Why do i wanna suck a dick so bad?

About 2 days ago I gave a guy head for the first time.during it I wasnt not having fun,but it wasnt the best,but now,I wanna suck a guys dick soo badly...wats rong wit me..ugh.

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Then do it again.
There's nothing wrong with you.

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There is not wrong with you...Your just gettin intouch with your sexual side...and if you want to do it again...then do...it prefectly normal...But remeber always use a condom and know that facts about sex before havin sex...Hope I helped :)

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Well I am the same why when I did it the first time I was extremely good at it :) and then like when I was done and I was at home I just wanted to do it again . . . I never knew why but nothing is wrong with you .. . . I just went after it again :D

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cuase it tastes soo good, wanna try mine?

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You can suck mine..

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You can suck mine..

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You can suck mine..

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