Why does my cat like to go to bed between my legs?

So at night ill stretch and leave my legs in a v shape for s bit and my cat will automatically go to sleep pretty much right by my crotch lol. So why does he do this?

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It's very warm there... They do like to sit in awkward places dont they

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I don't know why, but im just saying my last dog did the same exact thing.
(: She would either lay on the pillow next to my face, or if I had my arm out she would lay her head on my arm and then curl up next to me. Or she would just, lay in the middle of my feet. I miss her so much.

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To keep warm, that's exactly what my cat does! It's so annoying but you can't be mad at her because she's so cute! haha XD

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It's warm, it's close to you, and he feels secure. Different cats choose different places, if they choose to sleep on the bed at all. I had one that would sleep under the covers at my feet, risking getting kicked. In the morning she would crawl up to my face and rub her whiskers in my face until I woke up. Once I was up she went back to sleep! Don't worry about your cat - he'll move - reluctantly - when you change position!

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Ya our cats wake us up and then go back to bed to. lol.

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It isn't anything sexual. It's because of your body heat.

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