Why does my stomach hurt and i feel like puking after sex?

Well this one night me and this guy had sex.. he was fingering me and he came in his pants before I got to give him a blowjob. so he put the condom on and he wiped down the areas where there could be cum. Than we had sex.. but he didnt cum in me. A week after we broke up and me and this guy had sex and we used a condom and it fell off after words but we wanted to keep going so we did.. without the condom.. but he did not cum inside me.. he only came after words when I blew him... Would there be a possibilty that I could become pregnant? And why is my stomache so sore and I feel like I wanna puke.. this is only 2 days after the last time I had sex?

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I know. I took a prego test a month ago and im not pregnant and I have gotten my period 2 times already but who cares if I am sexually active. lol. I am who I am and your opioion is not needle haah. (not to be mean)

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If you used a condom than im sure you would be fine. If it didnt break than you will be fine. You stomache feels like that becaise the guy either pushed to hard in you or your just to tight. I didnt use a condom an dhe came in me and I didnt get pregnant. ita been about 1 month and a half and I see no signs. I got my period and it was very heavy. so you shood get your period.. dont tell your parents anything until you know for sure. I would go to a pharmacy and get a pregnancy test but if your to scared or embarrassed just wait till you get your period. if you miss your period than take a pregnanxy test. if it turns out possitive go to a doctor and if they say you are pregnant. tell your parents right away. you may regret it at the start but they will help you throught eveything. if you have any more questions.. please ask. I hope this helped my dear. :)

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My stomach ALWAYS feels soo weird after sex and sadly I have had that same issue...can I just say your luck may run out one day and if you dont stop this behavior now...it so will. youre only 13 your a baby! omg.I didnt even loose my virgenity until 3 months before I was 18 but thats bc I was raped.I wish to God I never started having sex...but im perfectly healthy and my stomach always feels weird after and it always freaks me out and I stress im pregnant constantly lol but your ok I promise. haha.

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I feeel the same too. I cannt be pregnant Im too young!
My cousin said if I used a comdom, & it didnt break Im okay?! :D
Hopefullly I get my period this month or I'm fucked.
Btw, Im only fourteen, but I did it before& my stomach felt the same way.
Why is this???

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no its really really heavy

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well I just got my period so I know im not pregnant ha.. so yea! I think I just had the stomache flue!

Stomach pains after we have sex
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Im 19 and I often have stomach pains and feel sick after sex. I have been to see my doctor, but he said theres nothing wrong, and its either a) a bit of constipation, but the pain intensifies after sex as your body was relaxed before hand. OR b) Could be kinda like travel sickness, in the smallest form. (I dont get travel sick normally btw) but the movement of your body could cause you to feel travel sick x

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How come you think your prego?

is it normal to have a stomach ache after you had sex?
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Please use a condom every time you do it, even if he is only in you for a second. One second is long enough to get pregnant or catch a disease even if neither of you cum. If you give head without a condom you can catch diseases. Have a sexual health check I beg you.

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you are to yougn to be having sex.
the reson your stomck hurts is cas he whent to fast of to hard for your body. I mean im 13 also, and I thought of sex but dame. and I mean relay sex after you just broke up. sex is spose to be about love and plesher...
well could also be your hormans. I think that would make you what it more... I don't know. you might wanna talk to your boyfriend about that.

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***Would there be a possibilty that I could become pregnant?***

Yes, ALL men produce pre-cum which contains sperm and thus could get you pregnant.

***And why is my stomache so sore and I feel like I wanna puke.. this is only 2 days after the last time I had sex?***

Two days are way to early for ANY symptoms. You are probably just stressed out. If it doesn't go away, see a doctor.

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well he told me that he didnt cum inside me at all! he didnt even cum after we had sex. im only 13 and I cant have a baby now!

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You can get pregnant even if he doesnt cum in you. Blokes leak pre cum which carries sperm in it when they are being stimulated. Not sure why your tummy hurts though. Go to a Dr and get checked out and while you are their have a sexual health check., you had sex with no condom...very silly.

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aliright I will.

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I dont have a boyfriend and he just pre came in me a pinch so theres a very low chance I cood be..

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This is weird, not to be rude or anything. Aren't you a bit young (14) to be having sex?

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