Why do we even have to go to school?

I don’t learn anything anyways.

Every time I ask someone this, they tell me “So you can have a good job, future, etc”. I know plenty of people that have gone to school just to sit in an office all day making $10 an hour doing something they hate. How exactly is that something to consider “good”?

I hate school. There’s no point. No one learns anything anymore. It’s ridiculous.

Answer #1

all I got to say is flyleaf7889 is the reason why we people have to go to school. like seriously isnt there at least a bit of common sense in your empty brain? oh wait, no I forgot, I just said empty. you dont learn anything? wow it amaze me on how you can type speak and spell words. GOOD JOB!!! stay in school KID! pay attention!!

Answer #2

Ok. Lets suppose that billions of people all have it wrong. They’re wasting their time and it is entirely pointless. So, what’s the alternative you’re suggesting? And how do you propose to convince millions of people that their way is wrong.

So lets pretend we’re in your world where no one went to school. Hopefully no one in your world would ever fall sick, because in your world, there would be no doctors. Oh and you wouldnt be online either, because there would be no computers, no internet, no recorded music, no technology. There wouldnt be telephones, electricity, water (you do know that engineers have to sort all this stuff out, and they need to go to school). Lets see, you’d live in mud huts, because no architects, no cars or roads or anything like that, because again you’re missing the engineers to build and design this stuff. Food would be severely limited because there would be no transport. So basically we’d go back a few hundred thousand years in time?

And back to, what’s your alternative. What’s your brilliant plan since apparently school is entirely pointless and you’re not learning anything.

And you’re right. YOU are probably not learning anything. People who want to learn will learn. People who dont, will not. You can talk to them, read to them, sing to them, do a dance, but if they dont want to learn, they wont learn.

You dont actually want an answer to your question. You just want to complain how school sucks. Well, in a few years, you’ll learn that life isnt fair, we have to do things that suck, and hopefully you’ll grow up. Of course there are plenty of adults who never do.

Answer #3

wow. please dont throw your life away. I learned the hard way. dropped out in 9th grade,without a high school degree you will get nothing. and if you think “ohh,I can get a ged” trust me thats harder then staying in school. I failed my ged. also I have depression and a bunch more other health problems. so trust me when I say you NEED SCHOOL! seriouslly ya got a brain use it. and to say you dont learn anything is bull cause I learned as much as I could in school but couldnt concentrate worth crap. gah! it’s people like you I can’t stand.

Answer #4

I doubt you haven’t learned anything in school. School will help you be prepared in the future and if you drop out, trust me you will regret it. Everyone I’ve ever known that has dropped out completely regrets it and its so hard to go back once you’re out. Stay in school and then if you decide to go to college you’ll have a chance to study what you want and have a successful career. :)

Answer #5

mmk this is the most honest answer your guna get so lissen up.they put us in school to slow you down.if you really think about it, about 50% of what they teach us is useful in life.and that 50% really only takes about a week to learn.they break it up into 12years so that we learn slowly so we dont become too smart.the government just wants to control us man

Answer #6

thats LIFE thats not because of school thats just life sometimes you have to work in a job you hate on minumin wage just to get by this usually doesnt have anything to do with how well you did in school you go to school to learn the basics of things like maths and english which are important in life as well as jobs you do learn, you just dont understand why you need to learn those basic things

Answer #7

Without school those people sitting in an office making $10 an hour would be living on the street making $0.25 an hour collecting cans to pay for there $.99 cheeseburger from Wendy’s.

Answer #8

Really? Wow.. Go To school learn and get a job. The End,

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