Why do people commit suicide

For those of you you have ever felt this way. I have had many friends commit suicide, one yesterday that just jung himself. I guess my ? is why, and how can someone feel so bad that this crosses their mind. All of my friends who have dont this are outgoing full of life, well know kind of people. They are people who have a future and already got a great start. They are people who seem like they are perfectly happy, and couldnt have a care in life, and live it is it comes to them.

Answer #1

Okay, so everyone here who has said garbage about selfishness and all that crap? Maybe you think it’s true, but you deserve to have the back of your heads bashed in with a brick, because you are ignorant fools, and I don’t use the word fool lightly. Want to know why people really commit suicide? I can’t tell you a universal answer because there is none. I’ve tried committing suicide three or four times now, the most recent being within an hour (and the stupid pills aren’t working, so I’m giving up on them now). The times I’ve tried in the past, I was just so overwhelmed with all the garbage going on in my life and that no one was noticing anything that I took the bottle of pain relievers and emptied it. It didn’t even give me a slight headache (to which I was extremely disappointed), so so much for my cry for help. You guys are hearing only the second time I’ve ever told anyone that, too. The other times? Similar cases. You really have no way to understand what someone is going through unless you are that person. I can empathise and sympathise with people dealing with MDD, but in no way would I say that I know what they are going through. I only know what I’ve been through and what I felt. It’s different for everyone. NOBODY can ever know what’s going on in someone’s head. It is NEVER right for anyone to judge anyone else, especially suicidal people. Logic doesn’t work. It does not work once you get to this point. Saying to yourself “Just remember, other people have it worse. At least you have this, this, this, and this.” does not work. It doesn’t. If anything, it will just make you feel even worse because you are suicidal over “little things” compared to others who are living happily right now. All those things that would normally work on a case of the blues will not work when someone is extremely depressed.

http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/ ^ Okay, so first time I saw that site, I read it all the way through. That was when I had already overdosed on the liquid form of my Zoloft. It worked only in the sense that it was helping me to believe that I am not a weak little piece of crap who had major character flaws and personal weakness because I was so depressed. That crap, all that stuff about being selfish, being a bad person, not thinking of anyone but yourself… That is the stuff that gets shoved into your head, and when that is what you are hearing, a few more downward spirals get added to the mess you are feeling. The second time I read that was today because I bookmarked it. I didn’t even get half-way through the first paragraph when I swore at it and told it bug off because it was a bunch of lies. Today, when I took the rest of the bottle of my medication to try to kill myself, I was angry and figuring that my life wasn’t ever going to amount to anything anyway, so might as well just hurry up the process. I’m still really bothered that it didn’t work, especially since I’m bad at taking pills but took all six and a half anyway. So, why do people commit suicide? Because not feeling anything sure as heck seems a whole HECK of a ton better than feeling what you are feeling right now. Yeah, yeah, relief is a feeling/w/e and you have to be living to feel and blah blah blah, but again, you don’t really care at that point, or at least I didn’t. I just wanted to get away from it in any way I could. I don’t really have any place I can jump from, and I hate sharp things, so the most I’ve tried to cut myself with is a mechanical pencil (which doesn’t work well, by the way, even when it has a metal tip). Pills are all I’ve had. But really? You have no idea how badly I wanted sulfur tonight so that I could hole myself up somewhere and just finally die.

Answer #2

Actually, mostly they are not the most selfish people on earth. You cannot understand until YOU have been there. When you are in that sate of mind you think that no one cares about you, and that people would not miss you. So, no it is not selfish. They are unaware that people do love them and that people would cry for their absence.

Answer #3

Because sometimes some people feel like that’s their only way out. Like they’ve tried everything else and they believe suicide is the only alternative. Suicide is a very selfish act.

Answer #4

Just like everyone has also said… suicide is a very selfish way to rid yourself from others and the world around you - problems.

I thought I once was going suicidal… but, no. It’s all in your head, I believe. HOW is it all in your head? Law of Attraction. You keep thinking about all the negative stuff about you and the world instead of the positives. And it keeps building up. Negative, negative, negative, negative… all leads to depression. And then depression leads to suicidal thoughts - most of the time.

What I did was I’d think one negative thing, then two positives right after. And I’d realize the more good things as I go.

You ARE what you THINK. :)

Answer #5

Sometimes people feel as if there is no way out; as if they have no other option; and as if their life cannot get better, and this is the only way for happiness; that they are scum and do not deserve to live; that no one loves them and no one cares if they die, and they would be doing society a favor. There is always a way out, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, they can find happiness in other healthy things, all life is precious, and some one always loves you.

The thought has crossed my mind, but when I think of doing something so rash, I think of the people that DO love me. I know all life is special, so mine has to be even when some times it feels like no one cares. I think about how my parents DO love me, even if they have a crappy way of showing it, and even that they have done so much to harm me. They are good people, but their lives just turned around at one point. I think about how even though I think I am crazy for some of the problems I have with myself, that I will get better as I get older. I think about how I have my writing and my music to get me through the day when it seems like all of my friends do not feel like dealing with me. I think about how much people commit suicide, and how many people they hurt doing this. Lastly I think about how much this would harm myself. I am so young and I have yet to experience life, find love, get married, have kids, and do something important.

