Why do i get a weird smell after shaving down there?

I like "hardwood floors," meaning no carpet. This is because if I have hair, it tickles too much when my husband touches me intimately. So I shave my labia. However, a day or so after I shave, the skin on the outside smells bad. Why is this?

Before you ask, my vaginal secretions smell normal, nothing like the aroma that the skin of my labia is giving off.

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You probably have some type of infection. I shave down there and I have no smell. I would say see a doctor. You may have a slight yeast infection or something.

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it is nothing and has happened to me since I started shaving there. My doctor explained it to me but I think the best way to put it is.. if you change something down there chances are the smells gonna change too. I'm pretty sure he said it's just body odor that is sometimes hidden/disguised/altered by pubic hair

Why do I smell so bad down there?

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