Why do you have sex?

I just wonder why people so young are so focused on sex, looking hot or having a boyfriend/girlfriend… I mean, why isn’t doing well in school or getting a job your number one priority anymore? I remember when I was 13, kids my age worried about making Honor Roll. Why has it changed? It makes me sad when girls on here are so young and they’re afraid that they might be pregnant. :( Anyway, what are your thoughts?

Answer #1

‘’love and happiness are more important than school and sucess’’…Really religionisbad? THAT’s what you got out of the question? Hate to break it to you dear, but having sex and getting pregnant before you’re even old enough to drive is FAR from love and happiness. I will give you that school isn’t always the most important thing in life, but when you’re young, getting an education to set you up for a good future is top priority. Love comes with maturity, when people can fully understand the extent of that kind of commitment. At 20, I still don’t know if I understand love in it’s entirety. I adore and love my husband dearly, but I think it’ll take YEARS for me to completely grasp the deepness of true love.

On that note, I’ll say that I have sex because I’m married…haha. Going back to the serious side of things though, I think that we’re all a little desensitized to sex now. It’s all over the media, and we all go through it without a care in the world. That causes problems because it creates this pressure for sex - like it’s the only way to fit in.

I always strove for academic achievement too (I didn’t have a boyfriend until I was 17 because I didn’t want a fling like everyone else. That man is now my husband). Intelligence, in my opinion, is more important in a person’s younger years because it gives people the ability to make wise decisions. This includes whether or not to have sex, who to date, where the priorities lie…etc. Thus turning the focus away from sex will actually allow people to have better sex in the long run.

The truth is that this problem isn’t going to get any better. It’s only a matter of time when the average parental age is 16 in America. It’s so sad, but it’s happening all around us. There are efforts going forth to educate teens about sex, drugs, alcohol and the like, but it’s really a matter of who will listen. We can’t do anything more than watch and hope that something sinks in eventually.

Good question by the way. Thanks Moe :)

Answer #2

love and happiness are more important than school and sucess.

Answer #3

ha, honestly you probably saw my question and asked this. but to me, this question is legit the hardest thing to answer for me..

yesterday night, my boyfriend convinced me to have sex, and he was almost like forcing me too.. it’s so difficult right now..

I’m just praying to god that I hope I’m not pregnant..

Answer #4

I think people and children should not have sex still they now who and who they love and if the person loves them some of them might say I love and all this but they don’t all they want is to fuck and brake up all boy , men and teenager have in there mind is sex . All the lady and men need to change and lady need to be careful of what you do and who you tell and now who is your friend and who is not if u have bin with some one ova a month or year and you think it going well have sex if your not sure don’t if the man or boy force you to do it say no even if they try to hurt u .

I’m 13 and this what I think

Answer #5

I think its sad that kids younger than me are getting preg and not caring about there future. babies should never be called a mistake or be taken as a little thing. I am proud to say that I am still a virgin. yes I think about sex sometimes but honestly who doesnt with all this stuff that is put on tv and movies and music. I want to get out of high school and go to college and be proud that I have made it where I have without worrying that I am preg.

Answer #6

this is true yes I had unprotected sex an is scared to death that I am preg an im praying that im not because I dont want to kill an innocent baby from my mistake!.and your really right about the shool part..I am doing so bad in school right now because all I think about is the boy and sex and pregnant and me an the boy dont even go out we are just friends with benefits well in his words thats what we are but I want more then just that..this world to me is mostly changing now a days because of t.v. magazines and etc. and people think thats is cute and cool to have sex when really it may be pleasurable but has a lot of risks now a days!

Answer #7

I know what you mean… -_- its stupid really.. because more and more parents dont care, they let their kids do what ever they want, have no control or responsibility at all. I knew and still know, if I screw up, my dad will not be easy on me. so I dont mess up. that and kids, are who they were raised to be, if they were’nt raised with responsibility they dont care do what they want. I know how to stay safe. yup still a virgin at 16, maby losing it soon tho, dont know, but im sure as h3ll glad I waited! its better.

