Why do boys like sucking on breasts?

My boyfriend loves sucking and fondling my tits and I just don't get why. What is the attraction that guys have to breasts? It doesn't make sense to me, I mean I get why they like vag*na but breast?

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Becasue they are sexy and beautiful. Guys LOVE nipples!

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breasts are very erotic it depends on the guy some like large breasts some like small ones . some men like large nipples others like small ones.I suppose I like large breasts its nice to suck on them and feel the nipple going hard in your mouth why dont you ask your boyfriend he will tell you more lol

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Actually it's genetic, we're programed to want to do this, but anthropologically we are testing the breasts in order to ensure they are fit for use by our offspring.

If they are not, then adios amiga!

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Breast of women help to increase the arousal of men and i believe it also help for women at the same time.

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