Why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth?

I'm curious why do guys stick there fingers in your mouth and what are you even supposed to do? haha I had this happen not to long ago and was totally thrown off.

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Yes... guys are easily stimulated visually. So in watching you suck our fingers... its like a sneak preview of what it'll look like when you perform oral on us.

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For me it reminds me of a blowjob. So I like the girl to do to my figure what she would to my :D.

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my boyfriend was driving me home one day and I wanted to kiss part of him, so I started kissing his hand, then bit his finger gently, then started sucking on his fingers... he said thats next best thing to a bj to him lol... some guys like it when you suck on their fingers

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Only thing I can think of his to wet them before he fingers you...

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Usually when a guy puts his finger in your mouth.. He would want you to treat it like it's his penis. As weird as it is.. He thinks it's less creepy then saying, "Hey.. Wanna give me a blowjob?"
My boyfriend usually does it when we are in a place where people can just walk in.. So since it's apparently the closest thing to a blow job, it's easier to pull his finger out of your mouth, a pose to him pulling his kock outta your mouth, and him pulling up his pants. ;)

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Oh snap is that what it is!

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You're supposed to pretend its a penis...

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okay now I'm kinda creeped out, cause I'm a girl, and one of my friends, which is also a girl, stuck my finger in her mouth, and started like sucking on it. Should I be suspicious, or think nothing of it?

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