont excist get a life your just stupid


Answer #30

Because the dont exist. Stop asking ridiculous questions. And grow up

Answer #31

lmao because they aren’t real O_o;

Answer #32

Because you are a silly little child who has been watching a bit too much Twilight…

Answer #33

Because no one wants to belive you and they don’t want to think that they even exist.

Answer #34

come bite me and il believe you. seriously, I want to be a vampire

Answer #35

because you’re retarded.

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