Answer #6

Sorry for your loss. Sometimes when people have a problem, or are going through some sort of tough time/situation, they decide it’s best to “end it” and take their own life. That’s not the best choice, but to them it is. Suicide is pretty much a permanent salution for a temporary problem. There are much better ways to deal with your problems. Suicide is also rather selfish because at the time, your not thinking about what effect it’ll have on your friends/family, your only thinking about YOURSELF. Sometimes when someone kills their self, it leads to chain reaction suicides meaning that some of their friends/family kill themselves too since they feel they can’t handle the loss of their loved one. It ends up being a big mess. Suicide is NOT the answer to your problems. If your suicidal, don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it or call a suicide hot line. It doesn’t make you crazy or anything like that. And if someone you know is talking of suicide TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY! Don’t just say “yea whatever, your not really going to do that” because that could make them even MORE likely to go through with it just to “prove a point” because they’ll feel like they proved you wrong and really did it when you thought they wouldn’t. If you’ve lost someone to suicide and are having a difficult time dealing with it, don’t be embarrassed to talk about it to someone like a trusted friend/family member or a counselor.

Answer #7

“Ok- all of the people in here who are saying they have been there, blah blah blah- if you were for real you wouldn’t be here “

That isn’t true. You have no clue what a lot of the people have or ARE going through that were once suicidal. I KNOW quite a few people who were once also suicidal - they are still here aren’t they? Yes.

Answer #8

I don’t think there is one exact answer. It was the decision of the person who did it and most of the time there were no signs that anything was wrong. I don’t think this question can really be answered. I know what you’re going through. I had many, many friends commit suicide. If you need to talk to someone, I can try adn help you out.

Answer #9

sylphyc - People saying it’s selfish were’n trying to offend anyone I don’t think. It actually WOULD probably be considered selfish to the ones they leave behind. Why would you say they all need the back of their heads bashed in with a brick? They’re not ignorant just because they gave an answer. 9 out of 10 posters on this question gave very good, knowledgeable caring answers. I’m sorry you’ve been suicidal multiple times. It’s never good when someone feels like the only way out is to take their own life.

Answer #10

I have recently considered commiting suicide so I’d be glad to tell you what is going through my mind . It’s not the fact that I think suicide is the only way to get rid of my troubles, it’s just that I’m a quiet kind of person and I rarely talk to people about my troubles, even my closest friend . I feel that I can’t talk to anyone because, my family would not understand my troubles as most of my troubles are caused by them, none of my teachers know me well enough for me to be able to talk to them without feeling like I’m being counselled, and I don’t feel my friends are mature enough to be able to understand my predicament . It just seems like the right thing to do to me ..

If you have any personal questions feel free to mail me .

Answer #11

sOrrY TO hear that* there is a lot of people out there that just cant take it anymore… but my oppoine I think people that try to kill themselve or people that had… are the most selfish poeple… because they need to think about others that do care about them and that they cant live without them… sicide is not answer… there is a lot of people that can help them! its a BIG mistake!!!

Answer #12

Aww I’m so sorry for your friends! They ovbiously have their reasons, even if they are so outgoing and full of life it doesn’t mean that they aren’t hurt on the inside they comit suicide because they are so hurt its unbearable if you think a friends gunna commit susicude again then I suggest you help them as much as you can, x

Answer #13

I believe a person can be suicidle and not actually go through with it. For example I had a friend who actually put the gun to his head to kill himself but did not go through with it. Because up to that moment he did not realize what else he had to live for. Being suicidle is not an easy thing. Sometimes it takes that actual attempt to realize things. I would imagine a suicidle person has a million things running through there head right before they do it, and for some those things stop them and others it pushes them to go a head. Within 6 months I have had two friends commit suicide one with a gun and one hanging himself. I guess it takes a strong person to do this, because they were both very strong people and had a lot going for them. Maybe the reason they did this is due to the fact that know one had any idea because the seemed so happy. But because whatever was going on they kept locked up to there selves which can lead to even more agitation by not letting it out.

