Why did he rejected my face-book friend add?

There's a guy that I've knew since junior high (four years ago), and he would usually talk to me sometimes. This month, he got a face-book and added everybody, and everyone. I feel obliged to add him so I don't feel ignored, because like half of my friends list were already friends with him (and I have almost 100 friends). So I added him, but he ignored my add. I don't know why, but he hasn't even talked to me since the end of junior high, but I thought I should at least be his face-book friend (since he have like 500 friends right now). It seems like he accepted all other people's friend adds while adding everyone else, but he ignored my add..? Is it because he doesn't remember me? Or maybe he actually did not even like me at all, which is probably most likely? Well I dont know..

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I think the obvious answer is just to ask him why he didn't accept your friend request. But remember, there are a lot of reasons as to why he could have rejected. :)
- Yasy

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It's a social site. Calm down. like you said you haven't spoken to him in so many years, I reject any add request I get from people like that. Maybe if you tried communicating with him in real life it would help.

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look at it this way,its his loss.if he doesnt like what you have to offer as a friend,then he doesnt deserve it.

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There could be a lot of reasons. Since you guys haven't talked in a while, that may be one. Would you really want him on your friend list, though? If he adds pretty much everyone, it doesn't seem like he's making very genuine friendship adds.

In any case, don't let it get you down. If he doesn't add you, it's entirely his loss. Value the real friends you have. Talk to them. Hold those friendships dear. The REAL friendships are the only ones that matter.

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