Why does my cat smell like perfume?

I have 3 cats and one of them smells just heavenly. LOL. She always smells sweet like a perfume or soap. Husband insists she must be finding a sweet smelling place in the house to sleep but I don't think so. I don't recognize the smell. I think its just her natural aroma. Is it possible? Where do I sniff, you ask, LOL. Just around her neck at the top. Mmmm.

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sometimes mine smells of perfume lol.. maybe if she goes out someone could stroke her on a regular basis and then it could rub off on her , or maybe shes just been hanging around the perfume
:P hehehe

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Thanks for your comment, val! It's nice, isn't it? lol. But yes subtle it is! No wonder I'm sneezing so much with my nose buried in my cats neck...

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LOL. It;s a very subte fragrance. not noticeable unless you practically bury your nose in the cats fur and breathe in.

I sure wish dogs smelled as nice!

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I have two male cats 6 months old and they smell sweet like perfume. I believe it is musk, a secretion that is often used in perfume manufacture. They have just got neutered so I guess the smell will go away.

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I know, I just got served my walking papers... Broken hearted, enfeebled, moronic, mean hearted, infantile...etc.

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yeah I would agree with your husband ir even morbid!

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omg! mine do to!!! I don't know why they smell so good thou! lol I think weve lost it!!!

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It might be the litter your using,perhaps its scented?

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Maybe if you'd quit spraying it with perfume...

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LMAO. trust me, mm, or should I say, wordsmith, your little rooster is not coming anywhere near my cat!

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I have this rooster that quite often finds himself the center of my attention. Haven't been able to place nose to him yet. Intent to find him a better home, no luck so far. Being your garden variety Leghorn (No trace of Dominicker, let alone Black Jersey Giant) no one is the least bit eager to explore his better qualities. I can't even give him away.

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my cat likes to sleep on freshly dried clothes. I mean she loves it. I'll just be bringing them upstairs to fold, I'll walk into the other room for something and there she is, all snuggled up in the laundry.

otherwise, I don't know

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I too have a female cat that smells heavenly and I have never been able to figure it out either. She does spend a lot of time outside and sometimes my neghbors pet her. Like someone said above, it is a very subtle smell and you have to put your nose close to smell it. It is the weirdest thing. She doesn't use litter and rarely sleeps on any clothes of mine that are perfumed or otherwise scented.

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