why does my house smell and how do I get rid of it.

my house smells like a zoo but we dont have lots of animals I dont know how to get rid of the smell and its starting to make me sick:( I dont know what to do :(

please help

Answer #1

It might be mold.

Answer #2

open all your windows and air your house out for a good few hours, why dont you dust and spray air freshner,bath your pets or clean themm,if they been going outside a lot more,and if they sit in the chiars there odour wil set in them if you get me

good luck x

Answer #3

It’s not how many animals you have but how they are. First of all, you need to find out ‘what’ the smell is, so you can find out where it is coming from. Is it, say, an animal smell? or a smell of rotten food? Maybe you have a problem with the drains and not the animals.

You might ask someone who doesn’t otherwise spend much time in your house (and hasn’t got used to the smell) to come and say what the smell reminds them of. Until you know what’s causing it, it’s unlikely to go away by itself.

Answer #4

Open all your windows and door during the day for few hours, so fresh air can come in. Also clean everything that can cause the bad smell (rotten food, dishes, animal, animals dung…) you cant also buy a air fresher with aroma.. like air wick or sometin… Good luck!! I hope your home will smell better now :))

Answer #5

Before my kids come to visit, I get arm and hammer carpet deodorizer and sprinkle it on every carpeted surface. you can also sprinkle it on upholstery. let it sit a long time. one idea is to sprinkle at night and vacuum when you get up the next morning. your house will smell so nice. the baking powder removes odor, doesn’t just cover it up. also, spray an air freshener, one that removes odor, not cover them up…like febreeze, you can get cheap dollar general ones…they are the same. I do all this because my fiance smokes and I have 4 cats. my house always smells ahhh.

Answer #6

If you live in an older house, it could be that the vent coming from the toilet is not going outside of your house. It could be holding the smell in your attic. Or you could have a dead animal under your house/inside your HVAC ducts.

Answer #7

Use air freshners always and open all the windows in your house on a rea pretty day to get some fresh air in! Hope this helps and also you can buy special litter to help kill the stinch

Answer #8

Start with getting the trash out. If you have rotting food in there it will stink up the whole house. I had that problem last week with rotting uncooked chicken pieces in the trash.

Answer #9

You should always clean out your kitchen in case of spoiled food or maybe your animals are making messes that also cause odor. Also, buy Air freshners such as Glade or Airwick. Those smell really good. You can also buy some litter that blocks odor if you have cats. Good luck and I hope you have a home that’ll smell better.

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