Why do you like Funadvice?

I want your opinion on what you think about Funadvice.com

Answer #1

it is helpful. like, if you dont want to go to your friends or family for advice for many reasons (you’re scared, you dont trust them, you want to ask someone you dont know… etc) go to FunAdvice and feel free to speak your mind!

Answer #2

I like it because USUALLY people are very open-minded about other people’s questions and answers and are helpful on this site! And I severely stress the word USUALLY… right now not so much! Oh well…

Answer #3

It’s interesting to see what’s on people’s minds.

I have a pretty over active imagination and I’m a pretty inquisitive person(IE I question EVERYTHING)… so it’s nice to see OTHER people like that!

Answer #4

I am able to relate to others and speak my mind freely. I can actually help someone, and that makes me proud. Because I would always want to be there to help. Yet there is not always a place where I can do that. You can tell I’m psyched by how I’ve adviced 160 in 10 days. I love this site.

Answer #5

Because none of my friends have an account on here, and I don’t have to worry bout them making fun of me. And it’s fun to give people advice..I’m on here 24/7 lol

Answer #6

I find it very fun and easy because you can ask honest questions and not worry about being judged scorned or being worried about biased answers it is very helpful and helps to meet new interesting people!

Answer #7

I love to help people. I liek to hear what people think,say, or feel. I liek to tlak to everyone. I like the idea of having an open honest internet society.

I love it because it has great ideas and advice!

Answer #8

I like it because I believe there are some on this site, who feel lost, without anyone to talk to.. They may get help and support here that they wouldnt find anywhere else! Its nice to know we can help people out.. people we have never met before.

Answer #9

what they said lol

Answer #10

I like to feel like I helped somone. also its nice to read peoples feedback.

Answer #11

I love funadvice because it helps people, and it is a fun site with intersesting opinions and it brings up a good argument debate thing. Which is something I love. Britz

Answer #12

I love funadvice .because you can give advice to people who need it also you can ask various questions which you need answering which is reasonably correct when people comment. I also Like it because I know some of the main questions which are asked. You can also make lots of friends by emailing or over msn.


Answer #13

‘cause here I can be myself, unlike when meeting people face to face. Gabadabu.

Answer #14

I love it it is a great place to to ask things and give advise.

Answer #15

I love it cause I get to make friends from other places!

Answer #16

its the happy go lucky version of all the other sites!

Answer #17

easy to set up myspace is tooo complicated

Answer #18

Im a little addicted to it.

Answer #19

It’s fascinating! There are so many interesting people, with different experiences, ages and interests. Some of the advice is so kind and helpful - I am really moved by the gentle way many people can answer someone who is very worried about something, or by the support the members give each other.

Answer #20

I agree with everyone above me!!!

Answer #21

it’s fun that’s why it says funadvice

Answer #22

I like it because you can ask questions without people looking at you like you are stupid. You can also ask without people laughing at you or knowing who you are. Plus sometimes there are questions that you really can’t ask other people, but when people don’t know who you are it is easier to ask the questions.

Answer #23


Answer #24

all those questions you want to ask but don’t know who to ask…you can ask and find out the answers here :)

Answer #25

It’s a good website to meet people and to ask them for advice

Answer #26

I like it because that no mater what you ask you always get advise and you can give good advise when people really need it.

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