Why do guys freak?

Why is it that guys dont want to ever date me because I have a litte girl? I understand that there not ready to have a kid but its not there kid she mine and I just want to be loved by a partner I want to love a loved one I want a love life I havent had one in 5 years none my first love ever I got pregnant and yea it was a mistake and theres nothing I can do about it. I love aleseaa and shes my everything but I what to love again im a great and a fun girl I really am but I never lay next to any guy or hug him or call to say good night I feel alone. I take care of her and is me and her and thats it I dont take her everywhere I have been on three dates with a guy cause I hired a babysitter but then after he knew I had a kid he never called back wh is that what are they so afraid of im 18 and I really just want a love life!

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if thats bothering them then you just arent looking in the right places. y'know.
if I was to date a girl with a kid I would prefer a boy but girls are cute too.
"Mr. Right" will come along when you least expect it. =)

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stop being so selfish. if you're dumb enough to have a kid at such a young age then you have to reap what you sow. once you have a kid it's not about YOU anymore. it's about your daughter. stop thinking of yourself, stop wanting a love life, and stop whining because you can't have it your way. no young guy is going to want to date a girl with a kid. they don't want to have to deal with all of that responsibility. you need a reality check. until you kid grows up and moves out it's not about you. your life revolves only around her. sorry toots.

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No sh*t I love her and my life does revolve around her I am responsible thank you very much a lot more than you it seems and The condom broke and we thought nothing about it im not going to stop wanting a love life I have raised her by myself giving her everything she ever needs and accidents happen I dont regret it because I love her and I would give up anything in the world for her and she know her mommy loves her more than anthing and anyone but its no harm wanting a good guy im not giving him the responsibility I am her mother and I will do as I've done threw the past five year support myself and her. I dont know what your thinkng cause hun I had a reality check 5 years ago when my a$$ was in the hospital and the first put her in my arms! I just want a man in my life!

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I agree with scarecrow, but also remember that many guys around your age are not ready for children yet, and might feel that they'll need to be a "father" to the your daugther, even though that isn't the case. It probably just scares them.

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I agree with both scarecrow and ifeelcrazy123.. Guys like the one you recently went out with feel that if you two persued a relationship he might have to be a father figure to your little girl-which they're obviously not ready to be just yet. Don't look for someone to be with right now because you're lonely-you'll get your turn at love at it's given time.

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