Why cant I stop thinking about my cat that died 2 days ago?

My wonderful cat of only 1 1/2 years old that I have had since she was 4 weeks old had to be put down 2 days ago. She went into her first heat and got pregnant. Everything seemed to be going good and finally 5 days ago she went into labor. She had 2 beautiful kittens that were very healthy. However over the next 2 days I had noticed that she looked very weak and was still having contractions. We thought and were told by a friend who knows about cat birth that she was just trying to push the placenta out. We finally got worried and took her to the animal hospital and they told us that they could feel at least 2 more abnormal kittens in her abdomen.. They tried everything to get her to give birth but it failed. The said that she had to have a C section or she would die. So the next morning I rushed her to the animal hospital fearing that it was going to be to much for me to pay for. However I was very happy when they told me it was only $300. At this point jojo (my cat) seemed to be better since they had fluids in her and I thought she was going to make it. Well they rushed her into surgery and they called me that she was out and that when they did the C section that they found a nasty infection inside. Apparently the 2 kittens that were in there were putting toxins into her blood because they had died. They said that it seems that 2 kittens tired to go into the birth canal at the same time and it caused them to get stuck.. Anyways, they gave her antibiotics shots for the infection. They told me that they almost didn’t think she was going to wake up from the surgery. So after she got out of surgery they made it seem like everything was going to be okay. However they called me an hour later and told me that she was not doing good and was starting to have seizures. Apparently when they did the C section the infection got into her blood. So they put her on anti seizure meds and told me that we would have to wait and see if that would help. So another few hours pass by and they called and told me that they were loosing her. This was the most horrifying news I had ever had. I felt empty inside. I cried so badly. They finally told me that it was time to let go.. I knew that I didn’t want her to suffer but she was our family cat and the thought of loosing her was unbelievable.. So I finally told them that I agree we needed to put her down. They said they didn’t think she was going to make it long enough for me to get there to put her down. I was so scared I wouldn’t get to say good bye. However when I got there it was too late. The seizures got to her brain and she was officially “Brain Dead”. When they brought her into the room she was having seizures and it hurt me so bad that I thought I was going to die. Even though she was seizing I told her in her ear that we love her and will never forget her and that she was a strong fighter. At that point they euthanized her while I was holding her. I have never felt so empty or hurt in my life. I keep blaming myself thinking that I should have taken her to the vet the 1st day after she was still having contractions. I should have known. To also make everything worse her 2 healthy kittens had no mom now. They wanted me to take them and bottle feed them. I didn’t know where to begin. I let a friend take them because she said she new what to do.. The next day she told me one got weak and died. And then the other one had gotten eaten by there dog. She said that they left the kitten in the closet and the dog got in there and killed her. I am so mad and upset I don’t even know what to say or do.. I can’t help but think about the kittens. I feel like its my fault they died as well. I just don’t understand why god is doing this to me. Esp. right here at Christmas time. I miss my cat and her kittens and don’t even know how to cope. Can anyone with experiences such as mine please tell me there stories and how they coped? I am so sad and can’t think clearly. Thank you all for listening.

Answer #1

I’m old…and tend to look at everything as part of a bigger picture. I have no knowledge of your history with pets…but we have all, at sometime in our lives, been made to learn tough lessons. The more they hurt the more firmly they will stay in our conciousness… You learned a very hard lesson with this little kitty. One…not all births go as planned…a good reason to leave breeding to the breeders, and get our pets spayed and neutered.

You learned that if something doesn’t seem right, believe in your gut. Whenever an animal cannot expel a kitten or pup…or the placenta…this is an emergency. What is left inside begins to decompose very quickly, and is poison to the pet.

You learned that you become very attached to a pet, and therefore in the future (just to ease your mind…and make you pet’s life happier)…you will go to any length to make sure that your pet can live a long, healthy life…by doing all the footwork it takes to have your pet with you for 10, 15, or even 20 years.

I’m sorry for your loss…I know how much it hurts. The best thing you can do for your lost kitty, and yourself is to learn from your mistakes. Get another kitty, and commit to making her life a happy and healthy one.


Answer #2

lossing a pet is very hard, trust me in my line of work im seeing people go through what you do all the time. And it never gets an easyier to deal with. The truth is the fact your still griving in a good thing it means your cat was well loved and will never be forgot. It not your fault the kittens died the sad fact is that this sort of things can happen. If you want to honur you cat then why not adopt an animal from a shelta it not like you would be replacing you cat or the kittens but think of it more as honuring their memory.

When my dog was put to sleep my granny read me a peom that helped me to get over the pain.

