Why cant a 14 year old girl get her nose pierced?

okay so im 14 and I really want my nose pierced. I’ve wanted it done for a while. my mom wont let me because I am 14. I have good grades, and my mom can trust me, I never really get in trouble for anything other than having an attitude sometimes. but come on, think about reality, people say there kids cant have their nose pierced because it looks “trashy” but thats an OPINION and seriously have you seen some 13 year olds with piercings or 14 year olds with piercings. YES YOU HAVE!!! and some of them are way worse than just your nose! when you tell your parents they did things when they were younger that they werent suppose to do all they say is “it was different” but EXACTLY!!! IT WAS DIFFERENT because it was different, teens now from the age of 13-16 are getting nose piercing so they cant say “it was different back then” because thats exactly it. I dont see anything with a 14 year old girl getting a piercing. people told me it would look good on me, everyone that has it done said it doesnt hurt, I will pay for it, and it will heal if I dont want it, and my mom should be lucky thats all I want, its not like its a drug or anything. but tell me is my mom making the right choice?!? what do you guys think? HELP!!!

Answer #1

Never do it behind her back. I did that and man, I got in trouble. And I felt horibble. My dad was MAD at me, but my mom was just..dissapointed. I felt so bad:(

Answer #2

your not alown I cant do enything I want but dont go behind her back I want to do that 2 and my friend did that behind her moms back and he go in so much truble…

Answer #3

sometimes not getting your nose pierced is a good thing, when you get older and look 4 a job they might not hire you if you have a piercing in anywhere other than your ears, I know its stupid but its true, your moms probably trying to look out for u

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hey there. I’m female and 14 and I’ve had my nose pierced for quite some time now. my mum wouldn’t let me get mine done either until I sat down with her and we talked about the pros and cons of it. in the end she it was my choice andi got it done. I dont regret it because its something I really wanted. you might want to sit by yourself in a quiet room, away from all noise, and just think to yourself ‘do I REALLY want this?’ it could just be a phase that will pass soon. but if you are serious about getting it done, try talking to your mum about it a bit more. good luck.

Savy. xx

Answer #5

once I pierced my nose when I was 12 but my mom unfortuanetly made me take it out, I dont think its a big deal getting your nose pierced at 14 and theres plenty of places that will pierce sumbody underage without parental consent, at least where I live because I live in ny, just dont pierce your nose by urself like I did

Answer #6

You can get a piercing if your under 18 WITH parental consent. If you don’t want to do it with parental say so, you have to be 18 or older. Maybe try talking to your mom a little better about it. Explain to her some facts -

~Piercings are FINE if they’re done PROFESSIONALLY and properly cared for afterwards

~You CAN remove them if you’d ever decide you didn’t want them later in life. Simply take the jewlery out and never put it back in.

~Piercings are NOT “trashy/gross/ugly/tacky” anything along those lines and they’re certainly NOT a form of mutalation. They’re simply form of self expression and body art.

If she still makes a fuss about it, let it go. Maybe try talking with her some other time. She just might change her mind and agree to let you do it. Remember that you can’t MAKE her do it. She’s the mom therefore what she says goes until your 18. Also remember to NEVER DO ANY PIERCING YOURSELF! I don’t care how much you want it, doing it yourself will only lead to even more problems your mom MAJORLY btching at you for doing it even though she said no, you are almost sure to not do it right since your not professional and your very likely to get infections and stuff*.

Hopefully this helps you, if you need anything else, funmail me and I’ll help you further.

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Answer #8

I am 15 years old and I have wanted my nose pierced since I was 12 and my parents said no and so I went 2 my friends house 3 wks ago and we pierced it and then I came home and they noticed it but didnt say anything and then the next day my mom asked about it and I explained everything and she said I could keep it but later on that day my dad asked about it I had a clear stud in and he jerked it out so luckely I had a cherry nose ring and I put it in and put a bandaid on it and I went and bought 3 diamond ones and finally my dad gave in and let me keep it so I think you shld wait for your moms consent so you wont have to go through all this and btw I love my nose piercing… good luck

Answer #9

it doesnt hurt too bad well I didnt think mine did I got mine right before I turned 16. and you can get it done as long as one of your rents sign foryou.

