Did any of you change your piercing jewelry early?

Piercings are a big thing in teens now a days. Today I'm getting my lip pierced and my monroe done. And I would like to have some questions answered about them.

I know the piercer when I first got my lip done said to not take your piercing out and change it for 2 weeks. Or until the site is healed. But I had to take it out the first day and let it heal for my job, But would it be ok to take it out early and change the piercing? My fiance doesn't like the ring and I don't just want a stupid silver stud. I already have my two baby blue studs for both piercings.

So if there is anyone who took their first piercing out and changed it early, let me know how it turned out. Did the site heal funny, or did it heal fine. Thanks.

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make sure the jewellery is sterilized before you put it in!

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its gonna be fine if you change it early , just make sure the new jewlery is cleaned properly . I changed my lip studs within a few days of having the pierings done and they are both fine , i even stretched one of them , its healed fine .
plus if you leave the jewlery it was pierced with first in with a lip bar its going to ruin your teeth .

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I've changed almost all of my piercings early... If everything is sanitary you will not encounter any problems....


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I wouldn't recommend changing the jewelry early. I tried to change it with my tragus ring, and it was a mess. It was hot, sore and red for weeks afterwards. Seriously, the reason they tell you to wait a certain amount of time is so the area heals. Changing the jewelry just aggravates the area way too much. You should bring the jewelry you want to be wearing with you when you get pierced. As long as it's hypo-allergenic they should pierce you with it.

Good luck.

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I got my lip pierced a week ago and was wearing the study without the ball to to cover it up for work. I accidentally swallowed the backing and the only thing I had was a clear retainer that I bought for later. I've had the retainer in for 3 days and no swelling or problems. I've been really clean with everything and continue to rinse and clean regularly...hopefully all stays well...really easy healing piercing

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