“ A Pet’s Prayer If it should be that I grow frail and weak And pain should keep me from my sleepThen you must do what must be done For this last battle can’t be won

You will be sad I understand Don’t let your grief then stay your handFor this day, more than all the rest Your love and friendship stand the testWe’ve had so many happy years what is to come can hold no fearsYou’d not want me to suffer, so when the time comes, please let me go.

Take me where my needs they’ll tend only, stay with me right to the endand hold me firm and speak to me until my eyes no longer see

I know in time, you will see it is a kindness you do to mealthough my tail its last was waved from pain and suffering I’ve been saved

Don’t grieve. It should be you who decides this thing you dowe’ve been so close, we two these years don’t let your heart hold any tears

Smile: for we walked together for a little while “

Answer #3

ok utopia it is not your dessicon to decide who should have a pet and who shouldnt. She/he may have been a first time owner who didnt know enough about cats or pregnent cats and by the sounds of it, it seems as the birth was going ok, for the first two kittens, maybe the cat had internal problems and wasnt able to deliver the two last kittens, something could have easyisly gone wrong and could go undetected. So it is not up to you to judge someone from what you hear, their might be another side to the story that you don’t know about, you shouldn’t jump to conclussions like that. Maybe some people think you are a bad pet owner, and I dont know, maybe you “should just have some stuffed toy animals” instead of a pet

stomlinson90 is grieving for her cat, why kick him/her when she/he is down? stomlinson90, its perfectly normal to feel upset for your cat, pets are a member of the family, and when a member of the family dies, a part of you dies, I know, when my horse died, I thought the world ended, I didnt go to school for weeks, I was depressed all the time, but she died while foaling, and she gave me a beautiful foal, looked just like her, and now, that foal is 3 years old, and means the world to me.

Answer #4

I am so terribly sorry about your cat BUT she should have been spayed. Please if you get another pet, have it spayed or neutered. Also, you would have been better to have left the kittens with the Vet, the way they died is horrible. Why give them to a friend that has a dog? Sigh, I am a big meanie for saying this but you probably should not have another pet. I just visited your profile, I thought you were a teenager and was wondering why your parents did not give you advice or step in. Imagine my surprise to learn that you are in your 30s. DO NOT get another pet…not everyone should have a pet…some should just have stuffed toy animals.

Answer #5

first of all if you miss your pet you CANNOT forget about her. If you think about her and cry, its ok, it just shows that yo ucare about her. I had many pets theat died :( I had a golden Retriever who got hit by a train, a cat that died when she was giving birth :( a golden lab died of old age, my one cat ran away and never came back, and my other cat left and never came back. Just don’t forget anything about your pet, and you dont have to embarrased if you burst out in tears

Answer #6

because your dead cat was probably the first thing you ever seen dead dude its dead im sorry but life is waiting for you to live it not so you can mourn about your dead cat dont stress your cat lived a good life it was just the cats time to go and wherever he may be now hes happy

Answer #7

Thank you imfromspace that really was inspiring and helped.

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Answer #9

so sorry

Answer #10

no worries I’ve seen it all and been through what you have meany times so im here if you need me ok.

Answer #11

My kitty Gizmo died having just recoved from peunomia (viral fluid in lungs) and pleurasie(viral fluid between ribs and lungs that doesn’t allow lungs to expend),I was so sad and she was only 8 months old.I stop thinking about her the same day when I went to school where in maths classe me and my friends where making jokes about our maths teacher,in other words I was having so much I zoned Gizmo out,then when I went home there was relics of Gizmo(a treat that she had nibbled,the jumper she wore when she was ill,her paw prints on my perfectly white sofa and most inportantly in item of clothing I hand made to keep her warm with her name hand sawn on the back).Then she got buried in one of her favourite spots to lay down on:just in front of the 500 year well she would nap on on hot summer days,then she got buried with her collar and adresse on and with her signature ginger hairdo sticking up naturally,Gizmo was burried in her favourite blanket with one off her feline friends named Gonkerella watching.And knowing that all that happy and always will and knowing that where ever she is she’s finally at peace just makes me at peace.

Answer #12

Hi, my kitten just died yesterday after he got hit by a car, the vets said he should be okay and let us take him home the next day but he had to be confined to a cage for 4 weeks because he had a fractured pelvis and a fractured thigh bone, he died later that evening a day and a half after bveing hit by the car :’(, i kn ow you asked this 8 months ago and i’m sorry if it brings back memories that upset you, but can i asked how did you/are you coping, i keep thinking he may be alive were we buried him but i’m not sure because i always thought cats were supposed to have nine lives but never knew how they loose one :S i have 2 other cats who were here before tommy(the 3 month old kitten who has just died) but my little 6 year old sister wants another kitten, do you think this is wrong and will make it harder for me to get over loosing tommy ??

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