Why do you think premarital sex is not a sin?

I was reading some answers and got mixed responses and would like to know why you do not consider premarital sex a sin.

Answer #1

* dont you think that if sex was only confined to marriage as taught by the Bible, it would illimate problems such as stds, prostitution, teen pregnancies, hosts of emmotional problems and so on?

It would eliminate most STDs, but not the rest. Prostitution is not really a problem except for STDs, and if marraige were the only way to get sex, there’d be way more teen pregnancies…because everyone would get married as a teen. As far as emotional problems go, sexually repressed populations tend to produce violence…particularly among young males. It’s no coincidence that terrorists are almost exclusively young males from very sexually repressed societies.

Answer #2

Sin is a man-made concept. No one else gets to decide what is right or wrong for you, except you.

At least that is how it should be…

Answer #3

Why do you think it is?

Answer #4

because I dont beleive in the christian god or any other god

Answer #5

Mainly because I don’t have a concept of sin.

I follow Karma as law.

Answer #6

Hmm. You’re asking a question that presumes one already believes in sins. If one doesnt follow the judeo-christian faiths and one doesnt believe in sins, then why would one think it was a sin? As for premarital, what does that even mean? What constitutes a marriage? Is simply signing a paper to be legally married ok? What if you havent signed the paper but you have said your vows infront of a religious priest of some kind? What about people 1000s of years ago who didnt all have formal marriages?

Answer #7

Because not all people are Christian or religious. I for one am not religious.

Furthermore sex is human nature, why should it only be limited to people who has signed some contract?

Answer #8

Why don’t I think premarital sex is a sin? I don’t believe in sins at all in general. I think saying something is a sin is like saying you can’t make mistakes. You have to be perfect all the time or else God will send you to hell. I don’t believe that god made sins. He made it for us to make mistakes and for us to learn from them. And it’s just sex. I think it’s okay to have it when you know you’re in love even if you’re not married. That’s how I see it

Answer #9

You gotta drink the milk before you buy the cow and test the car before you drive it. Sex is an important thing in a relationship, not just because it feals good but its a special thing between two people that love each other and it can be the difference between a divorce and a happy satisfied couple, thats why you should have sex befgore you get mrried, because if you don’t you might have an unhappy marraige.

Answer #10

Thanks for ure honesty guys. good points but I would like to ask you however though. dont you think that if sex was only confined to marriage as taught by the Bible, it would illimate problems such as stds, prostitution, teen pregnancies, hosts of emmotional problems and so on?

Answer #11

Maybe they would maybe they wouldnt, but either way it isnt realistic. And teen pregnancies and stds would be solved by using protection. As for emotional problems, that isnt caused by sex. That is caused by people not being honest with each other.

I think if people were simply honest with each other it would solve problems such as STDs, teen pregnancy and emotional problems. But we dont live in fairy tale land. Premarital sex and adultery has been around forever and will continue to be around…

Answer #12

I dont believe in committing sins. But I do beleive in what is right and wrong. I think that if your really truley in love, at a decent age, and are ready emotionaly and physically, you can have sex. And when I say a decent age, I mean atleast 18. NOT 13 like some people. No offence intended for those who are young and having sex, but I think you understand where I’m coming from.

Answer #13

because I think that todays concept of marriage is not what was described in the bible. Today its all about the legal stuff whereas in the bible it was just about two people loving each other and being committed to one another.

I also think there is far too much focus on sex before marriage in many Christian churches. People need to make their own decisions about things rather than being dictated to by a church, especially when they are only really dictating on the one issue. I like my church because I feel guided in the right direction for living the kind of life I want to but I dont feel pressured into thinking a certain way.

Answer #14

I think it is a dangerous stance if each person is to decide what is wrong or right. many murders, rapist, and so on strongly believe that waht they are doing is right. I think Hitler thought he was doing the right thing. I beleive as a people we need a moral compass and a pure source of inspiration to look to.

Answer #15

I think it is a dangerous stance if each person is to decide what is wrong or right. many murders, rapist, and so on strongly believe that waht they are doing is right. I think Hitler thought he was doing the right thing. I beleive as a people we need a moral compass and a pure source of inspiration to look to.

I was talking about individuals deciding what is right and wrong for them. Society also decides what is right and wrong for it. Obviously a murderer or rapist is violating someone elses rights, and society has set up laws to handle that. People do have a moral compasss, but no one should get to deicide what another persons morals should be. That is unless they think it is ok to violate the rights of others. Simple enough rule, but when you add relgion and create a concept of sin, it all gets mucked up. It leads the zealots into declaring they know what sexual practices are ok and which are taboo.

Answer #16

HI Luthien. I do agree that marriage in biblical days were performed differently, but at the end of the day they were still legaly married. if one were to divorce they had to give a bill of divorcement to also make it legal. with that said. this is ure beleif and I accept that becasue you ar not christian.

Answer #17

Hi Katgores I beleive that being perfect is next to impossible. But the BIble teaches that we should be overcomers. I am not perfect at all. I slip up too, but through my relationship with God, I have overcome many sins, including addictions and God is still helping me. thats what God expects of us. The Bible also teaches that God gave us choice and we coose to sin. God also gave us salvation to free us from sin.

