why do guys like thin girls??

and not curvy girls? I dont get it??

Answer #1

I don’t find skinny girls attractive as such. I like girls who have curves and just seem fit and healthy. Like ae ninja said, it’s just the way we are. We don’t need to justify why we like a certain kind of girl, it’s just our opinion and we are all entitled to have one :).

Answer #2

ok I’m not skinny..and I have a boyfriend & we are very much inlove & my sister is big to & she also has a boyfriend..just gotta find the right guy.

Answer #3

got me, but I know the shallow guys in my HS do. ima big girl and I always will be. its hard to see these skinny lil hoes with all the cute guys just because theyre skinny and put out. whats up boys?!

Answer #4

My cousin is a big girl and she has had plenty of guys and let me tell you they all are pretty sexy lol it depends on the guy

Answer #5

I am a big girl, always have been a big girl, always will be a big girl and gonna die a big girl!, and I have wondered this many times as well, I personally think curvy is more appealing then really really skinny, same with guys, my boyfriend is chunky but I like it that way, but I guess that’s not how guys see it.

Answer #6

80% of guys prefer curvy girls. That’s what I read anyway, I think it’s true. When guys are teenagers, they’re still immature and so they’ll go for the “easy” girls who are generally skinny and popular at school. Maybe that’s where this popular belief that they only want skinny girls come from.

Answer #7

lol, I’m curvy~ but I still have lots of luck in boys! Mmm.. Just be yourself! Surely someone will like you for who you are~

Answer #8

in my experience. No I personally think I’m fat, but im normally alright with guys

Answer #9

80% of guys dont like skinny or fat girls!!

the want someone normal size fit girls.. curves are good!!

where on earth did you hear they like skinny girls??

im a little under weight and eat like crazy, I dont even work out LOL my boyfriend loves my body but would prefer it if I gained like 3kilos

Answer #10

I have asked this question lots of times I am a big girl and my fiance tells me all the time that skinny girls gross him out but us big girls still have some insecurities with it

Answer #11

I dont really like skinny girls, it just doesnt feel right to me. If I would have to list how I “rate” girls (I’m not that shallow, but if I had to), it would be something like:

1 Personality, brains, how nice she is, etc 2 Curvy 3 Skinny

Of course there are lots of other types of girls, but its just roughly.

Hope I helped :)

Answer #12

they dont and this is what you and many other girls still dont realise its all about personal preferance woman come in all shapes and sizes and there are people who like all of these different shapes majority of guys like gurls who dont just look like a stick with hairt they like curvier girls, who have something to hold onto some like skinny a lot like healthy some like fat/obese, ect every mans personal preferance is differnt, and they dont all like the same things

Answer #13

I don’t actually understand why most guys like really skinny girls. its kinda gross actually. they’re all bony and rarely have boobs. I thing that maybe its a trophy thing between immature males to see who can get the “Hottest” girl. In all reality the hot girls are really the ones with a brain and some personality (hard to find in the skinny girl category). So for those more curvaceous beauts out there, you’ll have you day with a real man. Just wait, it’ll come

Answer #14

Whoever wrote this question is obviously uninformed. Skinny girls don’t starve themselves. I’m skinny and I eat all the time. It’s an insult tó be called skinny. Do you want me saying hey you’re really curvy. No. And this question is just like saying your curvy cause you eat too much, when I know you can’t control your weight. Guys like skinny girls cause they usually have more coñfidence, better bodies, and fat girls have just been looked down upon by society. They want someone super hot that they can show off.

Answer #15

“When guys are teenagers, they’re still immature and so they’ll go for the “easy” girls who are generally skinny and popular at school” - Moonchild. That isn’t true. why would you say that? I have 2 agree with gt2b on one point… just because a gril is skinny it’s not really her fault.

You have to take metabolism into account, some girls have really high metabolism and some haev low metabolism so their body burns off fat slower.

You might be “curvy” and eat as much or even less than a “skinny” girl but her body can just burn the calories / fat off faster

Answer #16

I don’t like thin girls much, they freak me out, which I explain to my girlfriend all the time when she talks about being jealous of some of her friends. Now I dont like women who are overweight I just like a girl who has hips and thighs and breasts. I just dont understand what other guys see in extremely skinny girls.

Answer #17

It’s simply their individual choice(s). Perhaps the more popular people in your area like thin girls which then creates a social pressure on other people to follow them in that way. Ultimately, it comes down to the individual (jazlovestoskate answered you quite well). Just because a few people you know like thin girls, doesn’t mean everyone does, lol.

Answer #18

First of all, I don’t think guys prefer women to be “big” or “skinny” they (generally speaking) want the ones with the boobs and the butts which can mean a range of weight, height, etc. Second, to imply that big girls are discriminated against is unfair. I am, and always have been small and living proof that small girls are flat chested. I have had to overcome the insecurities that come along with that. I hate hearing all these so called “big girls” complaining about skinny girls getting the guys, being full of themselves or whatever. The fact of the matter is, you have to be willing to take the good with the bad. The skinny girls will have to learn to live with a lack of curves and rock their bodies and the larger girls will have to remember how much they love their curves and embrace them. As I say whenever I leave the house in a belly-baring outfit “If they can rock the cleavage, I can rock the abs and together we’ll rock the world.”

Answer #19

“the hot girls are really the ones with a brain and some personality (hard to find in the skinny girl category)” You’re an idiot… I can’t believe you just said most skinny girls are stupid, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Listen different guys like different girls and honestly sometimes it’s not their fault… I like “skinny girls” … not “bony girls”, and not “curvy girls”, but honestly that’s not my fault… I have nothing against curvy or bony girls but I’m more attracted to thinner girls, just like kraz is more attracted to curvy girls … I don’t choose, I’m just attracted to one type of girl … and yes obviously personality is huge im not shallow and looks mean nearly nothing to me.

Also a girl I may consider to be hot another guy might not. what you’re asking is pretty much “how can someone like a girl with brown hair?” or “how come guys like girls with blue eyes?” No one can answer that…

Answer #20

Because they see on TV and in books,magazines,etc etc etc how men ‘’should’’ want tiny women. It is the Media that makes people think all women should be super thin.This is BS because the average woman is not super thin anyway.The average American woman is a size 14 or 140 lbs,and is about 5’2’’-5’4’’ tall,not model sized.Women come in all shapes sizes and colors and so do men.God made all of these variations with His hands so we are all beautiful and worthy of love.The most valuable advice I ever heard on this subject is that “Lots of different types of men are attracted to lots of different types of women” from my ex-boss of long ago.I am 40 years old and have had lots of boyfriends in my life.I have been overweight most of my life.My Mom said I would never date because I am sort of big. I am glad she was wrong. :-) Meanwhile,don’t wait on Prince Charming.Love yourself and stop putting yourself down and get out there and mingle! Guys cannot date you if you won’t open your mouth and talk to them.Plus,be funny.Men love funny girls.Being funny puts them at ease.I am really funny so I know it works.

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