Why did I stop liking a girl that I liked for over a year ?

Ok so this girl that I liked for more than a year I stopped liking her and I don’t know why. heres the whole story about a year and 4 months ago I saw this girl in the library then the 2nd or 3rd day I saw her. I started to like her it wasn’t a big crush it was a little. I didn’t even know her then one day she smiled at me and I smiled back this when on for about 3 or 4 weeks. I kind of thought she liked me because some times she kept on looking at me in the library. One day in between classes I was going to my gym class and she was going to her fitness class and I decided to take the far door instead of the closer one because I wanted to see her. That’s when she asked me why don’t you take the door that’s closer and I said its because it takes longer to get their. this is the first time she talked to me and I talked to her. I been wanting to talk to her but I always got nervous. ok so the next day I saw her in between classes and I wasn’t that nervous to go talk to her so I asked her why did you ask me that yesterday you know about the door thing. She said I was just wondering so we talked as we both walked to class. this when on till it was summer vacation and I didn’t want school to be over because that would mean I wouldn’t see her till school starts again. ok so know it got to a point where I didnt have a little crush on her but I loved this girl I was in love with her. So summer comes by I couldnt stop thincking about her. ok so school starts its juior year and I couldnt wait to see her agin I prayed and prayed over the summer that I would have at least one class with her. So its the first day of School I go pick up my schedual and then go to class. I dont see the girl I like or love. 2nd period I dont see her either 3rd period I dont see her either. so know I tell myself ok she has to be in my 4th so I go to 4th period she isnt their. So I tell me self she defintly going to be in my 5th period class but first it was time to go to lunch I aslo dont see her in their I was mad they must have put her in A lunch beacuse their two lunch clases in my school. ok so lunch is over. I tell myself im going to see her!!! im going to see her !!! so I go into 5th period and she isnt their that when I start to worry ok so 6th period she still isnt their know im really worried so I go to 8th period and thats my final period I go in and guess what she isnt their. I was sad I been waiting to see her this whole summer and I didnt get any clases with her. so I go home and cry cry and cry. everyday I cried ok so its thursday I hated all my classes I wasnt likeing school at all. oh yeah and the girl I only saw her everince in a while around school she smiled and I smiled back. It was 5th period the bell rang it was time to go to 6 so I take a diffrint route hoping I see her and guess what I did she smiled and I smiled back. So as I came in the door to go to 6th period I couldnt belive it. She was in their she had gotton a schedual change into my class. so I was so so happy. Then one day it hit she said she had a boyfreind so I was sad for a few days but I told myself Im going to try and take her away from her boyfreind so I talked to her everyday gave her candy and small gifts every know and then. But you know how they say something good most come to an end. this first semester was almost over and it was only a 1 semester class so I tried and tried to get her to like me but I didnt know if I was making any progress but still I tried. It was the last week in school before christmas brake. so the last day I brought her a gift it was 2 perfumes not just any perfumes they where expensive ones. so the last day came I at least wanted a hug but I didnt even get one. so over spring brake I prayed and prayed to have more clases with her then the day came it was the first day of the 2nd semester and it sucked I didnt get ant clases and this time she didnt get a schedual change so I tried to get a shedual change to some of her clases. So I when to the counseled and made up a lie but the counseler said no so I was sad everyday before school she hanged out with her friends in this blacony in school and I was always their staring at her ok so this when on for a long time until know. ok so one day it was a normol day I when to my 7th period class we had to sit in groups of 4 I sat with this girl that I knew since I was a freshman(9th Grade). and this other guy that barly talked and my friend also sat in my gruop. ok so class started I sat next to the girl that I knew since I was a freshmen. so we all talked except for the quiet guy. ok so it got to the point when we all had to be silence but no one in the classed listned. My friend started talking to the quiet guy and I was bored. ok so me and the girl kind of started flirting as my friend was talking to the other guy in the tabe me and the girl talked or flirted. So I told my self she is kind of pretty and had a really pretty voice. and she asked me if I liked her fingers I said yes she also asked me if I liked her ring and I said yes.so suddenly I had this feeling that when thrught my head what if I lke her and then I told myself what im I thincking I like the other girl. so I told myself whatever she is just a girl that I known since 9th grade. ok so the next day it was a Friday I was so glad. I kept on thincking of that girl that I known for some reason but I told myself agin she is just a girl that I known nothing to like about her. So I when into my 7th period class hopeing we would be in grups of 4 agin so I can talk to that girl I know but we wernt. ok so class started the girl that I know sits on the otherside so I kept on looking at her he looked at me every once in a while. I told myself why do I keep on looking at her. I was like whatever I dont like her she is just a friend I guess I could say that even thought I hadnt talked to her sine like 9th grade and know we are in 11th. ok on with the story. The bell rings its time to go home I walk sloly hoping she would catch up to me. I usally just walk with my friend but not this time. So suddenly I feel something pulling my backup. and its my friend she told me you walk like a old man in a nice way. so we walk together as we talked. We get to the stairs. I tell her dont fall but I was just joking. and she said I might with these slippers. and then I tell her dont worry ill get you if you fall down. and she said ok so when we get down stairs she sees her friends and she tells me bye I’ll see you later and I say ok bye. so I go with my friends. the bus comes its time to go I get home. I thinck about my friend And I tell myself why do I keep on thincking of her Im I starting to like her. and I tell myself no way I like the oher girl. the next day its a saturday(yesterday4/18/09) I wake up and tell myself I thinck I like her I dont like the other girl anymore I like my friend I like her so much I admit to myself that I do Like Her and this time I got a good feeling about it so I go to the year book to find her picture as I flip I see the other girl that I used to like. And I tell myself its over for you. so I flip and see the new girl the girl that I known since 9th grade but just know started to talk to her. and I tell myself but how did this happen how did I stop likeing the girl that I liked for about 1 year and 4 months and not just any little crush I loved this girl I wouldnt even talk to other girls beacuse I was so in love with her until thursday that I talked to my friend that I known. All it took was 40 minuites in class flirting with her. and you wanna know the crazy thing about it. I used to tell myself that I hate this girl beacuse she was really annoying we where only cool for about a few months. and know I like her and all it took was 40 minites in class to change everthing. but dont get me wrong it feels greate I finally stoped liking the girl that I tought I would love till forever and it sucked beacuse I was alway worried that I wouldnt get married beacuse its not right to marry someone you dont like. and the girl that I liked had a boyfreind and she said she was going to marry him so I was always down I always had something to worry untill know that I dont like her anymore. But know I like someone else and I feel really good know I dont have anything to worry about it the girl that I like know I thinck I have a good chance with her but then agin you never know when god can change things but hey Im happy for the moment. back to the story. its saturday and I been thinck about her all day. so its nighttime I go to sleep before I know it. Its already mornig so I wake up I still was confused why I just suddently liked her so I been thincking about her all day and know im sitting here writting you this question or this story telling you about it. Sunday4/19/09

