Why do white girls want to date black boys?

I am not trying to sound prejudice but it seems that there are so many mixed relationships out there and I wonder what it is about it ,is just the thrill of having people stare at you.my daughter is in a relationship with a worthless guy who is mexican but before that all she wants is black guys it hurts me because I come from a prejudice family and I get tired of trying to explain something I really dont understand.

Answer #1

this is to thug_lover2 for one thing it is always going to be my business what my daughter makes of her life I rasied her giving her everything I thought she needed and a lot that she wanted and I can’t stand the fact that she now is giving up jobs to be with him because he don’t want to be without her he don’t like being alone and my daughter was not raised to just quit jobs and expect everyone else to give her money and pay her bills and he has even asked her to ask her grandma for money so he could have some in his pocket well if he wants it in his pocket then GET A JOB!!! believe me I know there are lazy white guys out there too. but you may not want to admit it because of your relationship but there are a lot of black guys that only want white girls as trophys and because they were raised with some pride , values and morals and they know they will treet them good and they can treet them like crap and I don’t understand that and I am sorry you don’t see things from my point of view but I don’t see them from yours either I don’t hate black people or mixed race couples I know a white girl that is with a wonderful hard working black guy that truly loves her to death but before she met him she lived with a guy that got her pregnant everytime he got out of jail and she raised 3 kids by herself so he was a real thug not a want to be thug that just dresses sloppy and acts tough maybe they can pull a gun on you and say now how tough am I but if they got in a real fight they couldn’t fight because they would have to stop and pull there pants up every few seconds.I’m sorry I really am that I am apparently prejudice I have a black guy that I have worked with for years that I have talked with him of course he don’t wear his pants down to his knees but he says he doesn’t hate me for the way that I feel and that he can kind of understand.thak you for the reply and I wish you the best with your relationship but maybe my real problem isn’t his race it was just mentioned maybe it is the fact of personality and lack of enthusiasm and I didn’t give her everything so she could just let someone walk all over her.and take take take and not give anything to the relationship but sex and a few nice words.

Answer #2

well I my self am dating black boys;. I just like that thug style the sagging pants the big tee’z . I dont understand why people are prejudice because just because they are black or because their mexican hispanic etc etc. doesnt mean they dont have a good heart in the inside and they say well they are into gangs. well their are too white people into gangs . their all the same in the inside and if they are like they are .its are fault. just let em do what they want to do;. its not your life you live;its ares. we can date what we want not like your doing it. you should be happy for us not bring us down or judge us. and personally I think black guys are and mexicans’are sexier. My opinion thouqh,

Answer #3

Sorry, I was suffering heavily from my pedanticitis when I addressed you.

Take into consideration these are the jaded words of one who has been chided by so many anglo females on account of his freckled veneer that he is seriously considering entering the monastery or Richard Simmons’ harem, whichever will have him. With the added insult of being regarded as racist by simply pointing out the glaring contradictions. Tall, “DARK,” and Handsome. Why God? Why do you loathe your melanin challenged adherents so? What is it about the caramel color you women find so enthralling anyways? With the advancing nuclear winter you will have wished you purchased the low light efficient model. What… you want all your offspring hobbled with rickets?

Seriously, my response wasn’t totally without merit. The white man is being phased out. He was tried and found lacking by the fair sex whom seemingly exalt the virtues, dancing, tanning, and exceedingly proficient membership(you know what I’m talkin’ bout).

Answer #4

Wow thats pretty crazy how you call us White-men “Mean-spirited and Racist” that alone what you just said is racist.

Not all White-men are stereotypically mean and hateful arrogant and believing only white women should date white men. Thats just something thats been apart of the white-men culture for a very long time here in America.

Don’t you remember back in the 50’s? when the White-man was so prejuduce against black people in there highschools? that went on for a long time. The reason is White-men have long been the far superior commanders even though what they did was sometimes wrong for example: White-men use to have african americans, and indians, as slaves because the White-man was in charge in America. Our culture has a strong past of white-men being the heavily ones in command of everything but now things are different people have there own rights, freedoms, styles, and even there own beliefs.

Like myself I agree with the girl way above, saying what does it matter on the color of your skin? its not what your skin is. Its what your heart is. If you have a hateful and unruling heart only set out for sticking to the most racial views then its going to get you no where in life. You’re going to be believing in something wrong, we are in America a nation of freedom.

