Why Do They never think of The VET???

I don’t understand why people ask questions about their animals if they are sick… obviously you take them to the vet… hence why there are vets… If you dont know about the animal or anything like that why have it?? if you do not understand to care about them… look up info BEFORE!… Why does no one get this?! =| x

Answer #1

I know what you mean…the majority of questions relate to seemingly serious medical problems…help my dog ate something and can’t breathe…what should I do? or help my dad ran over my dog, he is crying and limping, what should I do? Those people drive me crazy…GO TO THE VET. Many questions are less vital…how do I breed my dog…my dog is sneezing…my dog won’t go to the bathroom outside… I say, give them advice… But for pet owners who have selected to own animals, there is cost, sometimes a lot of cost involved with owning animals…it goes with the territory…buck up and take your pet to the vet if it is in pain, not eating, having diarrhea for more than a day or two , etc…

Answer #2

Same thing with a person if they’re sick… It’s common sense to just go to the doctor, but they want to know what it might be first.

Answer #3

well they wanted the animal so they should be prepared to pay what is necessary for their needs… no money… dont have a pet… the vets may be expensive but thats the commitment you make when you get a pet! If they knew about this then still why bother asking?!

Answer #4

The vet isn’t always the answer. Like the last question asked (which you answered), which I assume is what triggered this. The person found a stray cat who is ill and dying, and wants to help put it out of its misery. The vet will charge an arm and a leg for it. They want profit. But nonprofit centers like the Humane Society and/or ASPCA will often euthanize strays for free, since it’s not the person’s pet. Just sayin’, the vet isn’t always the best answer, as you may think.

Answer #5

Right so instead of asking in a place like this First just to see if anyone has had a similar problem. You’d want me to spend up to £50 on just a check up? It’s ridiculous, course people are going to do research or ask on here first.

Answer #6

because one the vet cost a lot, even if it is a check up. and the probebly do anyway

Answer #7

lol good question!

Answer #8

yes thats what I mean… I am not stupid and mean something about like what utopia has just said.. I wouldnt tell someone to go to the vet if they didnt know how to breed a dog… they are not gonna help you with that… I have a lot of animals and we spend atleast 1000pounds every 4-5 months there as animals are expensive and things I just dont understand why you wouldnt like find out as much information before getting the animal etc… then doing research on the illnesses they could have… Like just so you could have an idea about them… and I understand if you were asking about something aside from the vets like if you going to take them anyways but you just wanted info on what could be wrong I understand that its just the questions are like… my dog isnt breahing properly and was hit by a car what do I do?… you know like them kinda questions… you wouldnt even ask what to do in the mean time well you might but youre more likely to take it to the vets for this reason… thats what I was meaning lol =) x

Answer #9

some vets are idiots. my dog got sick and we took her to the vet and they said it was a kidney infection. We got a second opinion, seeing as she wasn’t getting any better and the other vet said it was diabetes. He was right proving that some vets really don’t care about your pet and just want your money. Hope this helps

Answer #10

Frequently, pet owners, like parents, worry needlessly over things that might be completely benign simply because they have never encountered a particular situation. Recently, an owner asked about her cat, who was making a clacking sound when it looked out the window, which is very common and not a symptom of any illness or condition, but worrisome for the owner nevertheless. After asking about the issue here, her mind was eased.

I could cite many other examples, and I praise each of them for taking the initiative to find out more information instead of being a reactionary pet owner who shoves their animals at a vet every time they see something new. Such behavior would be needlessly traumatic for both owner and animal, not to mention a financial drain and a tremendous waste of time for the vet.

Now, I understand not everyone can be as wise and forthright as yourself and read up on every piece of published information regarding their particular species of pet before making the commitment to care for an animal, but until we can all catch up to your level of condescending, self-righteous superiority, this site will be here to help.

Answer #11

Ok granted some people ask dumb question on here but not all.

I go to different vets all the time and work at one as well and you know what sometimes they dont have an answer for you or they give you an answer you dont agree with, so you reach out for answers sometimes people have already experienced the behavior or problem and can help.

So if its a dog hit by a car or somethiing then no very dumb place to be while your dog is dying. But questions like female dog humping or registrations papers then ok. even minor medical problems is ok, because some people dont know what the symptoms are it might be nothing but before they go and spend hundreds of dollars at the clinic try and get a little advice see if its even worth it.

another reason is a lot of people have a hard time explaining symptoms to the vet, and if the dog looks fine at the time they will just do minor tests and if nothing appears send them home. Happens all the time, so people get fustrated and look other places so they dont spend money for ppointless tests. Some people dont deserve to have pets but some people are just looking at every option to find the best answer to solve their problem. Maybe even just advice on the best option for them to resolve their pets problem.

So dont be rude at least the care enough to attempt to resolve the pets problem.

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