Why do people add u?

Y do people add you and not evan say hi or anything?lol. Its kinda funny. I have 41 friends and have only talked to maby 8 of them. I’m just wandering.

Answer #1

Yeah, a lot of people add me after I give them advice they like, I guess… but they never really talk to me after that. I’ll admit, I don’t talk much on here though. But I try haha :)

Answer #2

Oh an “I want center stage”…your handsome face? When you become a man…I want you to rember that comment and think what a panzyass you sound like.haha. But seroisly…u just embarrassed the h€ll out of urself. you will find out sooner or later your not going to have center stage and REAL women want MEN…not BOYS…there’s some much needed advice for u.

Answer #3

Isn’t that fricken annoying. When I used a social site I had like 50 friends, didn’t to but 3 of them(though they were my friend before hand, and I still talk to them). I finally caved and joined a social site. I’ve bout 10-15 friends already, only know bout 3, only talk to 4, maybe 5. It’s ludicrous. It’s as though people have competitions to see how many “friends” they can get.

Perhaps that's the reason. It's an unspoken competition so people can say "I have more 'friends' then you". How naive.
Answer #4

Most of the people who have added me did so because I have gave them advice or have commented in one of their topics at one point. Some have just to talk a little. I’m not really sure why random people just go on an add frenzy, though. Perhaps it’s all about the numbers.

Answer #5

I asked a question an you use it to advertise your conceded “pretty boy” attitude. I don’t like that you think your “all that”. That’s what I don’t like. Duz that make sence? I’m not an a$$…I just don’t like people with that mentality. By all means have confidence but conceded is annoying in general.

Answer #6

Haha…thanks for the answers. I guess I can c that. I think its rather funny that people have to have 10000000 friends on a fun little website to find significance in there lives…

Answer #7

I dont know and dont care really if they dont wanna talk thats there problem I guess they just enjoy looking at my handsome face lol I barley add anybody inless its a cute girl and I always talk 2 them but yea most people I talk 2 on here are the ones in my group and thats only like 9 people

Answer #8

I don’t know. I try to talk to the people I add, but eventually they stop talking to me and I just delete them eventually.

Answer #9

theres a lot of people who just want to increase there number f friends, and try to have the most friends, then there people who add you if you helped them out I used to have about 300 friends who added me and never talked, so I deleted everyone I dont talk to and kept the ones I do

Answer #10

This is something I’ve thought and is something I relate to,a lot of people will add you yet not talk to you but even though they’re online doesn’t mean there actually doing something on FunAdvice,I try to talk to a lot of people on my list.

While some people want friends just for the heck of it.

Answer #11

b/c they just want to have more friends then anyone else thats why people like captainassassin put comments saying if they dont know you dont ask to be their friend

Answer #12

Yeahh, people on Fb do this to me too. Whyy? I don’t know. :D

Answer #13

OMG HUH watt now im a panzyass wow why would you call me such a thing :O watt have I done to you wow

Answer #14

some people on funadvice just add people because the are known for like the most friends or something… hope this help xD

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