Answer #5

Wow this sounds crazy but… maybe she loves him? I’m sorry for my sarcasm but many people don’t even KNOW why they’re prejudice… you say you don’t understand… well ask her why she’s with him, and I’m sure she will give you some reasons that you should understand if you have ever been in love or with someone. What I don’t understand is why white people are prejudice in the first place toward black people. They didn’t do anything to white people? Did they? I don’t recall that anyway. And so what if her boyfriend is mexican… I’m mexican and I’m a hard worker, religious, kind, and just a pretty good person. I’m not full of myself but I know what my pros and cons are.

Hope that helped.

Answer #6

because they want oreos :-) haha kidding, but just give let her give the guy a chance..if she wants to date black thats her choice. dont bring her down

Answer #7

well.. I myself is white and I do prefer mexican guys… some girls like mexican guys cause how there attitude is or just how they have alittle color to them… girls are just attacted to what they are attacted too… I wouldnt be soo judgemental they are just people they are like me and you… if she likes to date mexicans let her… its what she likes… shes her own person.. and mexicans are hard workers if you havent noticed any of them working there butts off for there families… if your daughter is still young and the guys she is with is still young then maybe he dont know what he wants to do yet.. because hes not mature enough to know and is just still young I would give this guy some time and atleast a chance..

Answer #8

misceqenymiser,WOW!!! that is some fancy writing there, I am still married to her father which I have been for 23 years I do think some mixicans are cute as well as some black men,asian men etc. it doesn’t mean I would date them, my husband thinks halley berry is a beautiful black woman and I agree.which I do know that she is of mixed race but she is living as a black woman.just because there are people of different races that I find attractive in one sense or another doesn’t mean I would date them .,and if you knew how bad things got and how hurt we were when the first time we found out she dated a black guy you wouldn’t be so assuming of where I stand,and besides her boyfriend is porta rican or how ever you spell it.

Answer #9

I’m not racest some of my best friends are black I have nothing aganst them I just don’t date them.

Answer #10

Definitely racist. No matter how you look at it, you are. You say a bunch of black guys want white girls as trophies. What since does that make? You love who you love and skin color has nothing to do with it.

Answer #11

yeah… I know what you mean… But it seems like they are still really young yet… even if they are together for a long time he will know what to do for when he does have a family… he will get a job right now hes seems immature.. just give it some time.

Answer #12

I think sometimes people would like to step outside of the box and experience dating people of diffrent races, then you would know that its their personality you like or maybe some other specific trait that they have.

Answer #13

wow maybe she should meet you I am not saying anything about him being mexican but he is of a darker skin and my daughter will not tell me all I hear is I don’t know.

Answer #14

What do you mean “all I hear is I dont know?” Do you mean she says she doesn’t know why she’s with him? Sorry I dont understand what you wrote. Also why do you say that she should meet me?

Answer #15

well I was talking about her mexican boyfriend and you said I am mexican and I work am religious and not full of yourself. maybe I was just thinking that is the kind of guy I want her to be with someone kind respectful hardworking and religious.but then it is not my choice but as a mother you always want the best for your child and for someone to love them as much as you do.

Answer #16

I honestly don’t know. I think that is just a stupid saying that someone made up, that some people say once in a while to joke about or maybe some people truly think that, it depends on who you are attracted to and what you like about people. Why did you think I was a male?

Answer #17

That’s generalizing it too much. Not all girls are attracted to blacks. But as for your daughter, she just has that sorta taste. And you can’t change someone by force, you have to just let her go and make mistakes. Then she can learn.

Answer #18

im a 14 yr old white girl. And I date black, white, mexican and any boy that will treat me right. Its never about the color or religion of the man all that really matters is that he treets your daughter right and makes her happy. If your daughters happy dont question why just b happy 4 her.

Answer #19

no not all black men date white women because they really love them. sometimes they date them because they see them as a trophy, like a status symbol. and some white women date black men because it’s still the taboo thing to do, and it’s exciting because it’s different. I have a good friend who used to date white women and this is what his relationships were.

Answer #20

most people when the date out of their race dont see the color of the persons skin but they see the persons heart. I date a black boy and never once thought about his skin color or anything like that I fell in love with him without think twice about the race he was. maybe its just this generation that we dont think bout race in a relationship

Answer #21

because the guy she;s dating is not working doesn’t have a dream or a desire to do anything when I asked him he said I don’’t know he thinks when she gets money it is his when she went back to work he’s like we going to be ballin now. that stuff just goes thru me,as for meeting you I am at work and didn’t really pay attention I just assumed I was talking to a male , honestly I really don’t care what color they are as long as they treat her good but it is a shock because no one in my close family is with a person of a different race.and I iknow there has to be something behind it that us older people don’t see because where I live most girls that have black boyfriends always have black boyfriends I know the old saying once you go black you never go back but why I really just want an honest answer I am not trying to be mean.

