Why do some people seem to look down on homeschoolers?!

Hey. I’ve got a question. Why does it seem like, as soon as I mention that I’m homeschooled to most adults, unless they’re parents of other homeschoolers, they immediately enter this “Shut-down Mode” where they seem to automatically deem me a total moron and get VERY obviously uncomfortable, to the point of making ME feel a little uneasy in response?! I mean seriously, I’m not stupid! (That is, unless you count being a Junior in High School with a 4.0 GPA who is also taking classes at the local community college DURING JUNIOR YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL as being stupid…-__-;) And it’s not like I go around flaunting my credentials, either! Whenever I mention I’m homeschooled, the conversation DIES. This happens SO frequently, that I tend to dislike talking about my education, for fear of getting a headache! Any other homeschooler have this happen to them? What do you public schooler think about this? How about the Adults? What’s your take on my situation? And if ANYONE has a good idea how to fix this, please, feel free to advise me!

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Thank you both! Your answers are very encouraging.

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like I said one of my friend is being homeschooled adults don’t respect her as much as they used too…they are being immature…they always make things difficult 4 her…I am the only one who tend to motivate her in every way…it makes me feel sad that they always shut down when they hear she is homeschooled..I know how you feel…

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I don’t know…the guy I’m interested in right now is homeschooled and he’s probably the sweetest smartest most amazing guy in the world…some people are just plain stupid.

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Yes, you too can aspire to reach such grandiose heights as Florida Gator.

I find it disingenuous that you say a line like, “And it’s not like I go around flaunting my credentials, either” immediately after flaunting your credentials. That aside, they are finding it difficult to talk to you because adults find it difficult to talk to teenagers in general and usually resort to talking about school in order to find some common ground. Since you share none of the experiences they had going to school, they are suddenly finding themselves without a conversational lifeline.

It has nothing to do with the fact that you’re homeschooled. You would get the same reaction if you were a dropout or had never gone to school at all.

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Mikkimouse18: No, I don’t think you’re being rude at all. It’s just that you’re not familiar with this subject, right? Anyway, don’t be fooled by the term “homeschool”; because now ( at least for kids from my church) there are now homeschool programs that let you take classes outside home. For example, I’m currently taking ASL as a foreign lqnguage class, and I’m taking it through that program. Also, I’m a guy…and the other students in most of my outside classes are cute girls…so yeah, as long as a homeschooler is outgoing (or just plan nice) then evrything should be fine!

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Hell, I wish I was home schooled. Maybe I would have actually received my diploma. I actually blame my mother for this. She was always making me move from state to state with her. She could never settle down, not even for the sake of her children. I even asked her to please stop, but if she couldn’t, could she at least home school me… her response “Oh hell no, I don’t have the patience for that crap” Gee, thank you mother. Anywho… I think it’s awesome that you’ve gotten to experience getting your education in the privacy of your own home and at your own pace. I’d imagine it to be a lot less stressful than having to concentrate in a congregated environment.

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I was homeschooled till grade nine and I know what your going thru people used to tease me and call me retarded thinking that was why I was homeschooled but really I think they just don’t understand it so they are intimidated and so they make fun of us, I think home schooling was they best thing my parents could have done for me!

Answer #8

Mikeh: Sorry, I guess I should’ve been more careful when structuring my question. For future reference, I only listed my credentials here to avoid responses like “Maybe it’s the classes you’re taking?” and crap like that. Normally, I only talk about those when asked ( or forced) to. You also raise very good points about the difference in experiences. That really helped me to understand this better. All in all, thank you very much for your answer!

Answer #9

I was homeschooled K-12 and I have to tell you buddy, I feel your pain. People are very rude to us. I must say, I did feel like an outsider most of the time. Try thinking of it this way, you have been brought up to be very accepting of others who are different from you in a world where everyone else is trying to be the same. One word of advice, my brother is a lot like you. He is a very smart guy but tends to be a little overbearingly intelligent. Its ok to be smart, but people will ALWAYS make fun of you. You’re a nerd. Ok. Get used to it! LOL

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Tim Tebow, quarterback, Florida Gators:

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Answer #11

to silent_storm103 — my cousin is being homeschooled and I encourage her…so I am telling you to ignore any little ignorant talk about homeschooled…your not different… people around the world is being homeschooled…my cousin is homeschooled online check it out www.ashworthuniversity.com (her high school years) I think she is so lucky plus she made a lot of friends that are homeschooled… your lucky you actually get to be homeschooled in your home…be proud of it and ignore what they say…u are gonna recieve a high school diploma if you believe in your self and don’t let people bring you down because there is no difference…lets say I go to a public high school and you homeschooled and we both get our high school diploma what differnces is it gonna make…we might both go to the same college…what I am trying to say is there is no diff. beetween a public high school and being hommmeschooled…because theey tend to recieve a high school diploma..please let me know if I helped:)

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