Why do people become emo?

So why do people become emo?

Answer #1

ok. people dont turn emo. no one ever has no one ever will. people listen to “emo” music. short for emotional rock, im pretty sure that that term was made in the 80’s. and about the clothing bullshit. wearing skinny jeans doesnt make you emo. theyre comfortable. and theyre also easier to skate in. about the dying of hair. people just like to do different things. if people didnt do different things then girls wouldnt wear eyeliner. and more importantly if you have to ask thins like how do I look emo? why do people become emo? am I emo? then you need to realize emo doesnt exist music does

Answer #2

I am an emo girl I became emo because I have a real fucked up life my sister died then my brother died then another sister died then my parents broke up!!!but on the bright side I am a hot emo and all the skaters and emos at school luv me but im not a poser!!!

Answer #3

Because they could be in a hard time at life.

Answer #4

Unfortuanlty majority of the people who talk about emo and majority of the kids who call themselves emo still have no idea what the word actually means most kids today usually become part of a label it helps them figure out who they are/a place to fit in (at least for now) and lets them be with other people the have or think they have things in common with unfortuanlty a lot of them do it because its “cool” and “in” to slap a label on yourself, and everyone else is doing it but there kids, there young, stupid and they usually believe whatever everyone else says, does and tells them when they grow up though most of them will grow out of that faze because rarely to adults’ grow up carrying the same label they did as a teenager because when your older, labels don’t mean anything and emo is nothing more than a style of dress and a genre of music it has NOTHING to do with cutting (self harm) depression (a mental disorder) suicide, eating disorders, ect because feelings and emotions play NO part in any label or stereotype

Answer #5

You don’t just “become emo”… if you claim you do, your a poser. Emo is a music genre and stereotype/label. a lot of people don’t really know the true facts behind emo as a style, so I’ll give them to you -

People tend to judge them by what’s on the outside and don’t even bother to get to know them. That’s bullsh*t. a lot of lies/rumors have been started about them.

There’s really nothing wrong with them at all. They’re not all attention seekers, only the posers act like that. They’re not weird, scary, evil or anything like that. A lot of people don’t know the true meaning behind emo as a style. A lot of lies have been started about it such as emos cut/are depressed/are suicidal 24/7. That’s COMPLETELY untrue. Suicide is something that should be taken seriously no matter what and has nothing to do with ANY stereotype. Cutting/self harm is an important matter that needs to be tended to ASAP. It also has nothing to do with any stereotype. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION. It has NOTHING to do with stereotypes. a lot of people have depression issues. That’s something that should be taken care of by a doctor.

~As I’ve already stated, cutting/depression/suicide has NOTHING to do with being emo or any other stereotype. Cutting is a serious matter that needs to be handled ASAP. Depression is a MEDICAL CONDITION and a lot of people have it, NOT just emos. That should be treated by a doctor. Suicide is something that should ALWAYS be taken seriously no matter what. It has nothing to do with stereotypes of ANY KIND.

~Bulimia has NOTHING to do with ANY stereotyes either. This is a MEDICAL CONDITION that should be treated by a doctor ASAP.

~Dying your hair doesn’t make you emo. A lot of emos have their natural hair color. Hair color has nothing to do with it at all.

~Attention seeking also has nothing to do with emo. Attention seekers are in a class all by themselves.

~Emo is a music type and also a type of style

~People who say things like “I wanna turn emo”, “Am I an emo?”, “How do I be emo?”, “I think I’m going/turning emo!”, “Help me, I’m emo!” or “Help I think I’m emo” are considered posers. If you have to ask other people how to look/be something, chances are your NOT and just trying to be something your not.

~Ignore the haters. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being emo. Emos are actually nice, friendly people.

~A lot of lies/rumors have been started about emos such as they cut, they’re always depressed, they’re very btchy and moody. This is NOT true. As I’ve already stated, self harm/cutting and depression have nothing to do with ANY stereotype. And you wanna know why some emos might be bthcy? Because they’re sick of the fcktards who act like they know everything about emo, when in reality they don’t know sht because they’re the idiots that believe they lies! That’s very wrong indeed.

~You DON’T HAVE to have piercings to be emo, or be shy. Some emo kids are actually very out-going. Piercings are a form of self expression and body art. It doesn’t make you emo just because you choose to have them.

~Converse isn’t something that makes you emo either. Some emos wear vans, others wear skater shoes.

