Why do we need school?

My best friend and I had a joke until we really started to think about it. Why do we go to school, if no one went to school no one could be called dumb or stupid because they we’re under edjucated.

Answer #1

So you’re saying that no one should go to school because then no one could be called “stupid”? Well, I have to disagree. With or without school, there are people out there who just learn faster. They grasp concepts in ways that other people do not. So even without school, you would have some people who would stand out intellectually.

The point of school is not to make some people look stupid and others smart. The whole goal is to make everyone as smart as they can be.

School is like a workout for a brains. Have you heard the saying “use it or lose it”? That applies to our brains. We learn faster and easier when we are young because our brains have all of these pathways set up to send information. If we do not use those pathways, they die. So when we are older, we don’t learn things as quickly. School gives those pathways a little exercise so that not all of them will die.

School also teaches about a variety of things that we might not be exposed to at all otherwise. Being exposed to those things sometimes helps us find talents or career interests.

School can help us make more informed decisions.

School also places us in social situations to help us grow and develop socially. Many people make friends and meet romantic partners in school.

Answer #2

Right as much as I hate school I have to say it really helps you, think about it if you hadn’t ever gone to school you wouldn’t even know what half the words you say ment. But I agree not all lessons you need.

Answer #3

good point. we should all never go to school, make my life twice as easy. i guess we go to school to give kids something to do while parents work or to give adults a job. notice teachers dont get paid much. and they’re all old and grumpy and tired and complaining. its probably just to give people jobs who picked teaching as a last resort. no offense to any teachers on here.

Answer #4

obv the point of school is to read/wright/spell/speek How will you teach your children how to write there name if they cannot spell it.

Amd your future job, if you wanted to be A fashion deisgner you would have to learn to draw/stich or whatever


School can be a drag with long boring lessons and some things you learn in school you wont even need for later lie IE: Netball/% or fractions

There are people calling dumb or stupied but they are obv the the low lifes that have nothing better to do then pick on you.. because there life is so ‘’perfect and boring they have nothin better to do


Answer #5

No one is stupid. If anything, people are iggnorent.

You used the context wrong, saying if people never went to school, they would be stupid.

Stupid is uncapable of knowing. Iggnorence is you just dont know.

But anyways..School is mandatory, for life. Thats just how it is, which is good, I do not want alot of iggnorent people not knowing their Math..

Answer #6

We go to school because they teach us how to function with society (everyday life) if we all still lived like a caveman we wouldnt have the great things we already have today. Everything we have was created by science and match etc… We have doctors who have to take a class all his life to learn new and better ways to help people who are ill… The greatest people of our time are people who are highly educated and who want to learn more and more. Its up to you on whether you want to live a fulfilling life or if you just want to go day by day without the benefits of school. To think school is just a place to pawn off children is ridiculous! You have a brain for a reason. Its best to use it

Answer #7

only way to progress is improving and since school sets you up for that kind of stuff. break it down liek this were taught everything from basics to understand how life functions and what has happened in the past without this we would be starting from square one with each generation. With people being taugh skills in math and science they are hopefully able to branch off and create their own ideas which in turn would be taugh that is how the human species works is to learn and teach.

Answer #8

because we have recess in it and p.t

Answer #9

school sucks

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