Why did you pick the username you currently have?

Hmm, eve rwonder why everyone picks the username they are using! Hmm, I picked mine cause I liek to be random! SO hwo bout you! ^ LOL that was lame! But for real.

Answer #1

Because I was REALLY unimaginative and figured hmmm, my name is Daniel and I live in New Zealand… whoolah!

Can you get a prize for the most boring name?

Answer #2

My nickname to my closest friends is Britz… And I put 14 because I was sick of being thirteen for so long! :) Britz

Answer #3

I picked the “kiya” part because it’s my nickname, and the “buddy” part because my friends call me that. I know its alittle random

Answer #4

Lex_icon, because of my old high school nickname “lexicon”, which means dictionary. I got that nickname because I had an extensive vocabulary, and one guy joked around and said I read the dictionary every night before bed.

I would have chosen Lex, but I think that username was taken :(

Answer #5

I picked mine b/c lish is one of my nickname that everybody calls me and 54 is from john cena so I just put them together lol something plan and simple lol

Answer #6

Some of our clients used to be in the gray area with respect to spam. They were all opt-in marketing but they didn’t do everything they should to prevent people from getting unwanted marketing emails. We were accused of UCE on a daily basis. A guy I know said, we may be spamers but we aren’t as bad as a lot of other companies; we are the fillet of spam.

All of our client companies have cleaned up their act so we don’t get so many angry emails and phone calls about UCE but I still like the name fillet of spam.

Answer #7

I love the dark and people call me angel sometimes and 2 is my fav #

Answer #8

volleeit= I love volleyball but volleyit was taken for my email so I needed to change it so I put that for my email than kept it the same for this username 18= my old number. I need to change that! lol

Answer #9

I thought it sounded cool

Answer #10

I’ve always been “That Lita girl.” So I chose thatgirl. And put the x’s because that’s how us cool kids roll. :D

Answer #11

Seruphim = my gamertag for years

5388 = Birthday

as for why I chose seruphim all those years ago…I have no idea

Answer #12

mine’s part of my favorite song… Love Me Dead… by Ludo. :)

Answer #13

hah. I tried to put [fixmyfever] but I put a typing mistake, but its all good gangsta!

Answer #14

it was sumthing I talked about a lot is love real or not

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