Why does gin ichimaru keep his eyes closed?

In Bleach, the anime, Gin Ichimaru always has his eyes closed. Why does he never open them? Is he blind or something? Sensitive to lights? I've seen him open his eyes like only once.

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because he is better than ichigo, aizen, uryu, chad, orihime, renji, kenpachi, yoshi, pink yoshi, sweets, yumms, luteneint blondie, 69 guy, buckethead, rukia, ichigo's dad, cutting(always in trouble), bear, the shibas, cat woman, hat and clogs, guy with mustache that cuts ichigo's chain, ururu, boy who spits on ichigo when he is in the hole, yuzu, blind guy(justice), zangetsu, the parrot, soi fon, that weird guy who always wears make-up, baldie, guy who thinks he's pretty but when he gets hit with the exploding thing his hair turns into an afro, the menos thingies, stupid hollows, momo, and especially, especially 100% better than that loser named byakuya who wears hair pins and all he knows how to say is scatter(he is sooo dumb)(the only guy even remotely close to being as good as gin is hollow ichigo)

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I think it's just his expression, I know he isn't blind, and his eyes are fine, I think it's just because he's always smiling...It's just part of his character, the fact that you can never tell what he's thinking because of his weird expression.

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you guys didnt post my answer, it took me like 10 minutes to write that whole thing, WHY NOT!!! by the way... ichimaru would DESTROY byakuya

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