Answer #14

Thinks for all your commets, and your right I want understand less I was in their shoes. I guess it just hurts because he was so full of life, he was the type of person who could make anyone laugh and always there to cheer you up, if you were feeling down. So it just dont make since I cant see him being that depressed about something. Also I use to think it was a selfish act to, but I dont beleive that anymore. When a person becomes suicidle, its not realy what they just to be. They are not in the right state of mind. Plus suicidal people are usually depressed people. And depression is a chemical unbalance in the brain. So sorry but for you who thinks its selfish, it may seem that way, but I dont think they can realy help it even if they wanted to. For someone who is truley suicidle I dont think they realy realize what it does to other people. I am not talking about those who just think about it because of a tempory bad problem

Answer #15

I had a friend and her little bro like 8 or 9 hung himself in his closet…Some people do this because they feel like they’re not wanted, feel they have problems that will never be solved, from being picked on/talked about, and sometime they feel everybody would be better off without them…They seem happy/fine on the outside. But on the inside its like a war they dont know what to do…like they’re being pulled 2 different ways…Things build up on the inside in they keep all of it locked in. you can only hold so much before you go off the deep end…And when all the negative things start runnin through their mind they feel thats the way to end it all…but I’m sorry to hear about the loss…my condolences to you an the family

Answer #16

First of all, I’d like you to know committing suicide is stupid! Second, I apologize for your friend’s death, it’s a sad thing to lose a friend. Well, mostly people commit suicide because they have certain problems to which they themselves can’t find a solution. Now, the issue aren’t the problems…you might find, that often when we have a big problem we tend to think and/or feel like we’re the only ones passing through such…sometimes we even go as far as saying: “why me?” when it should be “why us?” …believing that something might only be happening to us is a natural reaction, but it’s a mistake, because often, such a thought leads us to think that no one will understand what we’re passing through, because we believe we’re the only ones passing through such. Mostly teenagers are that self-centered, but we also get adults who might have thousands of debts, etc etc. So, to avoid suicidal thought, either count on your pride, and remember that if you kill yourself people will just think of you as a loser. Or be wiser, and understand that everything that has a beginning has an end, including problems!

Answer #17

It depends on who the person is really… like it ultimatley is a rather selfish act. && usually its comitted out of fear or dissapointment. They become negative, pessimistic and sometimes a sadist or masochist… You tend to feel like your locked in a room (trapped) with no way out except for suicide… When someone has been through a lot their thoughts and memories tend to plague their mind (in a way - trapped)… If the person actually feels like they have something to live for and to look forward to then they most likely wont do it…

~Stating person opinons (I was suicidal a few years ago…)~

Btw I’m sorry for your loss I know how it feels…

Answer #18

committing suicide is not a good option, some call it a sin or a crime… people do it when get very disappointed with life and things turn against them which they dont want… and which depresses them and feel as if they have nothign better to do in life…

However, one must try to get over these feelings liek start indulging in thinsg that give you happiness like dancing, worshipping, talking wid diff people etc

Answer #19

Ok- assume I have no idea. You don’t know my occupation, my minds state or anything about my life. Assume all you like, but I know what I am talking about.

Answer #20

My best friend found her boyfriend hanging in the garage after she came home from getting them dinner. She was 5 months pregnant with their first child when it happened. None of us saw it coming - he seemed happy and excited about the baby on the way. its so awful. I don’t understand it either. I can’t comprehend thinking about doing it let alone going ahead with it - I’d be too scared. I guess they just feel that things are so bad they cant cope anymore and the only way out is to leave their life for good? :(

Answer #21

Usually people commit suicide, because unfortinately they think that’s their only way out of life…

Answer #22

ok …I recently attempted, and no one really gets it until theyve been there. so no matter how hard you try to understand, you will never truly get it, sorry, I really wouldnt try to understand it either, because it can send yourself spinning in a vicious cycle of depression

Answer #23

it is a feeling of emptiness. you feel lonely like nobody is there for you and nobody cares. everyone else has amazing lives and yours is just not. it is the feeling of “why even go on?” nobody cares, and nobody will.

it is the feeling I have.

Answer #24

Ok- assume I have no idea. You don’t know my occupation, my minds state or anything about my life. Assume all you like, but I know what I am talking about.

You think you know what you are talking about, and you might for some cases, but the haughty tone you keep up not only makes people not believe you when you say things like that, but just reinforces our idea that you are narrow-minded and think that the only things that can be right are the things that you think/know/believe.

Answer #25

you really would have to look at it in their shoes, to be able to understand why they think/do such a thing. different people have different problems far more worse than others. and sometimes it just seems easier to end it all and leave everything/everyone behind. it’s really hard to explain but the thought has crossed my mind more than it should and thats what I thing.

oh, and by the way victoria223-those people are NOT selfish. it’s their life and if they wish to end it, its not to run away from problems. its to try and cope.

Answer #26

Ok- all of the people in here who are saying they have been there, blah blah blah- if you were for real you wouldn’t be here and no-one would have known that something was wrong. The people who sit online and act all high and mighty because they have “been there” are attention seeking and have never actually intended on going through with it OR did try but did it in such a place where they could be easily saved. And that is mental health for you, but it is much more than that. It is about fulfilling ones desire to be the centre of attention for all of the wrong reasons. People who actually do commit suicide probablt feel that it is their only release from their pain, I don’t know! People say it’s selfish, and yes, it is, to the family and friends, but they don’t feel that way. It IS a crime. Hoever, seeing as the person is dead afterwards, how do you charge them?? The “cide” at the end of sui”cide” is put therebecause it is a crime… homoCIDE etc…

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