Answer #10

You can do it when you’re old on your own - respect your Mother and her decision is the right thing to do - you should realize how lucky you are to have parents that Care, many many, don’t…Merry Christmas !!

Answer #11

whether or not it’s right or wrong, in the end it’s her decision. if she allows it, then great, and if not there’s nothing you, or we can do about it. respect her opinion and try to see it her way even though it’s hard, and when you get old enough to do it yourself and if you still want to, go for it.

Answer #12

I am 14 and I got my nose pierced two weeks ago I don’t see whats wrong with it my mom and dad make sure I clean my room and walk my dog and clean up after dinner and stuff so just tell her you will do stuff you usally don’t and show her that you can!

Answer #13

she can with the ‘rents permission.

Answer #14

u can get your nose pierced I have snakebites & my septum pierced. all your rents have to do is get your birth setifacate your student ID and their license. because thats what me and my mom did my friend got her nose pierced and shes 13.

Answer #15

Ok. So ultimately she’s in charge of you so she makes all the decisions for you, whether you like them or not. She’s parenting the way she things your life should be run. If she says no then there’s not much you can really do about it. You’re right about youre “mom should be lucky that’s all you want.” I can agree with that since you’re not asking for nipple or other places or even a tattoo. Those can all wait. lol

However, I’ll give you this tip: I have a friend that recently got her cartilage pierced but she had to do some grown up things to get it. She ended up getting in a fight with her mother about it and then she came complaining to me. I told her “I can’t believe you got in a fight over something that small and that stupid. You should go apologize to her and tell her that it was stupid of you to argue about something that small and insignificant.” I got a call back (because our call had dropped) a few hours later and she was still a little bummed but she had apparently apologized to her mother while we weren’t on the phone.

The next day I got a call from her and she was quite ecstatic. Very happy because her mother had told her “I’ve done some thinking and I’ve decided to go ahead and let you get your cartilage pierced.” Because she had acted like an adult and gone back and apologized for arguing about something so stupid she had grown up by a few years in mentality. Her mother thought it was very professional and grown up of her so she changed her mind.

Maybe if you tried to do things without being asked to (I.e. chores, various projects, etc.) and, if you two had argued about it, you should try going back and telling her “Remember when we talked about me getting my nose pierced? Well, I just want to say I’m sorry for fighting with you about that. It’s just something that I’d really like to have.”

But remember this: just because you want it doesn’t mean it should be a requirement. In India it’s a requirement because of the religion (if I’m not mistaken) but here it’s not. It’s only a status symbol. If you can’t get it now, maybe you should try waiting a year or two. Maybe with age your mom will change her mind (and maybe the fad will have passed, too). Who knows, right?

Answer #16

it really doesnt matter. as long as the nose ring is not too big and just cute and small then it wouldnt matter to me.

Answer #17

You’re parents probably think that once you get you’re nose pierced then you will see more piercings you like! I was 14 when I got mine done and my grandma told me I could get it and my mom said no but then she agreed I now have 4 piercings (Nose,1st holes, 2nd holes, Cartlidge piercing) I am now 16 and getting my first tattoo! You get addicted but ask her again tell her you’ll pay for it and she might let you I don’t know but make sure that’s what you want I mean you can take it out but you’re mom might not let you get another one until you’re 16 I don’t know!

Answer #18

Am 12 & I Have My Nose Pierced show Yer Mom dis Message Dere Arent AT ALL Any Biq Risks & It Looks AMZINGLY KUTE! Dere are All Kinds Of Studs & Rinqs & All Kinds Of Kute Thinqs. & It Doesent HURT AT AAALLL Its just A LITTLE Pinch that Yuu feel Dere is ABSOLOUTLEY NOOO PAIN AT AAALLL! & Yuu Kan Take It Out & Out It in EASILY. oh & I think Yuu DESERVE IT 4 SUUURE!!!