Answer #8

Well my personal thoughts on this, I’ve never had a boyfriend, never dated. The only reason I want a boyfriend right now is because I want to experience new things, I want a real social life and I’m tired of the same old thing. I’m homeschooled so that’s explainable. It’s just stuff like that seem more exciting than focusing on just school and all that. And I think most young girls who have sex do it because they might be curious or they think they’re in love or they do it just to fit in. That’s my opinion

Answer #9

Heaven you said it perfectly.

I blame it partly on the media and mostly on the parents of children. Unfortunately sex is advertised everywhere and children of a young age get exposed to it, often before they are emotionally ready or before they can hear it (if they hear it) from their parents.

Oh and why do I have sex? Because I’m in a committed relationship and have a boyfriend that respects and love me and I love him and I waited a long time for the right person to come along. Oh, plus I enjoy it. ;)

I also feel that parents should in this day and society make a point of educating their children about the dangers and consequences of having sex at a young age and especially having unprotected sex (and not only the physical consequences but also the emotional consequences). I had that open relationship with my mother and father and as a result I knew better than to go sleeping around and also what the limits was to how far I should go.

I personally have always valued an education and a life before sex. That is why I lost my virginity at age 20 only with my boyfriend of four years.

I don’t however feel that sad when I hear of a pregnant teen, more annoyed at their parents for not educating them (in most circumstances) and for them not standing up for themselves I.e. to say NO.

love and happiness are more important than school and sucess.

Watch when you don’t have an education, aren’t successful to see how loves just magically goes out the window. Education and improving yourself should be top priority, then you can give the maximum that you can in a relationship and do it in a responsible way.

Answer #10

I cannot believe the majority of my generation actually genuinely believes that doing drugs, having sex , getting pregnant and skipping school is the ‘cool kid thing’ to do? It’s embarrassing. Really? Will it be cool when you look 50 at the age of 27? When your walking around asking for money or apply for foodstamps with your 8742kids. Will it be cool when you die due to overdose or any other drug infected disease or STDS? Leaving your family and “friends” and whoever else will miss you. ‘I have no family or friends.’ Oooh, rebel huh? That just made you 25894235 x times cooler. You sound so bad a$$. Grow the hell up and stop trying to sound so alone and problematic. Do you honestly think it’s cool to give birth at 15 and ditch class to get get high with other dropouts? Yeah it will be so cool to see you flipping burgers when you’re 30 because you decided that getting an education isn’t cool. Are you cool now? You’re an ignorant loser who is by the legal definition, dumb. Can’t take care of themselves nor support themselves. You go from friend to friend leeching off them because you ruined any chance of “family” you might have still had. And you probably can’t get a job, or hold it down. Yeah dudes, you rock.

I needed to vent :] This isnt directed towards anyone other than the people who actually believe that :)

Answer #11

Sex is pretty much everywhere, all the soap operas that my mom watches has sex in them. Movies have sex in them, I think even commercials do now. They have this odd portrayal of sex being a wonderful experience that you can’t wait to have! Its not so wonderful because teens are very uneducated about sex. Also their friends that did have sex encourage them to do it because ‘’it feels good’’. Its all peer pressure, they do it to please their friends. If only schools took some time out to go in depth on what can happen when you have sex. Sure they have that sex ed chat but they just tell you what an std is and that you can get pregnant. Parents don’t even bother talking to their kids about sex. Its a hell of a lot of things combined that get teens to decide they want to have sex. I seriously wish they knew the aftermath of sex. Guys just love to pressure there girlfriends into having sex! Obviously its so much easier for the guy since he doesn’t have to deal with a baby for 9 months, guess he missed that note.

Teens like to embarrass other virgin teens for some reason. Its beyond sad in my opinion, I have this feeling that sometimes girls can’t stand up for themselves. Its like if they tried saying ‘’no’’ then the world would end for them. Its for your own safety to say no! Really though its just terrible that they ended up like that.

Answer #12

what ever

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