Why can't I care about school?

During School hours I try to care about school but i just cant. I sleep, I daydream, I even listen to music during class. Can someone please help me?

Answer #1

Consider this: Your future ability to have the nicer things in life depends upon what YOU do right now….Fail and you only have yourself to blame.

Hope you turn things around, good luck !!

Answer #2

i was like that too. I thought i had ADD . But I just Really Tried to focus and do my best, and I got better grades. Sometimes it hard to concentrate in school, because of all the destractions, mabye you should try to khomeschool. that works for some people.

Answer #3

Maybe the stuff that you are learning isn’t challenging enough for you. Maybe, that is why you decide not to pay attention to it. Lets face it…once you get something you don’t want someone explaining it to you all over again, right? Talk to your teacher. Let him/her know that you are having a hard time focusing. I’m sure that they’ve noticed that. Ask them what they think you should do. Maybe they can change things a bit up so that you’ll find lecture interesting.

Answer #4

Things that ive learned to in school to keep my attition in class is to… well paying attition in class comes natural to me, but I do day dream a lot!!! instead of day dreaming about what im going to do after school. Try amaging your self in the middle of king Arthers court. Dream what your studing about. as for the whole music thing. keep your mp3 or ipod in your locker so you won’t be tempted!!! Or just leave at home! Now sleeping is an easy issue. actully take part in the class. ask questions, give simulations, do anything that will keep you focused and not down on your desk 5 sec.s into the class. What ever you do don’t give up! Life is a challange not something you can rewind (I learned that the hard way). But thats dating.)

These help me get through the school year try them! -Good Luck!!!

Answer #5

rite i was just thinking. do you know how much some people pay for school. if you are going to college you are paying to not pay attention in class…

if you are going to public highschool just remember that you are never going to be able to go to college for free unless you get good grades. and if you don’t go to college you will probibly never make anything of yourself. (sorry to put things so blunt)

Answer #6

You can’t care now because you are not looking forward to the good things that you will reap after your troubles in school. It’s okay to listen to a music during class if you can’t help it but keep it soft in such a way that you can still grasp what your teachers are discussing. Daydreaming is normal..lol. But about your habit of sleeping, there should be something that you must do to keep you awake. Go to bed earlier &/or take some vitamins.

Make friends with someone who enjoys school. Aim for high grades so that in every class session, you wouldn’t want to miss anything….:)

Don”t be so upset. School isn’t forever…….

Answer #7

It’s called FOCUS and INTUTION, meaning that if you really care about focusing better, then it’s up to you… example: if you really care about your grades, then try hard to get them up, get a good nights sleep and stop falling asleep in class, and I know it’s sooooo boring, but you’ve got to try your hardest to work on your focus…get your head out of the clouds and stay in the classroom lol :D (it’s a litte harsh, but true) Make friends in each class, so that they can keep you focused…and if you don’t understand anything, they can help you so that you don’t just give up and turn you IPod back on… The point is, if you really want to care…then care! Make an effort to do better….

Hope I helped <3

Answer #8

Find a goal, something you want to use school for, something you want to do after school that your education will give you the chance to do. After that it’s a matter of hard focus!!! Good luck, and focus on what you want, and the way to get there!

Answer #9

your in highschool, aren’t you?

Answer #10

There’s more to life than school and college and a job and money and if school isn’t for you then oh well. You’re not failing school, the school system is failing you. Just give up like I did after losing all hope in life, you’ll be A LOT happier. It’s not until we lose everything that we’re free to do anything.

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