Answer #22

Who knows why your daughter prefers black and mexican men. Have you tried asking her in a non judgemental, non racist manner? If she’s young she could very well just be doing it to piss you off and wherefor it might just be a phase if that’s how she was raised to view other races. Unfortunatly… I don’t understand why people have color preferences at all. Who a person is on the inside is what matters. Not the color of someones skin. We shouldn’t still be having this conversation in the 21st century! Try taking a look at why you think he’s “worthless”. Are you sure it’s not just because he’s Mexican? It sounds like it is. Ask youself honestly: Have I really given this guy a chance?

Answer #23

I think some white girls date black guys because they think they are cool (all the rappers they see on tv). Some white chicks do it because they feel black guys would be more accepting of them (usually women a little on the thick side). AND THEN you have the ones who dont give a rats behind about color, they just happen to meet a guy that they like. PS-I speak from experience and from asking questions, because I found it quite weird that I actually met a few white girls that would say they ONLY date black guys and I just found that kind of weird for someone to say.

Answer #24

it could be physical attraction at first like any other relationship, and then she could fall in love with him!

I prefer Mexican or black, or anything but white guys most of the time and im white!

I’m just not usually physically attracted to white guys!

it’s just who I am.

So yeah, you should let your daughter be her, and if people cant accept that, then that’s their problem.

Not hers, not her bfs, and not yours.

You shouldn’t have to explain your daughter to anybody. (:

Answer #25

Well Maybe some people like to try all different types wether it be black whit mexican portaricken or any thing and maybe your daughter likes to experiment because I do the same thing and just let here realize this on her own if she likes it or not personally I think there ok there caring and sweet but of course theres some that are jerks but theres whites that are jerks too!!!

well I wish you the best of luck!!!


Answer #26

Alright, peeweelee. You said you came from a prejudice family and you never said that you yourself did not share your families views. Therefor your distaste for him was suspicious. It still seems like race is still an issue here. He doesn’t sound like a winner but to be fair, I really don’t think most of us knew exactly what we wanted in life at 20. I don’t balme you for wanting more for your daughter. Hopefully she has some sort of positive male role model in her life and that this guy is just a phase.

Answer #27

no it is not because he is mexican I lived next to one of the nicest guys in the world and he is a mexican,I also know that most mexicans are very hard workers, I myself think most mexican men are nice looking he is worthless because he doesn’t work he steals,smokes weed and has a baby he doesn’t support, it is just all things I disapprove of,he’s 20 years. old and I don’t feel that is still considered to young to know what he wants he should know what he wants out of life and be working towards that goal already

Answer #28

mayb because the stereo type that black guys have big you no wats

Answer #29

I think its an absolute disgrace. I am 24 years old and I cant tell you how often i see this picture… Beautiful white normal dressed girl walking with a thugged out tattooed, gold teeth braided hair black guy. Call me whatever you want, but im exercising my rights. To all fathers, if you have to ask yourself “is this ok?” The answer is no. You failed. Yes, it is a trophy thing. To whom asked this initial question… Be ready for mixed kids, because its right around the corner. Oh, and when i say be ready… you and your daughter will be the caretakers. Furthermore if i seem a little biased in my reasoning, i live my thoughts through life experiences, and im ashamed of our politically correct society.

Answer #30

I say a prayer for all the responders and their loved ones as well as the people whom are affected by your attitudes. I live in a small town in the south where there are no jobs and little opportunity for economic advancement. There are myriad reasons why some people date outside their race. They range from taboo mystique to a color blind world view. Each choice is individual and each relationship is unique. If you really want to know just ask. Be tactful and use discretion but ask.
Here in small town USA black and white parents work side by side for the same paychecks. Many of the families lineage here traces back several generations. “My cousin married your cousin so that makes us cousins.” That reality has lent itself to interdating for some. Personally, I think much of it is shaped by economic demographics more than anything else. How different are we if we are afforded the same privileges and given to as our neighbors? Pop culture shapes our perception of each other and these global corporations will exploit/embrace anyone ignorant/informed for the bottom line. It is true that we have a consumer driven society. However, marketing trends dictate the taste for the many mindless choices made everyday in our attempt to remain relevant. What I am saying is many tend to immolate their perception of success. With that said I would place my emphasis on character development rather than superficial observations. In the end the heart wants what the heart wants. All anyone can do is their best and pray for rest. -lovemesumcle@gmail.com

Answer #31

wow racist much? that is soooo RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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