~Wearing blue, or other funky colored pants… not emo. Sorry, they wear whatever they want. Not ALL are skin tight either. Some are just nromal skinny jeans or even a little loose-fitting.

~Band T’s are also NOT a must. They wear any shirt they want to.

~If a guy is wearing tight clothes such a skinny jeans or slim fit t-shirts and makeup/nail polish… that DOESN’T make him “emo” or gay. They make skinny jeans for guys AND girls. Makeup/nail polish has become a unisex thing, meaning it’s alright for GUYS AND GIRLS to wear it. People have the right to wear whatever the hell they please without being judged.

~If a guy crys, it doesn’t make him “emo”. Guys are humans too, therefore they have feelings/emotions. It’s 100% completely normal for a guy to cry/show emotion. We all have to sometimes.

Now THIS is advice for ANYONE to follow, including yourself -

ALWAYS be yourself. NEVER change who you are for ANYONE no matter what. Never change yourself just to fit in or anything like that either. True friends/lovers would be able to accept you for who you truly are.

Answer #6

Thanks for the respect plutonium

Answer #7

generally nothing wrong. I just dont see emos like people. I mean those emos that I meet on the streets. For me its like they are nothing and they want to show they mean something, they want to be noticed, because they are not. For me they look like that and all that stuff because they have nothing to do more useful in their lives - things that are reaally useful and helpful. so I dont f_cking like emos. However if there are normal emos that behave like normal people and dont show off, I dont care if they are emos or not

Answer #8

I read someone saying “because they deal with more than the average person”. What about people that grew up in the hood? Who gotta walk around strapped all the time cause they seen their family and friends brain matter splattered all over a wall. Who have to dive behind cars to avoid being shot. people who don’t know if they are going to see tomorrow? Most of those guys dress in either red or blue… not too often wearing black and makeup.

Answer #9

People claim that they are emo because they cut themselves, but that is not it. I think you are confused because you are think of those people. And all those popular kids that all wear short nasty shorts and skimpy clothes, think of it like that. They just don’t decide to be that they just are. And why do skaters and goth people “show “ that they are different? It is because that is who they are and it is not like they want attention and thats why they do it. And no you are not born emo just like your not born popular its just the way you think and how you take in and look at life. Besides if every body dressed the same then the world would suck so I am not going to say anything about the pink and black stuff because it’s what we like. The same reason people wear yellow and green.

Answer #10

Ok, things happen to all people but far from many people who’s experienced some bad stuff are emo. So, I just didnt get one main thing - what is that all for? why do you need all that stuff like pink and black colors. Why do you have to show off you are different, though I really doubt you are, you are just trying to pretend. I dont get it. If you dont turn emo, then you are born emo? but that’s bullshit! there are no born emos. sorry if I offend you,emos

Answer #11

almost every emo you see today are posers!!! the real emo people are very rare and they are nothing like what people think! it doesn’t mean they’ve been bullied their whole life… emo’s are actually happy loving people!! you wouldn’t even be able to tell they’re emo!!! the emo’s in which you can tell, are fake!

Answer #12

Well, I dont know what you would call me. a lot of people call me emo, so ill try my best to answer this…

“we” Dont just wake up one day, and go, “Im going to be emo”. Its a way of life, and most of “us” have a lot going on in their lifes.

Emo is short for Emotional. But today, people use it like its a bad thing.

For me, I am Emotional, because a lot of stuff is going on that I really cant handal.. My dad who I met 4 years ago, and only seen 6 times, was sent to Iraq on my birthday. March 6th. I’ve been made fun of my whole life. I almost got killed when I was THREE years old, while my mother got killed right infront of my face, and I couldnt do anything about it or my life would have been taken to. And a couple of other things in my life, that I dont want to speak of is happening.

But anyways, long story short, “emo” kids or people dont just turn emo.. Its a way of life..

Answer #13

because they want to! let them be whoever they want to be!… is there lives!!! whats wrong with being emo??? can anybody anwer that???

Answer #14

respect to xx_the_a7x_parade_xx

Answer #15

Dude… The term “EMO” is just another stereotype. The minute you think a depressing thought you could say your being “Emo”. I think it’s a dumb term. Even the most optimistic people can be emo so you can’t just become emo. You are always emo.

Answer #16

Because they feel they have no purpose in life and have been bullied and made fun of so much that they are not happy with themselves. And if for one minute you think you’re better than them then you are sorryily mistaken because they have delt with a lot more than the average person has to and seen more horror than most people do. They look at the world differently.

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