Answer #18

Hey Faketoast

people have good reasons to not want marriage. I have found that men especialy find it difficult to make the step. but I beleive that marriage is such a beautiful thing that satan has destroyed they joy its suppose to bring. the marriage that you see all around you is not as God intended it to be. On the other hand marriage takes effort. Love is more than a feeling. its a principle. so I tread cautiously when people say they are no longer in love. example I beleive many(not all) people are able to work through this problem and it happens many times when a partner begins looking outside of their marriage.

Answer #19

I dont know if I believe god or not. it sounds like he has anger issues because he made some people gay and yet he hates them and punishes them D= ? if there is god I think he has a sense of humor and really just wants us to be happy. and if sex before marriage makes someone happy then that is fine =) I think people fall in love and want to have sex but marriage is a lot to ask for. its like saying- are you ready to spend the rest of your life literally chained to one person by a tiny gold ring? yipes! I suppose if the couple stays in love itd be great but I don’t know! its a personal choice =)

Answer #20

Hi toadaly I do not belive that these people are violent because they are sexualy repressed. It is ckear that they are doing these things becasue of their religion. jamaica is one of the most violent nations in the western world and they are very sexualy epressive.

you also hint that the only problem with prostition is stds…if you were to truly lsiten to these women’s stories you woul think otherwise.

I admit that many teens would probably rush into marriage, but in my christian community, we beleive that it is wrong to go into marriage jsut for sex. we also beleive that we should not be ruled by our passions but be in control of them with God’s help.

Answer #21

hello Ty,

I do think this will be around forever and my goal here is not to change this. as I said earlier this question was actualy meant for christians(my bad).

But I disagree with you on the point of condoms being the answer to teen pregnancies and stds. condoms are way more commom now and statistics says that teen pregnancies and new STI infections are on an alrming rise. it is also fair then to say that is is un realistic that protection will solve the problem. as a nation we are missing something.

Answer #22

hey buffyswan.

lol!!! I heard that one before… but personaly, I did not want the baggage of any other man in my marriage. I didnt want to compare my husband to any other lover, I didnt want to take the risk of any man discusing me sexualy or looking down on me. My mom always told me that I would leave pieces of myslef with any man I slept with. I personaly wanted to give my whole self to my husband. furthermore there are ways on knowing whether a man can rise to the occasion or how he is endowed without having sex.

Answer #23

Hi jimahl,

I honestly understand what you are saying, but where I am coming from is this. each time a teen or even a prostitute is having sex. they are being violated even though some may not be aware of this. I also beleive that casual sex violates people as well. the law does not state it but we can find so many testimonials of the harm that it has done. I know that a lot of people will not choose to abstain, but I reallly think we would be better off if we did.

Answer #24

Below are my views on sex as expressed in my treatise A Search For Truth at http://www.asearchfortruth.com/old

X Sex

I Because of love 
  1.        As an expression of love, between consenting adults, sex is one of the highest forms of expression. 
  2.        As with self-sacrifice, it is one of the most profoundly selfish of all acts. 
  3.        It brings self-exaltation in its physical gratification and in the contemplation of its glorification of the recipient. 
  4.        In love, sex is the effect of the expression of the entity's total code of value and commitment. 

    ii Just for enjoyment

  5.        Sex is a way of expressing and receiving pleasure. 
  6.        It is the physical manifestation of one's mental temperament, the perpetration of one's sense of value. 
  7.        Sex simply for pleasure between consenting adults, though not necessarily a result of love, can be healthy and beneficial to both entities. 

    iii For progeny

  8.        At times sex is utilized solely for the purpose of bringing progeny into being. 
  9.        Such motives are proper, between consenting adults, as long as the entities are willing to accept the attendant responsibilities for their actions. 

    I’ve No surprises

  10.        Though sex is the method normally utilized to bring progeny into being, such result may not be desired by the entities. 
  11.        The entities may use various methods of birth control to prevent progeny. 
  12.        Methods that prevent conception or that prevent development within the early days after conception are necessary for the well-being of the entities. 
  13.        A decision for abortion at any later stage, for whatever reason, must rest singularly with the pregnant entity. 
  14.        Prior to the time of normal delivery the entity should not be held accountable to others for her actions in relation to her own body or its contents. 
  15.        If the entity's decision is not justifiable, it is still her decision and only she will be held responsible for it in the subsequent analyzation period of her being.
Answer #25

a lot of life is a sin… but really ur2 faith should be based on you and the way you feel . if its your 1st and your worried if its a sin then your not ready and theres no way for any 1 but you to know when your ready but remember you can never go back and you need 2 make a choice that you can lived with forever, a guy who loves you will wait, ose who didnt will pressure you and when you give in hell take it and move on..its sad but true.. a girl has 1 thing and if you give it 2 every 1 no1 is going to want it any more ! and honestly any 1 can give it up thats easy but a girls who saves themselves is respected and a guy who wants sum thing real is more interested in the girl who isn’t sleeping around..n if any 1 says other wise they are un happy with their choice, ujust worry about what you want your young the longer you wait the better it is and the better you feel about you most girls wish they can take back their 1st time, as for the waiting til marriage as I said wait till your ready if thats marriage for you great but after you come to a point where you trust respect know and love each other sex does play a factor and if you are not sexually attracted to each other you can work on it if its real love but thats not sum thing id want 2 find out on my honey mood so I think it deepends on a lot, but most important you be true to YOU

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