Why do people say i look german?

I have mostly German ancestry, but I never really tell anyone, and about 5 people have asked me if I was German. It doesn't bother me (I love Germany lol), I just wanna know exactly what about my looks screams "HELLO I AM GERMAN!". Pleasee tell me?

(I have afew photos on my page too if you need to get a better look at my face)

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um I guess its because you look german...thats a german looking girl, is she german?

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When I think of someone being german, I think of the aryan mold. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and pure white. I wouldn't really think of you as looking german. Haha. Just because of your hair color, but that's just what I see as being german. =P

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you have a gd solid pair of cheek bones but more european than german I think you look...

my mate jess will be able to tell ya cus she lives in germany :)

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I looked at your other pictures and you remind me of Anne Frank. maybe people think you're german because of that?

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People say I look asian. o.0

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Oh, VA is the abbreviation for Virginia, a state in in America. I was born and raised here all my life, but I do know my moms side of the family comes completely from Germany, though I've never been lol.

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I live in the United States but my family is decended from Germany and Poland. I have brown eyes and thick brown hair. People always tell me that I look German and I do not know why either. I do know that my great-great grandmother is prussian and I guess that makes me of prussian decent. My grandfather's side of the family was Wazinski before my Great-grandfather changed our name. Despite being able to trace back my bloodlines more recently to Poland, I am more German.

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I think it's cause of the darker shade around your eyes!

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Hallo, I was born in Stuttgart, Germany. You never really know what the German people look like. The northern region tends to be lighter skin and hair, where the southern region (where I from) is different. Th southern border of Germany is near France and parts of Germany also border Poland. Many people put a stereotype on people who have blonde/hair and blue eyes as being German. I have brown hair and brown eyes, you see this a lot with the people of Prussian decent (used to be part of old high germany, but now just called germany), which is what I am. People from Germany look all different, just like in America, only less diverse (asian,african,indian). It no matter what you look like, you just got to know your bloodline.

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