Why do you like metal?

I know that not everybody likes metal, so I'm asking the people who listen to metal music, why do they like it. And what genre of metal do they like the most and their favorite bands. I like death, black, trash, nu, symphonic black and smth like that. And btw Slipknot is my favorite band.

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I realy like slipknot and my reason is that theyre unique unlike a lot of bands..theyre creative with their appearance, their songs and how they came up with calling their fans maggots ...I could give a lot of reasons..funmail me if you ever want to talk about them.

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I love it, the lyrics generally mean more then most songs do today
most of the lyrics actually make sense when you listen to them, and have meaning
I also like music thats fast and that
gothic, death, black, and melodic metal are among my face types of it

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I love metal lol hence my name
I like gothic/black/death/melodic/viking/industrial metal..and watever kind of metal sounds good
im not too keen on slipknot.
and well I dont really know why I like metal
cant really explain it

I think my favourite *at the moment* is turisas or moonspell

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I don't like metal. I think it's shite.

there are the odd songs that can be good but as a genre it's pretty much corporate wank, making music to sell records with no meaning.

everything in metal is overdone. it's like there's a drum solo, a guitar solo and everything else going at full pelt all the time. I don't get how it sounds good. head ache!

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I like death, industrial and doom metal.
I like the energy, the power...
makes me wild.

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Because it all sounds so different; I've never heard two metal songs that sound a lot alike, unlike a lot of the other types of music that you can barely tell two songs apart. I could never get tired of metal music. I'd have to say my favorite bands are probably the chiodos, bring me the horizon, & dream theater.

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I ride my metal bike
Dressed in leather, studs and chains
And long satanic spikes \m/

metal isn't for wimps that's why!

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I have respect for all music types usually.

Usually what I listen to, is based off what kind of mood I'm in. When I tend to be more angry, I listen to metal/hard rock. Usually something like Cradle of Filth, or Cannbal Corpse, or something to that effect; At the same time I don't mind playing some Disturbed, Atreyu, Rise Against, A7X... I like a lot of music.

Once that mood alleviates, you never know what goes on next.. could be country, could be techno, it could even be rap. Y'never know with me ;)

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It can suit all your moods example if your happy: Rainbow in the dark by Dio

Sad: some songs by evanescence

Mad:kill switch engage

it just depends on who you are and it has true meaning unlike pop and what not

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