Why does everybody hate Vanessa Anne Hudgens?

Why do some of you hates Vanessa ? You hate her because she’s Zac Efron’s poodle right? and you’re jealous. But whats the big deal? Their perfect, not like Ashly, she already got a date. Vanessa is pretty, Zac is such a hottie. So? They are really perfect! So don’t mind and be happy if they married!

Answer #1

I hate vanessa hudgens because she is stupid and also proud of her shapeless body.

Answer #2

I think she’s just a snotty litle brat and thats comming from a 10 year old

Answer #3

Um, no. I don’t particularly care about Vanessa (or Zac), but it’s this kind of obsession that makes me wish they’d never been alive. She was cute when she was a younger teen, but those days are over. Plus, she was stupid enough to get a naked picture of herself leaked all over the Internet.

Answer #4

cant we???:(

Answer #5

Maybe because she has a sense of entitlement about everything, and everyone has seen her naked?

Answer #6

Well not everyone but there are more people hate Vanessa then likes Vanessa.

Answer #7

Personally I dont think Vanessa is a well educated person she is in love with herself and I dont see what Zac Efron sees good about her she wears one of the worst clothes I’ve seen shes just so stupid and full of herself she thinks shes something when shes really nothing she’s annoying she doesnt even deserve to be what she is all shes really good at is posting stupid useless and lame pictures of herself it makes no sense at all whoever’s a fan of vanessa try to get to know about her first because in the end she nothing but a fake … and im not saying shes ugly… in fact I find her … cute… but she still annoys and nothing is gonna make me change my mind about icky vanessy -.-

Answer #8

I hate vanessa anne hudgens because: she’s a dirty minded freak she’s a free mason and the amount of slutty pictures she takes… she can’t sing can’t dance can’t even act why the hell is she famous… she’s butter’s and just like miley cyrus she’s also BIG HEADED she thinks she’s all it…

everything I said here about vanessa anne hudgens… I think the same about miley cyrus…

Answer #9

I heard that sex or nude pics of her were posted on some website. That could make certain people not like her so much.

Answer #10

I hate vanessa hudgens very very much I also hate zac efron… they both are stupid and not hot…of course everybody should hate Vanessa Anne Hudgens+ zac efron!!! (I also hatemiley cyrus!!!she is stupid!!!)

Answer #11

I just hate her

Answer #12

Umm… how come this questions says “Why does everyone hate…”, then the opening sentence is “why do some of you hate…”?- there’s a pretty big difference between the two…

Answer #13

if someone h8 her then they should keep their opinion do themselves! For all the people who love Vanessa Hudgens if you find a website against her then copy the website and put it into destroysites.com and you can destroy them its so cool!!! Vanessa ROCKS!!!

Answer #14

I don’t like Zac, but I really hate Vanessa because I think she is very stupid. She thinks she is beautiful, fantastic and perfect, but she is a *!!!

Answer #15

I like vanessa the people that hate her are because their jealous I’m not really that in to zac I like the Jonas Brothers better

Answer #16

to say the least vanessa is rele pretty but shes annoying, and she can’t act. and the only thing thats made her famous is hsm, but other then that nothing shes going to do is going to get her anywhere. and if she gets picked to play leah clearwater in the twilight sagas, im going to be incredibly pissed and I might not watch the movies, and because of her being in the movie the movie might actually loose fans.

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