Answer #19

some parents are cool some are not I am aloud piercings and tattoos(once I have thought about it for a little while) I am 16 btw

Answer #20

my parents wont let me so im gettin my older bro to take me. or il do it myself. I havent decided.

Answer #21

I have the same problem!Btu I’m only 11!My dad told me I could get my nose pierced once schools out.I was so happy.And then the other day we were talking about all the things that he needed to pay for, for me. And on the list I mentioned “Nose Piercing” and he was like I never said you could get a nose piercing and I was like Yes you did.So then I was like well what’s the big deal?And he told me that every girl he’s seen with a nose piercing it looked ugly on!But I so don’t think so!Then he was like I don’t care if you do it!And stuff like that. But now he tells me I have to find pictures of girls with there nose pierced and if some of them look good,then he’ll let me get my nose pieced the first day of summer! And that’s in 6 days!

Answer #22

my parents are making me golf with them so I can get my nose peirced

Answer #23

HEY! I personally think that its your body and if you have the money then you should be able to get it done. It shouldnt be your moms choice even though legally it is becasue the piercers can be held responsible if something goes wrong (thats why you need an adult to sign off for you before your 18) My mom and dad tried pulling the same thing with me, I wanted to get my lip pierced when I was about 11 my mom wouldnt let me after a while I said forget it and I did it myself when I was 12. Im 18 now and I have 20 piercings, after I did my lip myself and a couple holes in my ears myself my mom realized that iwas going to do it whether she liked it or not and it was better to get it done professionaly..I saved up my own money and went (my mom also had her nose pierced so she was being hypicritical so I played that card too)

Answer #24

well I got my nose and belly button pierced when I was 13, and for the longest time before that my mom said she would never let me pierce anything besides my ears. all you have to do is prove to her that you’re mature enough and can handle it. a little tip though if she ends up letting you get it; make sure you keep cleaning it and twisting it around a couple times a day. I didn’t always do that and mine got infected and I had to take it out. now there’s an ugly scar where the piercing used to be and it won’t go away ):

Answer #25

I got my nose and lip done when I was 14, I think they are cute as long as you get carried away and keep the jewels small. Where I live you can get your nose done as long as your older then 13 because it is VERY rare that anything goes wrong with the nose. My mom only let me get my nose and lip because she has her nose and lip done. She also said that I could get a tatoos now that I’m 16 if it’s small because she got her first tattoo when she was 15. Lol.

Answer #26

im 20. with 5 peircings and 11 tattoos. I also do tattoos and peircings… and im here to tell you that ts not a good idea to get your nose or any part of you peirced untill the age of 16. only for the simple fact that your body WILL MOST LIKLY REJECT IT! it will grow out bc you yourself are still growing. so id advise you not to do it yet.

Answer #27

I got my nose done and I’m 13, I had to take it out as school found out, but I got it done again but like I think it’s better if you done it with parents permission. but if you do get it done buy a clear stud and get it done professionaly and look after it, if it gets taken out before the six weeks it will close up within an hour. so get it done in the summer holidays aswell. :].

Answer #28

If you want to be really rebelious , you can pierce it yourself. I did, and i just got a little light headed because i realized i personally just made a hole in myself, other then that, it didnt hurt. Just make sure you disinfect EVERYTHING, multiple timed , and to be safe, disinfect your hands and make sure you have a ring or stud RIGHT away. if she doesnt like it, and you do, you can negotiate and let it heal, then get it redone professionally. That was exactly my situation, and thats what i did. except i was 13. lol

Answer #29

I got mine done when I was 13 , but I took it out and then I got my belly&& tounge done this year.

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