Why does everyone hate hannah montana?

I think that people are just jealouse

Answer #1

Why do people keep saying people who don’t like hannah montana are jealous? Who the hell would be jealous of her?

Answer #2

She is annoying; A want to be Brittney Spears; in about a year she is going to have a baby with that Jonas kidd. then turn into a crack head mommy; & then turn the baby into a Crack Baby. She is so cheap she took over wal-mart. I mean seriously. she is so annoying. they got freaking ballons out that sing her ghey lame songs. I hit the ballon in a line & everyone started staring. ha. oh & she already had sex an admited too it. WHEN she has a show that little 4 & 5 year olds watch & they know “Everything” about her. they prbly watch the news just too see if she’s ok. & when she said on the news “I had sex with nick jonas” the lil kids probally went running to there parents saying they want to have sex & take slutty pictures with there lil friends. :] ha. thats my opinion.

Answer #3

there isnt one thing or person in the world that everybody likes. I hate her, I hate all those other new “singers” like her that are out. thats my opinion. really I think the only person who is jelouse here is you.

Answer #4

If it wasn’t for JoJo she wouldnt be nuthing; They Originally wanted JoJo for the show. But she turned it down. I don’t blame her. ha.

Answer #5

not everyone likes that kind of music. Different people have different opinions on what they like and don’t like. Doesn’t mean they are jealous they just may not like her it’s just their opinion.

Answer #6

You cant expect everyone to like her, its just like any other celebrity. Doesn’t mean they are all jealous, although I’m sure a lot of girls are.

Answer #7

She has no talent and she is so anoyin I mean seriously what’s with her rediculus(think I spelled that wrong hehe) dances fck she looks like a freakn headless chicken, way to dramatic for her songs. She wouldn’t even be famouse if it wasnt for her dad and man does she make her siblings looks bad I mean I’d hate to have to compeat with that attention whre. She’s setting a bad examlple for her fans theyr 5 to 10 years old for gods sake, and what’s with mentioning she had sex on TV and what the hell is it with those picz. I’m sorry but she’s just a drama btch

Answer #8

Yeah, she is a toatl fake. Hen she talks she has a bad lisp adn when she sings it is fine, like gone, perfecto. And her wholei am a good girl but I am bad all at the same time thing is sucha scam. And she woudl never have been famous if her dad wasnt. And to tell the truth, little girls just want another hoe to lookup to. and little boys just want to see a gay little prissy stuck up f*ck face 15 year old, show off “her areas” Man she will just end op doing some hollywood drug and die. GO TO HELL HANNAH MONTANA, WHO NEEDS 2 IDENTITES grrr

Answer #9

I dont hate her but lets be real…if it wasnt for that tv show and all those little kids…she would be nothing…if it wasnt for her daddy she would be nothing…if there was no Hanna Montana show and she just showed up one day as Mylie Cyrus(I hope I spelled that right)…nobody would like her…she doesnt have a great voice she cant dance shes not old enough to be sexy…so im sorry nobody is jealous or her people are just tired of talentless losers making careers of of gimicks or names…and thats all she has done

Answer #10

ilovewolves08 is SO RIGHT. she sucks. she makes all her other siblings look bad since they are not superstars. she would never have gotten anywhere but stupid tenessee if it werent for her daddyyy. what a LoSeR. she is so hypicrittical too. shes like oh ill never turn out like brittany. but shes getting more and more similar by the minute. she has no talent and shes an all out daddys precious little girl BRAT.

Answer #11

She sounds like a dude!!!

Answer #12

She’s ugly, annoying and has zero talent.

Answer #13

She really isn’t that cool but I do have her CD though.

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