Why do people get wedgies?

mhhmm. why do people get wedgies?
very important that we finddd outt!!!

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For myself, I think it's how my jeans fit and how my butt is shaped, so says the mirror lol. I see a lot of girls who wear skin tight jeans and they have major wedgies. I don't know if those girls know that us guys notice that. I think it's how comfortable we feel in whatever jeans or pants we wear and we just put up with it.

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So this guy right... was bein all like duh right... and I said you momma is cheese with kiwi on the side. Then a mule was walking down the street stopped took a look around stood up and said, "I am the king of face". I was like, "What the hell, a peanut just ran across the moon!". The moral of this story is... its all fun and games until the flying monkeys attack and give you wedgies!!!

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I think that if a guy gives a wedgie to a girl it's either to 1 embarress them 2 look at their underware 3 because he likes or hates her 4 to see if she likes him or to see if she hates him.

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recently I bought in M&s some body support thong knickers,they are ruby red in colour waist high,skin tight aroung the hipps and fit very up between my arse,as soon as I put them on they are up my arse in seconds and stay their all day,it feels very sexy,I nomaly wear them under a knee lengh skirt with stockings & suspenders,a body support thong feels much tighter up my arse than standard thongs,I find it feels so sexy worn under a skirt,are their any more women out there who wear's these tight support thongs,how do you find them. Joan

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