Why do i feel sick after the first time having sex?

I just lost my virginity, to someone I love of course. This morning when I woke up, I felt not sick, but like I have to poop maybe. What does this mean or why is this happening?

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Wow, first of all, please tell me you used protection...so many people forget to include that when having sex these days!
Second of all, I hope you do understand that some people's digestive system work differently like sometimes you are going to feel like you need to use the bathroom in the morning rather then a little later, also depending on what you had for dinner last night!

In no way, shape or form does that have anything to do with you losing your virginity last night...Unless you had anal sex all night!(hoping that you did not)

Another reason can just be that you were gassy this morning, which is also a possibility and has nothing to do with last night!

In my opinion, I would consult a doctor if you have other symptoms...like fever,nausea or dizziness. If you are on the pill that is a common side affect & can be easily cured by switching brands/dosage. If not, and you had unprotected sex, well let's just say I am hoping its just gas!

Good Luck!

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The reason why you feel sick is because you don't have enough strength before you make love . Making love needs energy . Your body is moving and this is the reason why making love is a good exercise

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I just lost it recently too and I kinda felt like that. and I consulted my bbf who has been having sex waaay longer than me. she said she felt the same and that it was the pressure ( not emotional, actual pressure) of having a dick in your vag for the first time. so you're body's going to be sore. and if the guy is big, I think he could have like pushed agaisnt the wall of your vag next to your anus which may cause that feeling.

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