Why do people like pure screamo music

No offense or anything if you like music where they scream the lyrics. Sure a little screamin here and their like a day to remember is fine but like when they only scream why do people like that?! Its not music. It annoys the crap outta me. Sure I like the music just not the screaming.

Answer #1

Well I can help you out, therefore, I am a screamo singer/guitarist we like this kind of music because it is different and it’s not like those rap songs where they’re talking about girls and money. When we write our songs, we don’t take our time. Sometimes we just write down our feelings, in that case we like to hear about other peoples feelings. But when they’re being brutal, well, that’s just a way of them to express themselves. Bring Me The Horizon, in my opinion, is the greatest band I’ve ever heard they inspired me to be what I am now I mean I’m a sick screamer and a bad @$$ guitarist and I’m only twelve. I really hope this helped try listening to the soft screamo like “when the sun sleeps” by Underoath it is a perfect example…

Answer #2

screamo takes a lot of talent really lets see you to “just scream” and have it sound good , and if your used to the music you understand what they say ,,, anyway most people like it for the sick drummers and the awesome gutair solos screamo is a hard talent to master it has a lot to do with your toung and the opening and closeing of the airway, each to there own I guess, I like all music ( besides the maine lol) but all music is different witch is why its so great so just because it annoys you it could reach someone else

Answer #3

Screamo is pure awesome that’s why. my reason for listening to screamo is that I can actually get the message in most songs and I relate to it a lot. it expresses yourself anf if you dun like it just dont listen to it and listen to the jonas brothers .lmao jk well… erm… hope this was like a good answer or w/e dude

Answer #4

Screamo IS music. There’s nothing wrong with screamo at all and it’s very easy to understand what they’re saying. It’s only bad for your ears if you listen to it and massively loud volumes, just like any other type of music. It’ll only sound like sht if it’s not done right. Screamo is a talent that not everyone has. Everyone is entitled to listen to whatever music they want and shouldn’t be judged because of it. I hate rap/hip hop, but do I give a sht if someone else listens to it? No. Every song’s lyrics has meaning to the writer and every music genre has meaning to the singer/band and the fans. If a certain type of music annoys you there’s a simple solution - DON’T LISTEN TO IT. Country/pop/rap/hip hop and music like that annoys me, but do I sit around and b*tch about it and make a big deal over it? No. I listen to my music and let others listen to what they want.

Answer #5

it depends what you think screamo is, bands such as Trivium and Bullet for my valentine is not scremo. I do listen to some screamo and some of the times I dont know what they are saying but I still like it. Its more than just the screaming its the guitar the drums the bass and all the other instruments as-well

Answer #6

xxjixx - I wasn’t directing that at her in particular. I was directing that at the people who do stupid stuff like I mentioned. Oh and my screen name isn’t 17… it’s a7x. lol

Answer #7

xx_the_17x_parade_xx I dont fink she does listen 2 it, she just wants 2 know why! umm I don’t know I dont really like it much like you but I suppose its just peoples opinions xD

Answer #8

I like rock but I can stand scremos! sry no offense intended at all but, their not even singing about anything…just a bunch of noise you cant tell wats the chorus or the seperate verses…or anything escept screaming fer that matter

Answer #9

People like it because it is the most amazingly passionate music out there. If you don’t like it stop complaining and just don’t listen to it.

Answer #10

Well…I think of it like a wanting for your voice to be heard and listen too. I LoVe screamo!!! Pure awsomeness :)

Answer #11

I went to my first screamo gig last friday, and omg no offence it is horrible. half my friends are into that. and I dont judge or anything, I just dont like the music it has nothing going for it. I could just scream and add some guitars and drums and be famous? hmmm.. no offence I hate the stufff but if people like it I dont mind:)

Answer #12

People like what they like, you dont like scream.

Answer #13

I don’t know I hate it its so horribe it makes my ears hurt just thinkin about it lol

Answer #14

well it is a talent that not everyone have, but there are annoying ones. clearly is you want your message to be heard, common sense have to be understandable, some people like to sing along but if you don’t freaking know what are they saying. Well you know.

Answer #15

I like it because it has pure emotion, normally anger which makes a change considering all the pop songs nowadays seem to be about love. It also takes more talent than you first think. For many people their first time listening to screamo they cant make out any words or tune. There is a tune, and also at least the singers still use their real names unlike all those rappers who give themselves dumb names. It also uses normal instruments, guitars, drums, and such like, not those stupid electro-thingies that make annoying sounds.

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