Why do girls like twilight so much?

If I have to hear my girlfriend go on about twilight once more im gona throw a hissi fit… lol

girls.. tell me… why is it so kwl for you guys?? so I can see what the fuss is about.

Answer #1

Honestly, it’s because Stephenie Meyer writes in a way that every girl feels but can never express. We all have insecurities, obsessive thoughts, etc but we would never dare talk about them for fear of being judged etc!! However, when you read the books, you feel like you are Bella and it is happening to you, it’s pretty incredible. The reason we are all so in love with Edward is he is the epitome of the perfect guy..literally. He is intelligent, charming, funny, witty, he finds Bella the most beautiful woman in the world and is willing to do anything for her, and isn’t afraid to say it, but then he also has the qualities that girls secretly like but most guys just don’t understand the balance: he is a little bit jealous of how other guys view Bella–and expresses it in a way to her that is flattering but doesn’t suffocate her, he trusts her, is okay with her to do what she wants…just wants her well being…and most guys can’t find that health balance. I hope this helps somewhat…if you read Twilight, that is the best advice I could give any guy…it gives you insight into how girls think and you will know exactly what we want in a guy by what Bella describes with Edward. I get it if you wont, my boyfriend laughed when I suggested him reading it…hope this helped!!

Answer #2

I honestly HATE twilight… I love like pirates of the caribbean and movies like that. Its just that twilight is talking about how important it is to have a boyfriend and if he leaves your depressed for forever. ( thats what I think) :)

Answer #3

hmm…I guess because its romantic and the book describes a perfect boyfriend…I dunno…hehe:) and yea edward is HOT:)

Answer #4

hey no bustin edward its cauz he is the perfect gentle man and that is what we look for in a guy!..and hes a sexy vampire!

Answer #5

I’m a girl, and really, really don’t like twilight. I read one of the books, saw one of the films with my friends. Utter rubbish. lol

On the other hand, Let the right one in was an excellent recent vampire film.

Answer #6

It’s because Edward is like the perfect guy in the movie, and he is what girls look for in a guy. The movie is just exploding with romance and passion. And all girls want love like the way the movie is shown.. That’s why, I mean two extremely hot guys, and the way they protect, love, and want Bella, drives girls crazy because that’s what every girl wants. I suppose. I mean I’m a fan of the movie and admire it, but I’m not obsessed haha. I wouldn’t mind being treated like the guys do in the movie. But that’s practically what I think anyway.. and its not just girls around 17 and under, trust me its girls aged around mid 20’s even mums haha. Because the movie touches a lot of girls hearts.

Answer #7

because the books are amazingly written (in my opinion) and the films match the books and don’t disappoint, making them too brilliant! and plus edward is gorgeous and everyone loves him! haha but I like twighlight because the books are really good and gripping and then when I watched the film I wasn’t disappointed at all :)x

Answer #8

I’m a girl , and I can’t stand twilight , I guess they like it because

  1. edward is cute
  2. it’s not a gorey horror vampire movie ( the vampire guy ACTUALLY cares about the human’s feelings )
  3. because it’s romantic
Answer #9

Because its like a Fairytale . Like Cinderalla . Little girls love that story. Well older girls enjoy this one becuase its a Fake, Magical ,Romantic, Dramatic story. And everyone loves that type of book .

Answer #10

UGH. I’m a chick, but I also really don’t understand that. It’s not just little girls either. For the most part it is girls from 12-14 years old who go crazy for Robert Pattinson. He’s like 23 or something. It’s like he’ll be 30 before any of them can legally do anything with him. aha There are some 16 and 17 year olds who love the movie too. It’s a little more understandable for them to be crazy over that guy because they’re a bit more his age, but still. Gosh!

Answer #11

well I love the movies and books because well like they all said its romantic and has hot guys!

Answer #12

as soon as pirates of the caribbean 4 is out theyll be back on johnny depp

at least johnny can act

Answer #13


Answer #14

Its a love story. What girl wouldn’t like that lol. Oh and the boys are very hot.

Answer #15

im a girl. I love twilight.because its romantic. the guys are hott. theres action. no blood and gutts. its like a farry tale

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