Why did you choose your username?

Why did you choose your username? I have seen many strange ones on here, so if that is you(you know who you are), explain yourself please! :)

Answer #1

I put up a mirror to my life and said Wow ! - I have been richly blessed !

Answer #2

I use the same one on all the sites I go on.

geri = when I was in high school the spice girls were massive. I have red hair, si was was given the nickname Geri.

ann = my middle name.

geri+ann = geriann


Answer #3

I am midnightcherries because I love midnight colours like black, purple, dark red and cherries taste nice, they can be dark red and they remind me of a song.

Answer #4

My username is xxlifeistooshortxx because when I made this account, I was recently heartbroken because of a breakup, but then realized that life is wayyy too short to be freaking out over guys. Soo I guess that’s why. Lol I have other odd usernames, but they kinda explain themselves..like my americanidol.com usernames were idolblake07, xodannycoltonluvxo, and now LuvDavidCookAndDanny..basically because I was obsessed with all those people..lol

Answer #5

I was typing MamaK. So I thought. My son had nugged my arm and by accident it took as mamk. OOOps. He was being a little critter that he can be and I was trying to keep him from touching the keyboard. Mama K is because my husband calls me Mama and K is for my last name Kollman.

Answer #6

Iffy is my favorite nickname. And no, it’s not supposed to relate to the word/definition of “iffy” but I guess it could anyway. My best friend and I made it up for me a longgg time ago… Like 6th grade xD I still love it and she still refers to me as Iffy! <3

Answer #7

Well, I’m always boring my friends with wwe talk… I’m a girl… that gave me wwegurl. and I added an ‘x’ to either side because… I don’t even know why. To make it a little more original?

Answer #8

Well, I thought it appropriate for the site. “Fun”Advice needs a “Fun” guy right? It could also be a mushroom as well which is something that makes me smile as well…FUNGI…lol ;)

Answer #9

All the world is a stage originally came from a play by Shakespere called As you like it. Although the term was around long before Shakespere wrote the famous quote. Just thought you might want to know “”All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.”” - Act II Scene 7 of “”As you like it””

Sika - was the name of a pet mouse I had about 5 years ago. Shimmer - I thought the name needed something glittery to spice it up and sika starts with an S so I went with shimmer - thus sikashimmer was born.

xox Sika

Answer #10

it’s my name. I wish I picked something a little less personal. haha.

Answer #11

Because it’s my real name only with X’s.

Answer #12

because I’m here to help people , and I have good answers , and my friends call me their “ life style “ guru , and I’m a girl , and it seemed to click

Answer #13

I found it on a QOTSA poster lol I wish I could come up wit a clever name

Answer #14

everbody says ashleyrocks

Answer #15

I chose toothbrush because I was brushing my teeth when I made my “profile” yeah its stupid.

Answer #16

My first and middle names shortened, then spoonerized. ;)

Answer #17

Achillesthemighty because I’m into greek myths and legends and all that and since the last movie I watched was TROY I chose that lol

Answer #18

Mine is because its a fight to survive freshman year

Answer #19

Mine is after my favorite book:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Answer #20

I got sick of the whole “Pirates vs. Ninjas” debate… so I became BOTH.

Actually, I’ve had this screename long BEFORE that debate started.

Answer #21

thedude told me to… ;)

Answer #22

eh my last name and age easy to remeber

Answer #23

K stands for the first letter of my name “Kerri” and Girly is because I’m a total Girly Girl.

Answer #24

Because Im here to help other people. And ask some questions of my own.

Answer #25

my bro suggested it…at the time I liked dogs and neopets…hints my name neocanis899…and the numbers are random

Answer #26

because dilz is short for dilara(thats my name)

Answer #27

I choose it because it means wise and I liked it.

Answer #28

I play drums and like appositives, and I was born on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11:00. Simple. (Besides, I’m a beast at drums!!! ;))

Answer #29

because im the next PRE

Answer #30

Um…let’s see…I’m from Texas, and my name is Kimmie (Kimberly). Pretty straight forward…but I wish I had picked toothbrush…darn!! lol

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