thank you for reading I know it was long sorry for the errors.

If you can answer my question please

Question 1. How did I go from likeing this girl that I liked for about 1 year and 4 months(and I loved her as you can se in the story) to likeing this other girl that I met when I was in 9th grade and I even hated her at some point and know im in 11th grade and I like her ?

Question 2. Do you thinck its an example to me on how god can change your life in about 40 minites ?

Or what do you thinck ?

Note I will proably ask this question several times to get the right answer so dont get mad.

Thanks for your Time

Answer #1

I guess you were just sick of waiting for her/him

Answer #2

Wow, that was a lot to read lol. In my opinion, I don’t think you ever truly loved the first girl. (Let’s call her “Girl #1” for the sake of the answer). I think you were just infatuated. There’s a huge difference. You can’t be in love with someone when you barely know them. Also, I think you might have a thing for this girl you’ve known forever (Girl #2) maybe because you are lonely and you are sort of exploring your options without even realizing it in a way. Maybe you are subconsciously finding the good in Girl #2 to help yourself get over Girl #1. And now Girl #2 is growing on you and Girl #1 is drifting away from your mind more and more as the days pass and you’re talking more to Girl #2. Like I said, I think you were just basically obsessed - or at least infatuated - with Girl #1. You probably just got sick of chasing her around all over the place and moved on. Which is completly understandable - especially if she has a boyfriend anyway. Maybe the fact that she has a boyfriend drove you away. I really do think this has a lot to do with you just wanting a girl no matter who it is, so you are making yourself like girls that you talk to now, whether you realize it or not. That’s just my guess though. But I very highly doubt you were TRULY in love with Girl #1! It just doesn’t sound anything like love to me…sorry.

Answer #3

trust me man same thing happened 2 me sorta…I fell in luv with this 1 girl when I furst muved here and that was like 3 years ago and guess what we hooked up like 2 months ago…and now im startin 2 not like her 4 sum reason itz wierd I finally get wit her and now I wanna break up wit her kuz I lyked this other girl frum across the street and she like always looking @ me and she fine 2 but the thing iz I think I always liked the girl frum across the street in the furst place and I didnt even know it so now we meet up every night 2 midnight and make out itz pretty kool…I don’t know guess that sumtymez therez a reason why we dont get what we want…I don’t know my opinion

Answer #4

Wowza do you have time! Anyway, I can tell you had a thing for this First Girl, but since she was taken, I think you may have gotten tired of waiting for her that you convinced yourself to move on. Maybe to fast and this is where I go to the nex thing. You may not like this Second Girl. I mean you can try it im just a stranger to you but I know what I’m talking about. You may have noticed First Girl wasn’t going to come to you without really thinking about it, and imediatly tried to replace her. Right now I have my own questions about two guys, who are both so sweet, yet one barley knows me and the other lives across the country. So, I feel for you pal. If you have got anything for my part…I wouldn’t say no to help, but whatever. Just if you want to. And it may be God. You never really know. Hope I helped, Also lost and confused

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